Decorating a Man’s Dining Room

Probably the most neglected part in a single man’s home is the dining room  or kitchen. More often seen on top of the dining table are cups and saucers, coffee and sugar jars, coffee or tea stains, breadcrumbs, etc. You would even see used plates at times and food, which were left open.

We do not mean to offend men but the dining room is not their territory. There are exceptions naturally; men who love to cook would keep their dining room and kitchen tidy.

Married men are lucky, though, as they have their wives to take care of the dining area and check on the supplies and equipment needed by everyone.

Hence, a man’s dining room need essential equipment to make it organized. Most important dining gadgets for men include an espresso machine or a coffee maker, a coffee pot, and a toaster.

Single men may also depend on their partners. However, before making any fixing in your man’s dining room, I suggest that you discuss it with him. Who knows, he might love the idea and may join you in giving his dining room order.

An up-to-date dining room. With this motif, you need to give emphasis on his dining table. Simple is enough for men but make certain that they are shiny and sleek. A dining table with a combination of colors like white and black would appeal to men. You can also get a dining table with metallic textures that have a few hues.

A bucolic dining room. A man who loves the country appeal will appreciate the rural theme. You can combine this setting even if the home has a modern architecture. Putting together contemporary and the rural theme will make the home more elegant. Old furniture can be kept and be given a new appeal by repainting them.

Modern dining appliances. Check on the latest in dining room gadgets and have them in your partner’s dining area. Any man would appreciate this thought especially because they are on his own. Having new gadgets will assist your man to do things better in the dining area.

You can likewise include a little bar set in his dining room. Modern furniture offers small bar sets, which is fitting for a bachelor’s pad.

Put an art piece on the wall. Choose a painting or any work of art that can be displayed on the wall. Make sure, however, that it is something unique and speaks something about him.

If you cannot make up your mind on the type of art piece to buy, you can also display his certificates of achievement in work, sports and other events. Accentuate these by installing appropriate lighting.

Have a small shelf for his books and other paper items. Ornamental baskets or boxes can also be used for trifle things. You can even get him a magazine or newspaper rack.

Lastly, remind your partner to put things back so there will not be clutter in his dining room.

How to Dress Up a Big Kitchen

For someone who loves to cook and entertain, having a big kitchen is a dream. It will provide him ample space to work on and move on. However, a big kitchen can also pose a problem. A big kitchen can also look empty and cold with so much space. So it is essential that empty spaces must be filled up with furniture. But what type of furniture must a big kitchen have?

There is only one thing that dictates the criteria of kitchen furniture. As we carry on advancing with technology, we also require maximizing the comfort in our home. Therefore, in furnishing a big kitchen, we must be careful to have the needed furniture to make it friendly and have an individual touch.

Before you start filling up your big kitchen with furniture, you need to get its dimension first. With this as your basis, you can now start listing down furniture that you want to add. Nevertheless, do not have the idea of filling up empty space with fixtures. It may give the impression that your kitchen is a showroom of modern furniture besides, the fitment that you will have to purchase must blend well with your appliances and other furnishings in size.

A Hefty Kitchen Table

This is a must for any huge kitchen. A large table will match your big appliances. It can be used as a working area; and even if you do not use it often, the hefty table will maintain the look of uniformity in the kitchen.

Counter Height Kitchen Table and Chairs have become so widely accepted these days as it gives the feeling of having a coffee shop directly in your kitchen. Not only does it give you an area where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a family member or a friend, it also provides a superb conversation area. Similarly, counter height table can give you additional space when preparing food particularly for special occasions like birthdays, family gatherings or friendly parties.

A Kitchen Island is another brilliant addition to your big kitchen. It can both be a permanent built-in or standalone unit. Its hood can be mounted overhead. When in use, the hood can be raised from the island near the cook top or lowered when not in use. It functions the same way as any normal kitchen sink so it is perfect as a working area. This will free your kitchen table from any mess so it will always be ready for use. Kitchen islands are broader than counter-tops giving your more space to work on.

Aside from providing work space, casual meals can also be enjoyed on a kitchen island. Add a few bar stools, and presto, you have an inviting area to eat. This furniture also provides more storage for your kitchen utensils and stuff.

The Baker’s Rack will keep your cookbooks properly stored. Other collectibles can also be placed in the other shelf. Some bakers’ rack features wine holder allowing you to display your wine collection. It can also be used for your plants then put the rack near a window.

Your kitchen is one of the most fundamental components of your home; therefore, make it interesting and delightful as well as practical.

Have a walkthrough of CLS DIRECT or visit our online catalogs. This will give you firsthand information on the first-rate quality furniture that you want to acquire. Visualizing the whole look of your kitchen will also help in your search for appropriate furniture for your huge kitchen.

Whatever your style is, it is vital to keep in mind that your furniture and appliances must be in equilibrium with one another. Take advantage of your big space and be wise with your purchase!

Adding Sophistication to your Bedroom

It is really difficult to decide on a style for your bedroom. Should you go minimalist or do a country decor style and go totally overboard with flower prints and antique furniture? One thing is for sure though, you might want to think about metal beds  to have great style with ultimate comfort. They will match any look you want in your bedroom, and are both modern in design or can be custom made for a period look as well.

Research has shown, that where you sleep makes a huge difference to your state of mind when you wake up. If you sleep in a dingy room on a super uncomfortable bed you will wake up with aches and pains which you carry around with you the whole day. You are not well rested and therefore cannot function properly at work.

Research has also shown that if your bedroom or the place where you sleep is tranquil and your bed is comfortable, then you will awake feeling well rested and ready to tackle the day.

Today there are a myriad of designs for bed frames of this type. You can choose high posts with brass knobs, for thin bars with leaves woven across. There are also beds that come with canopies which will allow us to drape netting or curtains around them. They come in all shapes and sizes and no matter how tiny or how big your room is, you will never have to worry about bed sizes – anything from single to king are available in stores.

Another plus is that they are very lightweight, but extremely sturdy and durable. Beds manufactured from metal will give you many years of comfort and will last a life time. Because they are easily assembled and disassemble, they can be moved around the house if you want to change rooms. Metal beds surely needs your consideration before you do anything to your bedroom.

Kids Room: Thinking about Bunk Beds

When I was a kid, I really wanted a bunk bed, but I never received one. It wasn’t until college that my bunk bed dream was finally realized.


Bunk beds save space in a room by stacking one bed on top of another. This creates a vertical space and significantly opens up a smaller room. You may even be able to consolidate two bedrooms into a single room and create a whole new room for toys, an office or a living area.


Every kid loves the idea of sleeping on the top bunk. Bunk beds are just awesome. The problem is that someone has to sleep on the bottom. It is usually smart let the oldest sleep on the top bunk and tell the younger child that he can have the top bunk when he is older. If this doesn’t solve the dispute, then you can always create a schedule where they can switch bunks every few days or every week.


Many people spend hours debating about a bunk bed. Every parent has fears about their child falling from the top bunk of the bed and crashing to the floor with a thud. The good news is that bunk bed makers have thought about this over the years and put in place certain safety parameters to keep them from rolling over and off the edge. It’s still nerve-wracking, but they are relatively safe.


Take your time in choosing a bunk bed, and let your kids get involved as well. Let them pick out the ones that they like best, but make sure it goes with the décor and feel of the room. Themed bunk beds are cool unless everything else in the room is completely different. A superhero bunk bed sounds great until you put it in a room decorated with Transformers.

Use Various Colors in the Living Room Furniture to Bring Harmony at Home

Synchronization of the colors of your living room furniture  is one way to put zest at home. Doing so will pave the way for the family members to release their tension brought about by work and school.

Bear in mind that the living room is actually a family room. It is the haven for the family members to do their things together like enjoy a movie, watch a television show, listen to music, play some board games or just sit, relax and talk. It is in this room where everyone wanted to feel comfortable and warm. Most of the time, we just wanted to snuggle in our favorite nook in the living room and join in the laughter and exchange stories or unburden the day’s stress. Therefore, complementing the colors of your living room walls and furniture is a must to make it more conducive for relaxation.

Bluish hues and a white accentuation will be nice for a nature theme. This creates an atmosphere of calmness and peacefulness. You can also emphasize the living room with darker and softer hues of blue.

Tangerine can make a living room dazzling. Green contemporary furniture will blend well with blue-colored walls. A combination of pastel colors such as coral pink and light-colored lavender can likewise add to the amazing aura of the family room.

For an autumn appeal, the earth shades will be a good choice. Combine various velvety colored shades like tinge of brown, dark or rich, to create a welcoming and friendly ambiance. Tawny red, gray and black and autumn orange are good choices to accent the walls.

If the earthen tones do not go with your personality, then choose livelier colors such as green as it signifies life much the same way as spring. Complement it with softer shades of purple contemporary sofa and yellow throw pillows.

If you want to establish a bit of difference in the living room and create a restful setting, try using lavender with a deep purple tone or a soft shade of red. To create drama, use vivid yellow and dimmer tones of green while a peaceful setting can be established by using the creamy shades. Accent colors which you can also use are sage green, olive or soft yellow.

Online furniture stores offer a myriad of furniture selections not only with regards to styles, designs but as well as with the color. To top it all, it is within your means and is very chic and up-to-date.

The secret in bringing harmony at home is to have a theme in the room and set the furniture design, style, and color to it. This will completely contribute to the family’s relaxing and bonding moments.

All you need to know about area rugs

If you want to give your home a bit of spice, then try having an area rug. It is true that they are expensive, nonetheless, that does not stop you to owning one. You will be surprised to know that you can find one that will fit your budget. So what are the things you need to consider on buying area rugs?

The dimension of the area rug will, of course, rely on the size of your living room. Make sure to have a 12-inch space between the edge of the rug and the wall. An area rug under a coffee table will make your living room look elegant but make sure it will occupy one third of the rug’s area.

Since the rug will be the focal point of the living room, ensure that the color of the area rug is in tune with the rest of the furniture and its decorations. Colors affect our moods and state of mind so it will do you good to know the type of mood they trigger. You can choose area rugs that are with a splatter of color if you have a big living room. Carpets that are light in color can make a small room look big especially with tiny designs on it.

The shape of the area rug should be in agreement with the design of your living room. Circular or octennial-shaped rugs will give your room flair and elan.

The fabric and its durability of the area rug. Olefin, acrylic, wool, nylon and polypropylene are the common fabrics used for rugs. Those that are of polypropylene and olefin material defy mark and blotches. On the other hand, easy to maintain are those made of nylon. Acrylic rugs are better off with a home that has more windows because they defy staining, mildew and smudges. Avoid using woolen rugs if any member of your family has an allergy even if they are supple and durable.

If you choose to purchase on sale rugs, make certain that it has superior quality. Online furniture stores are another option; their area rugs  are cheaper than most local stores. The color may look different on the screen; nevertheless, the color description is not just illustrated but similarly described.

Tips on making your Bedroom Furniture always look Fresh and New

Furniture buying involves a lot of patience, understanding, time and more importantly cash. One thing for sure, you would want it to stay for a long time. The secret to keep your bedroom’s modern furniture longer is in the superiority and the manner of maintaining it.

Good quality fixtures may need a big amount; however, you will realize that it will pay off. Good quality furniture usually is very durable that you can even hand it down to the next age group.

A yearly examination of your bedroom furnishings will keep them in good condition and will make them to stay longer. Loose bolts, screws or brackets must be tightened as well as handles of drawers. Secure loose boards by using wood glue to put them back where they belong to.

Cleanliness must be observed to make them always looking fresh and new. However, bedroom furniture made from wood must be conditioned so as not to make it too dry. Dust and filth will easily make the finish of your furniture dull and dry so dust them once in a week. The weather in your area will decide how many times you need to condition your furniture.

Check the labels for harmful chemicals as these will lead to the depreciation of your furniture finish. A soft cloth is all you need to clean wooden furnishings. You can also make use of a dash of furniture shine. A mixture of mild soap and tepid water can be used for deep cleansing but ensure to dry the wood totally and that water will not be infused in.

Blemishes can be prevented by using a mattress topper. This will make it unsoiled and at the same time more comfy. Children must not be permitted to treat your mattress like a trampoline and do not stand on it. Sitting on the border of the mattress for lengthy hours will give perpetual serrations on the area. Your mattress will stay for quite a long time than its expected life span if you turn it over every 3 to 4 months.

Seven Things to Put on your Coffee Table

Accessories, materials, colors, and uses, etc. – when people need help with anything related to a coffee table, this blog is the place to look. To help you, gentle reader and coffee table owner, I have now generated a list of seven things that will jazz up your coffee table and therefore your room.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 1 – Reading Material

The tried and true accessory of a classic or contemporary coffee table. Like peanut butter and jelly, books/magazines/newspapers and the coffee table will forever go together. There is no separating the two because there is no two.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 2 – A Scrabble Board

Nothing says success! quite like a Scrabble Board. Impress your guests. Play Scrabble with them. This works extremely well in conjunction with both #1 and #3.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 3 – A Bottle Flor De Cana

Nicaraguan Rum, slow-aged since 1890; the bottles are highly ornate, and they look good on just about any coffee table. Actually, they look good just about anywhere.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 4 – One Single Flower in a Vase

I suggest an orchid. I suggest that in lieu of a vase you use an empty bottle of Flor De Cana. This adds a completely new dimension of sex appeal to your coffee table, and henceforth your living room, and thus, ultimately you.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 5 – Coasters

Another useful little item, especially for the glass coffee tables, is the coaster. A must-have for obsessive compulsives and other people who can’t stand unsightly water rings and coffee stains.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 6 – A Vintage Cigar Box

Make sure you get a wooden box with Spanish writing engraved on the side. It’s guaranteed to look super swanky on your coffee table. Also, you can hide things in it.

Coffee Table Accessory Number 7 – DVDs of Movies So Bad They’re Good

Because you know what the first thing your guest will say when they plop themselves down on your sofa and notices Killer Clowns From Outer Space on your coffee table? “You like this movie?!?” They’ll say. And you’ll say, “Who doesn’t?”

So there it is: seven things that will make your marvelous coffee table even more marvelous. You can mix and match. You can use just one. You can bring other great accessories into the mix. Really, there’s no limit when it comes to accessorizing your coffee table.

My main advice: accessories should reflect who you really are. And if you really can’t think of anything that reflects your true character, just use any one of my seven items and your coffee table, and living room, will look stellar.

Designing for Longevity

It’s inevitable! Your kids are going to change their minds. Whether it’s within seconds, minutes, hours, or days, it’s a guaranteed fact that your child will at one point or another will change their mind about their likes and interests.  Seventeen years of these interest changes can take its toll on any room and most importantly your budget. So how do you prepare for your child’s ever-changing tastes when designing their room?

Stay with the conventional

With the amount of TV and movies your children will watch, it’s hard to say what characters or themes they will like from one day to the next.  So when your child decides it’s time for a new style in their room, simply change the wall hangings or the painting scheme. This is something that can be inexpensive and easy to change. Kids outgrow themes on a daily basis, so if you purchase a new bed with every theme, plan for a lot of spending.

Plan for the long haul

Your focus when planning for longevity needs to be solely on the furniture pieces. Kids are very hard on furniture. That’s a fact. Buying quality, well-built pieces is vital. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and buy the absolute best. But look at the manufacturer’s warranty and take it into consideration the quality of the pieces when deciding what to buy. Also, heavier woods are sturdier and will last longer, but can be more expensive. Woods like pine are not as high quality, but will save you money.

The sooner, the better

When designing for a nursery, stay away from gender specific colors like pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Thinking long term means using neutral shades for paints, and then adding bolder colors to the accent pieces. Accent pieces can be changed down the road and are fairly inexpensive. A very easy and inexpensive way to decorate a room are wall stickers. They peel off easily and can be replaced with the next fad.

Finally, multi-stage pieces will also help when planning for the longevity of the room. For instance, cribs that convert into toddler beds will last for years and serve a multi-purpose.  As will a six-drawer dresser with a changer on top instead of just a changing table.

Your Dining Room Does Not Have to Match!

Your dining room does not have to match!

The days of matching dining rooms are finished! Today’s furniture buyers want their dining rooms to reflect their families’ personalities by mixing and matching different pieces to create a only one of a kind dining experience. All the dining room furniture you buy CLS Direct should be something you love that is a reflection of your home and personality.

The table, the centerpiece of any eating experience, is the first thing you need to consider when combining different styles of furniture for your dining room. Because of this, the rest of the design will play off of this focal point. Tables with lighter finishes and glass or stone tops lend a casual feel while darker finishes tend to be used for formal settings. If you plan on using the dining room for every meal, a glass top table is also easy to clean and maintain.

Next, consider the chairs. Even in a formal dining room setting the chairs don’t have to be the same. Wood, upholstered, leather, and even metal are just a few of the different styles of chairs you can choose from.  And even when mixed and matched, these varying choices can add a style all of their own to any dining room. Mix and match back styles, use different styles for the side and arm chairs, apply coordinating fabrics to add some excitement to your seating. Side chairs can also be placed throughout the dining room for a unique look.

Finally, the serving pieces can be constructed from different materials than your table and chairs. Painted sideboards, china cabinets, and buffet tables will give them an eccentric one-of-a-kind look and add an interesting style to your dining room. Finish the table off with a centerpiece that matches the color or style of your curtains and there you have it–a dining room that is a reflection of you.