Choosing a Dining Room Table and Chairs for a Small Home

A small home does not limit you to have the amenities or luxuries than can be obtained living in a big home. There are numerous ways where you can enjoy comfort like having good pieces of furniture like a dining set in your limited space.

It is even better if you have a small dining area rather than a big one. A small dining room can offer more warmth while a large one can have a cold or withdrawn appeal. Dinner is more enjoyable if you can see the faces, hear the voices and touch the other people eating with you. Besides the dining room is another venue where the family gathers together not only to enjoy a meal but also to talk and share their experiences for the day.

Your first rule, however, is to get the dimension of your space so you will be able to buy one that fits within your dining space.

The second rule is to know the exact number and the age group of your household. Even the presence of pets is to be considered as well.

The third rule is your budget. This will save you time when you start your shopping and will save you from spending beyond your means.

Conventional dining sets usually consist of a table and four chairs. Square in shape, this is fine with a family of four. This style of dining set is more focused on style rather than size. This shape is perfect for a small space.

A round table, which is similar to those used by bistros, can also fit in a small dining area. However, get the bistro table that can accommodate at least four persons. On the other hand, you can get a bigger round table that can accommodate six persons so long as it fits your space. It is better to have an allowance of two seats in the event that you have an unexpected visitor. A round table with a single base would be more ideal as you can fit in more chairs compared with a round table with four legs.

Another alternative is the oval-shaped dining table. This will allow you to accommodate more people for a sit-down dinner.

Almost the same with that of the oval-shaped dining table is the rectangle table. This shape is perfect for a small space that has a rectangular shape. It is likewise practical especially if you love to host parties, as you can push it against the wall and use it as a serving table.

When choosing your chairs, ensure that they suit to the height of your dining table. Avoid choosing those that look so bulky. Choose those that look small in build and without arms. It is difficult to stow away chairs with arms under the table and you cannot allow this to happen in your small space. You need to make sure that there is enough walking space and elbows will not bang each other. Make certain that the chairs complement your table’s style and color.

On the other hand, buying a complete dining set will save you from worrying of the “harmony” issue. Dining sets are already thought of well; hence, they are a good match to one another.

Once you are through with the measuring and listing down the other necessary items, you can start your search. Check online furniture stores for various designs and styles of dining sets like LA Furniture Store that is known for their varied modern and contemporary furniture designs with reasonable prices. Looking for dining sets for your small home is not an unimaginable task – it is actually easy so long as you know what to buy.

What Style of Your Furniture Suits Your Home?

There are plenty of ideas for home furniture but choosing the appropriate one may be a little bit tricky. To create the home that you have always wanted, here is a list of different furniture styles to choose from.

Your choice of furniture will depend on the home style that you have.

The contemporary designs of furniture feature crisp, straightforward lines and irregular shapes. This type of furniture has sharp, 90-degree angles or extraordinary curves. Simple lines and straight borders can be seen on the tables without additional decorations or textures. The curves can be seen in rounded chairs but is limited to one or two flowing shapes to maintain the original minimalism of the furniture. Sofas are plain and white with flat armrests and cubed cushions.

Traditional designs of furniture feature elaborate carvings, complicated curves and multifaceted embellishments. Cabinets have ball foot, claw and bun feet and stepped bracket legs. Chairs have cabriole and spider legs. Chairs have curved backs and rolled arms while cabinets have pediments. They are also big and impressive in size. Sofa backs feature curvilinear designs or camel back shapes.

Urban types of furniture are the modern trends that lean towards minimalism. Its finishing is in black with brushed aluminum focal points and glass. It can also be in light, light-colored wood with brushed aluminum and glass. They are small in size and are suited for small spaces.

Country and cottage style of furniture features pale shades of wood, muted hues, simple contours and old-fashioned fabrics. Its color and comfort is its most important feature. They are at times painted or adorned with uncomplicated lines but refined. Texture consists of bead-board walls, baskets, natural fibers in window coverings and floors and weathered-finish on wooden pieces of furniture.

Transitional pieces of furniture have uncomplicated lines although not as uncomplicated as the contemporary pieces. They combine the comfort and plainness of contemporary furniture with the polished style of traditional furniture.

Eclectic styles of furniture are the mirror image of a person’s affection of the various designs of the different periods and styles. Its total appeal is unique but merges harmoniously throughout the artistic use of shape and texture, color and finish.

Rustic furniture pieces make use of a lot of natural woods, walls, beams and columns with simple lines and a realistic feel. Wood paneling and stone are also utilized. These pieces look tough and durable. Accessories though are ancient and rather played down.

Amish furniture pieces are the handcrafted furniture. This is composed of cedar, pine or oak.

Art deco features both sleek and geometric lines with bright hues, strong upright lines and rounded edges. They are made of exotic types of woods as well as Bakelite and Formica. A combination of contrasting elements is a common feature of this style.

Colonial types of furniture are a simplified look of European furniture and inclines significantly towards Chippendale and Queen Anne styles. Spindled legs and backs are seen on the chairs.

Use the above list in choosing your home furniture. The Internet offers plenty of online furniture stores offering these types of furniture pieces.

Take Care of Your Furniture Via These Home Care Tips

Observing proper cleaning techniques will make your furniture to last longer even without considering the material used. This can be done by having an exact cleaning timetable that includes the correct methods and cleaning materials.

Home care tips for your furniture

Protecting your furniture from damage. Various materials are used in making furniture like wood, glass, metals, plastic, fiberglass and leather or fabric upholstery. The types of materials used will have to be taken into account so you can implement the appropriate cleaning regimen as well as to use the right cleaning product. Checking the ingredients of the cleaning product is necessary to ensure that it is not harmful to the furniture. Chemicals that are included in the cleaning products almost always lead to the early wear and tear of the furniture.

Dust and vacuum your furniture. Wiping away the dust from your furniture must be done weekly. Dust accumulates faster and can stick on the surfaces and gaps quickly if left unattended. Once they get stuck, it will be difficult to remove them or you may have to spend more time on removing them. Wipe your furniture by using a soft dry cloth ensuring that you change the cloth once it gets too filthy. Avoid using a dirty cloth to wipe another piece of furniture.

Vacuum upholstered furniture every week regardless if it was upholstered in leather or fabric. By using the soft brush attachment of your vacuum, reach to the corners, sides and edges of your furniture. Pay attention to the arcs, curves, and the bottom part of the cushions as well as the back of the sofas or chairs.

Cushions must be turned over weekly after vacuuming to prevent them from sagging. Cushions tend to sag because of the different weights that they have to bear. By turning its sides weekly, the cushions will be reinforced and even out its surface. Hence, your cushions will look new and fresh.

Keep the luster and shine of your wooden furniture by applying wax. Nevertheless, use wood wax preferably, as this is the appropriate cleaning product for wood. Apply a thin layer onto the surfaces. Wipe it with a dry cloth after the wax has dried.

You can also make use of a table runner to protect your coffee, end tables and dining tables. Change the table runner at least every two weeks though. Do not let it get too dirty for it will be harder to wash them and the dust from the table cloth will be attached to the table.

Serve drinks, coffee or tea with coasters or saucers to protect table surfaces. Wipe spill immediately with a dry cloth by letting the cloth to soak in the spill to prevent it from spreading onto the surface.

Always follow the cleaning procedures that were written on the manufacturer’s manual. These were provided by the manufacturer to guide you on the proper caring and handling of furniture.

Apart from cleaning the furniture, you also need to check on any loose screws, drawer handles, squeaky or wobbly legs and fix these right away.

By observing a strict cleaning and checking procedure and regimen, you will be able to protect your furniture from easy deterioration and will make them to look new. May I just remind though that you must make sure that the proper cleaning materials are used. Likewise, do not use any abrasive even with furniture made of metal or aluminum. Your furniture will surely last you a lifetime if you observe these cleaning procedures.

Why Italian Furniture is Well-Admired

Italy is famous for its artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Donatello to name a few. These artists have put Italy to a high status when it comes to artworks. Apart from these artworks, it is also known to be the home of fine Italian furniture.

The sophistication, magnificence and durability of Italian furniture are the reasons why it has gained wide acceptance all over the world. Italian furniture has featured both the traditional and modern designs of today’s homes. Characterized by silky lines and textures, it also displayed well crafted designs adroitly.

It was in the 15th century when an incredible consciousness on Italian artworks started known as European Renaissance. In 1400 and 1650, renewal of excellence became known in Florence, which soon spread throughout Rome and other places in Italy. This made it more admired. Italian furniture was deeply influenced by the variations and improvement in Italian architectural designs.

Since the start of the 15th century, Italian furniture designs became more remarkable, fabulous, striking and flamboyant. Old-fashioned drawings showing Roman architecture, sculpture and sarcophagi were reflected on the furniture pieces. Italian furniture makers get their inspiration from the traditional Italian architectural outlines.

With the influence of their artists, painters, architects, sculptors and goldsmiths who shaped Roman stone like marble or artifacts, Italian furniture makers portrayed the thriving tradition that surrounds them. These include the Roman temples, altars, statues, receptacles, bathhouses, theatres, wall paintings, coins and jewels as well as other early Grecian works of art. This tradition was structured from the traditional architecture of columns, pedestals, groundwork, entablature with their precise magnitude and attributes.

The medieval influence became less important and antique ornaments were invigorated. These were in the form of acanthus scrolls, dolphins, shells, shelves, decorations, urn and vases, amphoras and wreaths and embellishments. The intarsia motif and marquetry showed interlaced geometrical designs.

The changes in the Italian way of life renovated the styles of Italian furniture. It combined traditional and the modern Rococo and Baroque styles. Mixing marble and iron works, Italian furniture features intricate outlines, unsoiled surfaces and a sturdy framework. It also features inspiring and striking designs and intense characteristics. Featuring gigantic and impressive structure, Italian traditional furniture is well suited for big families. Nevertheless, modern Italian furniture took on a new curve and has now adapted small structured pieces to suit even small homes. Modern Italian furniture features straightforward lines and are more functional and pragmatic.

Italian furniture has always been associated to illustrious homeowners. With the dawning of modern designs, Italian furniture makers have created more adaptable styles and designs that are modish yet retaining its elegant appeal. This has made homeowners to opt for Italian furniture more than ever. The durability and elegance of Italian furniture are jut of the few reasons why it is still a much sought after kind of furniture.

Italian furniture may seem expensive but the benefits and advantages it offers the buyer far outweighs the amount that the consumer will pay for it. The modern styles of Italian furniture suit any style of home as well as any personality of the homeowner.

Using Room Dividers in Your Living Room to Create Small Spaces

Originally conceptualized to maximize space, room dividers are a great way to have two areas in any room. A big room can be made cozier with a room divider.

For instance, if your children share their room, you can make use of a room divider so they will have their own space. Alternatively, a small room can have a little space for other purposes with the use of a room divider. By using your decorating sense, you can make use of room dividers to create a different look and style in your home.

The use of room dividers can be maximized in the living room. Since this area commonly occupies a bigger space, you can assign different areas by using room partitions. Modern home decorating styles advocate the use of dividers to have more privacy. Room dividers do not mean you need to have walls. They are panels that create an illusion of having two separate areas for different reasons.

Here are some useful tips on how to make use of dividers.

Evaluate the type of divider you want to use. Room dividers are available in different forms and styles. There are folding doors or screens (for more privacy); drapes and curtains; big furniture such as an entertainment center. There are also room dividers that are light in weight.

The room divider must complement the style and design of your living room. Therefore, take into account the color, materials used and the manner it was built. Nevertheless, you can have the divider repainted if the style suits your room but not the color.

How to use room dividers

Use it to hide clutter. Instead of having the storage boxes within the living room, keep it at the back of the divider.

Have a relaxing corner in the living room. Place a lounge, a loveseat or a sofa. Add a small table with a lamp on its top. You can also choose to have a task light placed just above the chair. This will enable one to read without being disturbed. Another alternative is to create a music room. Place the component on a shelf (a small TV stand will do) but do not forget the headphones.

Make a playroom for your child in the living room. Put a rug, a shelf or a trunk (where your kid can store his toys). Have a small folding table and chair so he can do some writing or artwork. This will remove the clutter in the living room especially if a guest suddenly pops in.

Design a miniature study area or office. Put a desk with adequate drawers, chair and a desk lamp. You can add wall type shelves or a vertical book shelf.

If your divider is plain, add some decorations on its surface. The divider should be strong enough if you are to put photographs, artworks or other small decors. You can use small fans and fashion it into something like a tree. You can also make use of your creativity and paint something on the divider.

Big furniture like cabinet, media center or sofa can also be used as a divider. This is advisable for a huge living room.

Room dividers are also meant to be decorative pieces. A translucent divider can render a different ambiance in your living room. Have a lounge, sofa or table and a table lamp or task light. Your room will have a faint glow when you turn on the light that is behind the divider.

Room dividers are very practical and purposeful. It can make a dreary-looking room livelier. With a small budget, dividers can add spice to your living room.

Modernize Your Bedroom with the Contemporary Platform Bed

The need for more functional furniture is a necessity in these modern times. Answering the need for functionality is the contemporary platform bed.

Since it has been out in the market, contemporary platform beds have adorned most modern bedrooms. They have become popular because of their durability and versatility.

An essential element in any bedroom, beds have evolved from their simple style and designs to more ornate ones. Depending on the preference of the user, a bed can have intricate or lavish decorations, with or without a headboard, king, queen or twin size and of a different material. Furniture designers have also brought their creativity to come up with more varied bed styles. With the so many designs and types of beds, the contemporary platform beds have gotten much attention because of its adaptability apart from being useful.

Categorized as modern furniture, platform beds grab the attention of anyone. Owing to its modish design, it can augment the look of your bedroom and its flexibility can easily blend with your other furniture, fixtures and decorations.

Functionality is seen all over because of its direct, exemplary lines and simple structure. The mattress is supported by independently crafted boards compared to the regular beds that have box coils. It gives your bedroom an air of elegance not only because of its modern look but also because of the intricate wood work. The ordinary designed platform beds are characterized by several wooden or metal boards, thin plywood and a lofty flat surface.

The contemporary platform bed can give your bedroom an Asian or European theme. Easy to match with other furniture, platform beds have good comfort levels assuring you of a good long night sleep.

Serenity is best portrayed and achieved with a contemporary platform bed, which is a welcome treat for someone who had worked all day.

It creates an illusion of extra spaces; hence, making a small bedroom to look bigger.
Its mattress has compact cushions giving you adequate support and stability in your sleep. Adding a memory foam mattress can further augment its being useful.

A few contemporary platform beds have built-in drawers under it to provide storage space — a nice place to keep your linen, bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, etc.

You can find contemporary platform beds in the usual rectangular shape and the new round shape. Even some of those that have a round shape were equipped with underneath drawers. Some have built-in nightstands, too.

Head boards may be present and can either be broad, tall or both. Some have tufting in leather. Others are made to be more luxurious with small crystals in between the tufting. Still a few contemporary platform beds have a Japanese style or a walk-on platform with nightstands.

The price varies depending on the style and design but most of them are within your means. Contemporary platform beds are easy to find although you can find the biggest selection from online furniture stores.

With the functionality it offers, the price you will have to pay is nothing with the service and worth it will give you back.

How to Arrange a Sectional Sofa in Your Living Room

Sectional sofas are good pieces of furniture to have for they provide more seating capacity. They are available in a myriad of designs and styles as well as sizes. Some sectionals are not so massive so it can fit a medium-sized room. Its presence can further enhance the beauty of your home.

There are some homeowners, though, who are a bit anxious on buying sectional sofas because they do not know how to position it correctly. To help you with this dilemma, here are some useful guidelines.

First on your guidelines is to learn a few hints on how to arrange a sectional sofa.

Next is how to choose your sectional sofa. The dimension of the living room is an important factor. A big living room will not be much of a problem but not with a small space. Hence, measure the room to know exactly the size of sofa that you need. You can also have the option of ordering a custom-built sectional. Having a custom-made sofa will allow you to have it in the design, style and color that you want. You can also specify its shape and size.

Pay attention to the shape of the sofa. Choose a shape that will go well with the shape of your living room. This will provide you a better opportunity of placing it in the room.

Before deciding what to buy, make a few choices. Test them by seating on the sectional sofa. Comfort must be your main concern. Examine the legs, the depth of the upholstery and the materials used. All of these aspects will give you an inkling of the durability of the sectional. Upholstery for sectional sofas can either be in leather or microfiber.

Once the sectional sofa has been brought home, you need to attend on how and where to position it. Here are your hints:

• It must be placed opposite the focal point of the room. The focal point can be your fireplace, a nice panorama from the window or the television.
• It must not block any doorway or windows.
• It must not likewise block the passage way so people will not have restrictions when moving.
• It must not be pushed against the walls. There should be a small amount of space between the sofa and the wall.
• Place an ottoman or a coffee table or in front.
• If the sectional is with a chaise, put a small table near it.
• If there is another chair or a loveseat, put a lamp between the sectional and the chair.
• A plant next to the sectional sofa would likewise be perfect so long as it does not obstruct the passageway.

When you are finished arranging your sectional sofa, you will see and realize that is one piece of furniture that you can do without.

Enjoy the luxury of togetherness offered by sectional sofas. With its bigger seating capacity, the family can sit side by side and have a more intimate bonding. On top of that, it cultivates a more stimulating, inviting and comfortable ambiance in the living room.

Augment the Look of Your Living Room Using Area Rugs

The use of area rugs can add panache to your living rooms. Area rugs are cheaper and more stylish than the conventional wall-to-wall carpet.

Points to consider when purchasing area

The size of the area rug

The size of your living room will determine the size of the area rug that you need. Therefore, you need to get the dimension of your living room. Remember to leave an open space of about 4 x 8 inches around the rug. Choose from the various sizes of area rugs ranging from 6 x 9, 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 feet and can be bought from online furniture stores and physical shops.

You can also go to stores that sell rugs per your requirements. This may be expensive but you will be able to get the exact specifications, material and color that you want for your rug.

The color and pattern of the area rug

This must blend with your living room theme to create balance look in your living room.

Choose an area rug with geometrical patterns and colors if your walls and furniture are in neutral colors. This will add zest to the room so as not to create a boring look. It is also advisable because the patterns will camouflage stains.

Choose brown or beige if you prefer to have a rug without geometrical patterns to have a bit of diversity in your living room.

Create a lighthearted appeal in your living room by choosing an area rug with a splatter of colors making sure it blends with the other colors in the room. Contradicting colors will give your living room a crowded look.

The quality and texture of the area rug

Touch and feel the rug. It is not enough to just look at it. Some online furniture stores have 3-D features where you can see every bit of the rug to help you make a decision. Nevertheless, I would still suggest that you visit the store to check on it physically. Rugs are made in different materials so they naturally would have a different feel. Rugs that are smooth are made of wool and provide warmth particularly during winter. Those that feel coarse and uneven are made of natural fibers. Jute and sisal are the natural materials used to make area rugs. Elegant, luxurious and soft to touch are area rugs made of silk. Silk are pricey and difficult to maintain, though.

Another way of using area rugs to augment the look of your living room is by having them on top of each other. For example, have five different colors or patterns of area rugs and create a pattern where a small part of each end or corner is on top of another rug. If you have a big living room, assign small corners for specific functions. Put an area rug on each corner using a different color for each space, which will serve as your identifying label to know the function of that particular space. Area rugs can also be used for accentuation but make certain you have a particularly eye-catching color and pattern and that it complements your furniture, too.

The Use of Bar Stools Save Space in your Home

A large variety of bar stools that suits your taste are being offered by the furniture market. Thus, acquiring one that is easy on your budget is now easier.

Buying a house these days entail having a big amount of money. This has prompted a lot of individuals to live in small areas like condos, townhouses and apartments. The question of what furniture to purchase for these small homes is what besets these individuals. Big furniture is a no-no with a limited amount of space that drives these people to choose the small pieces of furniture. The kitchen and dining area are commonly put together. In some instances, they are separated but the space is small. Faced with the issue of having a small space, homeowners are finding a hard time buying furniture for their abodes.

One of the good options that you can have when living in small dwelling places is to buy bar stools. Modified to suit the requirements of each individual, furniture manufacturers have redesigned bar stools. They are no longer seen in the pubs. Bar stools have been redesigned to suit more modern homes. With the new designs, bar stools have gotten a new name for which they can now be called counter stools. Still very much accessible are traditional wooden stools with three legs, rounded seat and armless and backless. Excellent choices for home use are those that were given a contemporary design.

The modern and contemporary designs of bar stools feature the following:

• wide seats with arm, back and feet support
• can be swiveled up to 360 degrees making it easier to turn your back
• adjustable height
• upholstered seat either in leather or fabric

Bar stools were made to be more functional to the user. Legs are not limited to the conventional three legs. You can find stools that have four legs with some having only a single stand.

Using them in your living room, bar stools provide you additional seating furniture. Those with hydraulics are better making it easy to modify their heights.

Use them in your dining/kitchen together with a counter and this can serve as your dining area in place of the usual dining tables and chairs. They will provide more space just make sure that they have adequate space between each other. The ideal space in between the stools should be 26 – 30 inches.

Nevertheless, you need to consider comfort when buying bar stools. The people who will use it should also be considered as well as the frequency of use. If they are to be used frequently, choose those made of sturdy materials. If they are only to be used occasionally, you can pick those that are with complex designs and styles. They should also blend with your room theme.

Having bar stools in your home does not only maximize your small space but it likewise provides your home a stylish and refined ambiance. Thus, it can be said that bar stools have become a functional and practical piece of furntiure.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Reclining Sofa

The recliner sofa is one of best pieces of furniture that you can buy for your home. Since a recliner sofa is huge, you need to make sure that you have a bigger space to accommodate its size.

Providing you a good space to relax while you read, watch a TV program or movie as well as to have a good stretch is the recliner sofa. Its main purpose is to extend a place of comfort and convenience for the user to have a respite. This piece of furniture can be placed in any area of your home like the living room, patio or even in the bedroom.

Available in different designs and styles, most recliner sofas have footrests, headrests and armrests. The contemporary design of this kind of sofa has been given a new touch though by furniture manufacturers.

Before you buy your recliner sofa, you need to review the following checklist so you can buy the suitable recliner for you.

Your objective for purchasing this furniture, as this will establish the type of recliner sofa that is suitable for you.

The room where it will be situated. Measure the area so you can be sure that your new recliner will fit in the room. This data will give you a clear picture of your preference.

Categorize the characteristics that you are looking for. Some features of recliner sofas include a leg rest and a comfortable retractable headrest. There are also a few that fall under the category of therapeutic recliner sofas as they are equipped with vibrators where you can have a body massage. Others also include heating and push-backs systems.

Check online furniture sites or physical stores. Evaluate the prices and features of the recliner sofas that they offer and compare which of these items fulfill your requirements as well as your budget.

Study the construction of the recliner. Will it be able to support considerable sizes and weights? Those made from oak, pine, steel or plastic are durable. Choose the well-built recliner to assure that it will last you longer.

Examine the fabric. The fabric used as well as its construction will give you an inkling if the recliner is sturdy or not. Make sure that the fabric is firmly sewn, as this is your assurance that it is durable. A firmly sewn fabric is suitable if there are pets and children in your home. Choose a fabric that is likewise easy to clean.

Choose a recliner sofa that will blend with your room theme. For instance, if the room has a contemporary theme then it follows that the furniture must also have the same style.

Ask the store on the warranty and the replacements of its parts and covers.

Before finally ordering the sofa, you need to test it yourself. Hence, if you plan to buy it online, set an appointment to visit the store and see it physically. Sit, lie down or curl on the recliner sofa for at least 7 – 10 minutes to know if it is really comfortable.

Remember, recliner sofas are not that cheap so it is important that you buy one that offers you comfort as well as one that is durable.