Cleaning Living Room Furniture Tips

Buying furniture for the home entails one to spend a big amount of money not unless you chose the cheap low quality ones. However, why should you buy these types if you will just be spending more in the end? If you intend to keep your furniture for a long time, buying those that are of good quality is a good idea.

Nevertheless, even as they cost more and assures you of their durability, it is still a big help if you know how to maintain them, as this will keep them not only for a longer time but will make them always looking new.
Some housewives may have not enough time to do the cleaning especially if the dust has accumulated for ages. Cleaning your furniture does not need to be a difficult task. It is quite easy if you will only follow a regular regimen.

Following are some tips to make furniture cleaning easy for you.

Daily cleaning is the best thing to do to avoid the dust from building up on your furniture. Wipe them with a soft cloth. Schedule vacuuming the cushions on a weekly basis and use the soft brush attachment to reach into the gaps.

Check the ingredients of the cleaning agents before purchasing them. Some cleaning aids contain harmful chemicals and this can tarnish the fabric of your sofas. To know the appropriate cleaning products to use, check on the manual of your sofa. Using the correct cleaning agents will keep the protective coating of your sofa, which helps in resisting stains and dirt.

Furniture must not be steam cleaned on your own. There is no doubt that stains and dirt will be easily removed with steam cleaning. However, this job must be done by people who have the proper training. Steam cleaning furniture on your own can lead to its spoilage. Furniture must be left to dry completely before using it again. If not done properly, moisture can seep into the insides of the cushion and can cause the growth of mildew and molds that can produce a foul smell. It can also cause your furniture to rot.
Spills must be wiped instantly. Do not let spills to stand on your furniture. Wipe them as soon as it happened by using a soft clean cloth. Start from the edge moving on to the center to avoid the spill from spreading.

Use a flat object or a spoon to scoop solid spills following it up by wiping it. Never try to rub the spill whether it is solid or liquid, as this will only shove it further. Mix a little soap with warm water and dip the cloth in it to clean the spill. Make sure you remove the excess water from the cloth. If this is done immediately, the spill will be very easy to remove. Do not use tap water for its mineral contents can leave a mark on the fabric.

Your living room furniture is sure to lasts if you follow the above cleaning tips.

Furniture Appropriate for a Small Living Room

Not everybody can have a spacious living room. This will always depend on the size of the home. Even if you wanted more area for your living room but if you are living in a small home, then you just have to try all the means to make it look bigger.

Anyway, living in small homes like townhouses, apartments and condominiums does not stop you from having good furniture for the living room. There are a lot of ways to still make this area comfortable and inviting.

The technique is to know the furniture style that you will buy. A room without furniture is like a dish that is bland. This goes to say that a small living room must also have furniture but not too many and not too big as these will make the room smaller and too crowded. You still need to have some space where you can move.

Furniture that looks light in weight is good to have in a small living room. Now what do I mean by that? It simply means not to get box-typed furniture. Get those that are with legs. You can also go for wicker furniture.

With this feature, the room is given a clearer range of vision so it comes out bigger than it actually is. Glass top tables and accent chairs with legs are great picks as they both give a wider view of a small living room.

It is better to use plain upholstery for your sofas. Nonetheless, you can still use patterns but not plaids, huge prints and stripes. Choose textured upholstery fabric instead. It will not constrict the look of your room even though your sofa or chairs get to have a bit of design. You can still get sofas with prints as long as they are in neutral or pallid hues and stick to small patterns.

Since your space is limited, make sure to measure the area before doing any purchases. This will help you to get the appropriate size for your small living room. Choose the sofa first as this is normally the central figure in the living room aside from being mostly used. Follow that up with the rest of the furniture but make sure they all match together in size and again, not too many. Get only the important pieces.

Do not forget the color. This also plays a vital role in decorating a room. It can make a small room look big and vice versa. For small rooms, you can make use of light or pastel colors. These two hues will make your room look bigger without much effort. You can also use neutral tones. They extend the feeling of freshness and roominess in a small room. Even your living room walls can be painted in neutral tones.

Use to your advantage the vertical space in your room. Most homeowners fail to make use of this or probably they just did not know how to utilize it. For a limited floor area, get a slim but tall book shelf or a tall floor lamp as both will drive the eyes upward.

Put mirrors on your living room walls. They are perfect in creating an appearance of capaciousness. Choose smaller pieces for ornaments like vases or statues.

Lastly, avoid disorder in the room. So maximize your furniture. Modern furniture features more storage spaces. Modern sofas have shelves and even modern coffee tables were designed with shelves and drawers.

If you follow these tips, you will find that designing and buying furniture for a small living room is not at all a big issue.

Solve Storage Problems in the Living Room with Modern Furniture

Next to the dining room, the living room gathers the family together to enjoy watching a movie or a TV program, to play board games, or simply to chat. With these activities come items such as DVDs/CDs, remotes, paper for scoring who is winning the board game as well as glasses, cups, etc. Magazines and books are also scattered everywhere. Add to that are the toys of your toddler (if you have one who belongs to that age group). The result is clutter, mess, disorderliness and chaos after the activity. Solving this issue is simple.

First is to make sure that you have sufficient storage in your living room. Engage everyone to tidy the room after every activity.

Here are some tips on how to solve storage problems in your living room via modern furniture.

Ottomans are fitted with storage spaces either located on its sides or hidden. Open up its top and you can put items in it. Putting together the same size of ottomans can produce a bench style of seating. You can have them placed beneath the windows or on the hallway.

Contemporary sofas likewise provide shelves on its sides. A good way to keep magazines on hand as well as books, remotes, play cards, board games, etc.

Entertainment centers come with shelves for your other entertainment stuff as well as books. They also have drawers where remotes can be kept and other papers. Most of all, they come with doors to protect your equipment and stuff from accumulating dust.

Coffee tables have the most improvisations. Some are in modular designs, which can be rearranged to fashion various shapes. Their insides are depressed providing storage for your items. Still some has an L-shape design where the middle area is open offering free space. You can also find more revolutionary designs of coffee table that are in circular in form that features 3 levels of discs in various colors. The disc can be rotated providing room for items you want to keep. This is the new thing with modern coffee tables. They are built to be more functional that the old ones.

You can also have end or corner tables. These were also given a new touch that do not only serve as your table lamp table but can also house various stuff.

Have benches that have cabinets under them. Position them either beneath the windows or on the hallway. You can store shoes, old books, magazine, etc. To make it more appealing, have some throw pillows for a more homely look.

You can also opt to have a magazine rack or rattan baskets for newspapers and other periodicals.

Other tiny decorative items can be placed in the entertainment shelves or bookshelf. To save on space, you can have a fitted wall shelf for these items.

Provide a standing coat hanger on the entrance hall for jackets, caps, etc. Likewise, position a tall and slim rattan basket for umbrellas.

Order in the living room is made easier these days because of modern furniture. It makes one’s room and home organized. Nevertheless, you need to engage everyone to follow the rules of putting things back where they should be. One more thing that you should not forget is to have a bin for trash in a corner.

Living Room Furniture in a Brown Color

Choosing dark or light brown living room furniture is a good choice. Brown colors are welcoming making your guests to feel comfortable. This color implies usability, convenience and is brilliant to any room design.

There are three hues in the color brown. Also known as tan or beige are the lighter shades while umber or walnut are the darker shades. Somewhere between these two shades is coffee brown or khaki.

If you choose brown for your living room theme, you need to decide the shade you want. Will it be dark, medium or light? To carefully evaluate and make a good decision, have the various shades of brown, lay it on top of your sofa and check the color that is more agreeable to your sight.

Following are some hints on the reasons why brown furniture is perfect for your living room.

Furnishings in brown suggest friendliness. Because of its warmth and objectivity, choosing beige or umber to adorn your room is very practical and rational. It can be blended with any color shades – whether neutral or daring. It is appealing and fascinating compared to white. The latter fosters distance, as it suggests sterility and a hospital ambiance. Brown furniture not only suggests but also promotes friendship.

Unity or oneness is also expressed by the color brown. It creates harmony between your furniture, fixtures and accessories. Most living rooms are designed with natural brown woods that have the capability to put together the different elements of the room equally. The elements refer to the coffee table, TV stand or entertainment center, lighting accoutrements and the floors.

Relaxing is another characteristic of the color brown. Just the sight of it can bring calmness into your mind relax. Brown provides a feeling of gentleness and kindness that attracts people to seek its refuge.

Therefore, your guest or any member of the family will be drawn to relax in a brown recliner sofa. Sofas in beige or umber colors are suggestive of a calming and soothing seat that make one to rest on it. However, also check on the cushions. They must be just right – not too soft or too hard. Although hard sofas are soothing, they may look ancient.

If your living room is small, however, choose the lighter shades of brown to make it look bigger. On the other hand, choose dark shades of brown to make your living room look smaller if it is huge.

Colors that you can use to blend with brown are green for an environmental look. You can also use yellow, teal or aqua. Use these colors for your throw pillows, curtains or blinds, and other accessories. You can have a wall painting that has some blue in it.

Go over home decoration magazines or check the internet. The latter offers many suggestions, which you can apply. You do not need to stick in just one selection, you can mix and match them. Let your creativity come out to arrive at a more “you” style and design in your living room.

A Man’s Living Room

Refurbishing your man’s living room will not be easy if you hardly know him. You must know him well or ask his preferences. Some knowledge in decorating will be a big help but you still have to consult it with him.

The best deal would be to ask him if he wants his room refurbish and explain your stand why it has to be done. Encouraging him to join you in the redecoration is also good and it will strengthen your bond.

Men are more direct and specific in their requirements with living room design and furniture. For them, functional rates high than intricacies. Room decorations must be minimal.

Before you start refurbishing your man’s living room, ask his permission and opinion and in order first to avoid marring your relationship and be more successful with your project.

Here are some steps that you can apply:

For his living room accent wall, use neutral shades as base and blend it with other shades. Choose an accent color such as dark red or dark green and buff it up with metallic silver or gold for a stylish appearance.

Neutral shades used on bigger walls and a complementing shade on the smaller walls will be suitable for a conservative man.

Choose sofas that projects manliness but not overwhelming. Sofas made from masculine materials and designs are good choices. Leather may be traditional but is classy and refined. Blend the furniture with the walls.

Have pillows in smooth animated colors. Use natural wooden blinds to accentuate the other decoration without taking the attention from the living room.

Show his passions by using them as wall decorations. Maybe he loves sports, cars, sailboats; it can also be an old catchy advertisement for a beer, equipment, a car or sports gear.

If he loves art, you can have some paintings on the wall. It may be his own work (if he is into it), a friend’s or anything that he likes.

Instead of a picture frame on the wall, you can have a digital picture frame for his pictures and your photos together.

Have wall shelves to display his trophy, plaque or small liquor bottles and goblets.

For his bookshelf, choose something that has a more up-to-date geometrical design.

Get a small bar in his living room and place it in a corner. Some end tables are designed to serve as a bar. Go and check on online furniture shops and you will be amazed with this modification.

Pick a coffee table that offers more storage spaces. With the new styles and designs of modern coffee tables, you can store an espresso machine and cups aside from the wine and glasses.

Make his living room livable and comfortable – that is the best that you can do if you decide to embark on this refurbishment project. Show the passionate side of him so his visitors will see him as a warm and kind. It should be not too overbearing. When you have accomplished this well, your man will surely be thankful to have you on his side.

Choosing Pink and Red-Colored Furniture for Your Living Room

We always want our living room to look good so it may be presentable to our guests. But it should also be in good shape so every member of the family will have a pleasant time staying in this area. A good combination of colors will always be the secret behind great-looking living rooms.

If you decide to have pink and red furniture for your home, it would be better to know something about them first. What kind of feelings will they evoke in your living room? Are they the right colors for your personality and style?

Red is the color of passion, romance, and love. It evokes strong emotions and feelings. It also represents force, passion, confidence, self-assurance, conviction, love, and sometimes even feelings of repugnance. Red is likewise a very alluring and charismatic color.

There are many shades of red like burgundy and melon red.
When you are around red colors, you will most likely feel very energetic and lively.

Making it the principal color of the living room will foster a more affable aura especially when you are having guests around. It will encourage social interaction and will make your friends feel at ease with one another. Choose a bright striking shade of red to get this kind of feeling in the room.

It is an affectionate and warm color. To foster a romantic feeling in the living room, get an Italian love seat in red. Place it in one corner together with scented candles, dark red flowers, and some wine on a coffee table beside it. Put dim lights to further enhance the romantic atmosphere in the area.

Being a strong and lively color, it can lift up your mood even if the weather is gloomy and sad. Having red hues around the living room can surely lighten up whatever down feeling you are having. Have red accentuations like throw pillows or a red sofa. Choose strong and bright shades of red to make everyone feel happy and alive.

Red also encourages the inner artist in you to show. You might discover that your imagination starts to run wild whenever you are in your living room. You will surely have lots of creative and ingenious ideas when you surround yourself with red.

Red projects reverence and ascendancy. In Feng Shui, red furniture must be placed in the southern part of the living room.

Red is also a prosperous and lucky color for the Chinese.

Red is a grand and royal color. Aside from violet, red is another color favored by people in high society and royalty.

Aside from your red furniture, you can also get a dark red floor carpet together with a red 2-sette sofa near an accent wall.

Pink, on the other hand, is interpreted as a girlish hue that is soft and sweet.

You can opt for pink furniture if you want to feel light and carefree. This can also balance out the red hues in your living room so as not to overdo the strong feelings red colors evoke.

Wine red makes the living room more elegant and sophisticated. You can turn your simple home into something prim and grand with this variety of red color.

Remember to put your own sense of style when decorating the living room. It will always be best that the look of the room speaks about your personality and taste.

Lighting Your Living Room

We use our living room for various purposes. We use it to be entertained, for entertaining guests as well as other activities. Therefore, it must have the appropriate lights needed for such occasions.

With appropriate lighting fixtures in the living room, we are assured that every activity will be worthwhile. Lights will also make the room look great.

Following are the different lights in the living room.

Make use of the sunlight. This is given to you free. To let the light inside your home, open your windows during the day. Use thin curtains. If you have thick curtains, then open them up. Do the same for blinds. Sunlight is also good in disinfectant your living room.

Stand lamps or floor lamps are usually placed in the corner of the room. These types of lamps do not occupy a lot of space but are very good lighting fixtures, as they give out illumination in awkward areas.

Table lamps are good giving task lighting. A little brightness spread out all over the room is a very good idea. If you want a reserved appeal, have table lamps on top of your end tables. On the other hand, you can have a pair of table lamps and put them in different areas in the room.

Hanging Lights are pendant lamps and chandeliers. They give a pleasant radiance while drawing the eyes upward. Chandeliers and pendant lamps are not normally used in the living room so it can add a touch of profundity in the room. However, you need to make sure that you have a high ceiling; approximately 9 feet high is ideal so no one will get his head banged.

Wall Sconces will add a little diffusive illumination to your living room. They are better positioned on the sides of a painting or a mirror. They can also be excellent ornamental accents in the room.
Any homeowner would want to use a variation in his lighting fixtures and make a nice blend. The use of track and pot lights is sensible as they give off more illumination; however, they are not good choices for the living room.

You may want to have a combination ambient and task lights or stand lamps, sconces and table lamps. Always ensure, however, that you have adequate illumination for reading.

Make use of a dimmer switch, as you can adjust the amount of brightness of your lights with this device.

Your lights can also highlight your furniture. If you have a big sofa as your accent, you can put a stand lamp beside it.

Furniture for a Woman’s Living Room

A woman’s living room will not be complete without having style, color and comfort. Her living room will be like when she gets herself dressed.

There are three types of furniture that can satiate a woman’s taste.

Modern Living Room Furniture

This furniture is angular and rounded with stylish and clear lines. It features solid colored sectional sofas that can be either light or bold. Upholstery has two choices: leather and micro fiber.

Women would love modern sofas made from metal or hardwood as these establishes a well-appointed look. Career women would love metal pink sofas that are in warm pink or the daring color of red. She would also want to have an ottoman where she can rest her legs and feet.

Conservative Living Room Furniture

Conservative type of women would choose this type of furniture. Carved with intricate designs, traditional living room furniture is varnished. They are easy to maintain, which is one reason why it is favored by working mothers. They are also durable and can be passed on as heirlooms.

Transitional Living Room Furniture

This combines the style and designs of the modern and the traditional. They are best described as simple but elegant, convenient and long lasting. They have straight-line designs and can add modernity in a traditional type of living room.

For her living room accessories, she would want:

• Soft pastel colored throw pillows in flowery designs
• Rugs that would give her living room character
• Tall vases with lengthy bamboo sticks for an oriental touch
• Decorative wicker baskets or wide-mouth jars for periodicals, newspapers and magazine
• Books she love to read lined up on a shelf
• Framed pictures with her family and/or receiving an award
• A painting of nature on her living room wall
• Fresh plants placed in the corner of the living room or a bonsai or fresh flowers on top of her coffee table or corner table
• Light-colored satiny curtains on her windows
• Scented candle to make her living room smell nice and clean, and
• The most noticeable of all, is the way she balances the colors in her living room.

A woman would never settle for a living room that lacks appeal. As long as she can manage to support what she wants, she will go out of her way to find the necessary items to complete her living room appeal and mood. It is because a woman believes that the living room is an extension of her being.

What Furniture will match your Living Room Brown-Colored Walls?

Do you know that the brown hue indicates permanence and security? Perhaps those who chose to have their living room walls in brown do not even know this. Nevertheless, if you want to paint your living room walls in brown, choose the restrained shades like beige, light tan and mocha. The darker tones of brown must be used for adornments. And not only that, a darker wall will make your living room smaller.

Choosing brown as your main color in your living room will be more outstanding if you include these 3 things: proportion, space and positioning to have symmetry in the room.

• With brown colored walls in your living room, put green wall paper to make a distinction. These colors are not only nice to the sight but can very well blend with brown hued wooden furniture.
• Choose furniture that is brown but lighter in tone. Avoid choosing huge furniture in brown shade as this will create imbalance in the living room.
• Other fitment like huge cabinets, sofas, coffee tables and entertainment centers must also be of the same hue.
• Teal and greenish blue will also match your living room brown walls. Cushions must be of the same color while throw pillows can either be color brown or solid teal.
• Furniture that is in white will likewise harmonize with your brown-colored living room walls.
• For a completely brown theme, furniture should be chrome or clear acrylic chairs.
• Purchase neutral tones for your table lamp such as white, cream or beige.
• Choose neutral colors for curtains or drapes. Nonetheless, you can still use curtains or drapes that have blue or brown prints or patterns.
• Imagination is needed in choosing your adornments that will complement your brown-wall seating room. Make use of the three different hues of brown: light, medium and dark. Ornaments normally come in brown so this is easier and you can find a lot of selections in the market.
• Choose two sets of patterns for your decorations. For instance, your table linen or rug can have weave patterns. Then choose solid tones for your frames and rug. A combination of these outlines will get more attention.
• Lastly, brown-colored walls and aqua or teal is a perfect combination to create a superb setting for your living room.

A Man’s Preference for Living Room Furniture

You may not know it but men have their own choice in designing their living room. It may be the color of the walls and the size but you can include a man’s choice for furniture.

Following are a man’s preference for living room furniture:

Provide an absolute entertainment center. Most men like watching movies, sports events and listening to music. And not just listen; they are more pleased to get a good audio and video. This can be fully obtained if you have a sturdy and an entertainment center that can hold all the devices he has.

Have a good quality fabric sofa. Choose a leather sofa; it may be expensive but you can be assured that it will last for quite some time.

Throw pillows for a touch of elegance. This will serve as his head rest while he rests his feet on an ottoman. This is a great way for your man to relax while listening to his own kind of music or watching a movie.

Have pieces of art for decoration. This may include sculpture, paintings, jars or any object that will show your man’s interest or preference in art.

Mount exceptional lighting fixtures. Select from the myriad of lighting accessories available in the market and from online stores. Check on the various designs and styles of table and floor lamps, candles, wall sconces, chandeliers, etc.

Display his esteemed pictures. Men take pride of his accomplishments and family. Activities such as playing, swimming, hiking, eating out, vacationing, these are photos which your man would love to have in his living room. You can also put on display pictures of your man illustrating his musical talents or sporting skills. Memorable moments that are enclosed in elegant and stylish frames are definitely a big hit to him. Yes, it is true; men can also be sentimental. Plaques, trophies or any awards that was given to recognize your man’s work, skills and abilities will also make your man to take pride and show off his living room to his friends.

Achromatic walls for the living room. Have the living room walls painted in achromatic colors and accentuate them with exquisite and elegant modern furniture and accessories. The floors must have the same shade as that of the walls. The use of wood, marble or carpet on the floor is an excellent choice.

A touch of masculinity must be present in the living room. Ensure that you put in an ornament that is masculine and position it in one of the living room’s corner where guests will be enticed.

Have a shelf for his books. Keep his books on biographies, psychology, travel or any books that your guy loves. Not only will these books be a good conversational piece but it will also allow his guests to get a glimpse of his interest. And don’t forget magazines about his favorite sports.

As for the drapes and curtains, select those that are stylish and mannish. This will furthermore augment his living room’s look.

Get your man involved in decorating and styling his living room. Not only will this reinforce your relationship but it is always a happy and enjoyable thing to do things together. Your man will definitely feel important if you do this so the more you will be cherished in his heart.