Guidelines to Choosing the Best Bedroom Furniture

With the so many different styles and designs to choose from, buying bedroom furniture for the home has become harder than it used to be.

The bedroom is not just a place where you sleep. Some people take time out to have their own private time — curl up to read a book or do some work in the confines of their bedroom. These are just a few things that must be taken into consideration when buying bedroom furniture.

Here are some simple guidelines that can assist you on choosing the best bedroom furniture for your home.

Picking your style is the first thing that you need to do. The furniture that you choose must reflect your home theme. With a country themed home, modern furniture will look awkward. Limit your selections to styles that will blend with the rest of your furnishings and decorations. Implementing some changes in your home decorations is fine but remember not to do it drastically as it might end up to be a disappointment.

Selecting the size of your bedroom furniture must also be considered. Take the measurement of your bedroom first before hopping to the furniture store or checking the web. This will give you a clear picture of the amount of space for your furniture. You can even assign spots to specific fitment that you want. Likewise, you will be able to picture if the room will look too full; hence, you can select and de-select items to give space to the most important fitment. Use a masking tape for each area and write down the specific furniture that you are to place on that spot.

Selecting the color of your bedroom furniture will have to blend with the color of your floors. Floor made of hardwood or a carpet that has a neutral hue is easier, as any furniture color will do. This will change, though, if you plan to have a new carpet. Nevertheless, you do not need to change your furniture if you try hard enough to look for a carpet color that will mix well with your current furniture. Wood tones are easier to pair with any type of furniture color. The same goes with white or black furniture.

Functionality of bedroom furniture is also necessary. You must make sure that it is not enough to be good in appearance. It must also serve you the purpose of your needs. A bedroom set that includes a dresser and chest would be ideal. You can also opt to have a bed with underneath drawers. Functionality in furniture is the goal of most furniture manufacturer.

On top of everything, selecting good quality bedroom furniture is of the essence. It is better to spend your money wisely by buying expensive quality furniture rather than buying the cheap ones but is of poor quality. Check reputable furniture shops and online furniture stores. Verify the company’s warranty and exchange procedures. Always ask the material that was used and asked questions. Bedroom furniture made of excellent quality materials normally cost higher.

Bedroom Furniture as Storage

The most practical thing to do if you lack space in your bedroom is to have furniture that can serve two purposes. Having this kind of furniture will not in any way affect the ambiance of your room. In fact, it will keep your room neat and organized.

A spic and span bedroom will be your pride. Yes, your bedroom is your own space and maybe you will say that no one will see it anyway but you. But wouldn’t you be proud to show off your room to your friend if it looks neat and smart? Now, you’re thinking…..It’s about time to put order in the bedroom.

Here are some tips which might help you accomplish this task of organization in your bedroom.

Get hold of furniture that provides storage. This is not surprising as modern furniture producers have modified traditional furniture and have made them more practical. To name a few,

The Armoire or Wardrobe. Aside from being the main keeper of your clothes, armoire has been designed to accessorize your room. Belts, hats, ties, scarves, etc. can be hanged by having wall clips and hooks on its side walls. Jewelries, purses and even shoes can also be kept inside it.

The Vanity Rack or Shelf. Apart from our clothes and accessories, we also have keepsakes and memoirs in our bedroom. Instead of just putting them on the floor (one on top of the other), the presence of a vanity shelf will make them more organized. Layered storage shelves, wooden chest, dressers, and ornamental baskets and boxes can hold these bits and pieces. Cosmetics and other vanity stuff can also be kept in these shelves which have been given a chic appeal.

Beds with Under Caddy or Drawers. This is not new as they have been around for years. A new way to do this if you have a bed frame is to buy under-bed storage boxes. These are normally made of plastic with clip-down lids. Storage boxes are large, leveled and with small wheels for easy access and maneuvering.

Bedside Tables that has Drawers. This furniture is a sure help to keep odds and ends. You can also keep a book which you usually read before going to sleep; for instance, the Bible or any book that contains food for thought.
Bedside Cabinets can be installed to the wall to create more space. Your bedside lamp can be placed above this furniture and will fill your bedroomwith light which eventually creates an impression of a spacious bedroom.

For A Small Bedroom, here is what you can do.

Have cabinets with sliding doors to have more spaces between your bed and the cabinet.

Get a sofa bed as a replacement for the ordinary bed. Sofa beds are new additions in the world of contemporary furniture. It appeals to the young generation and is not that expensive. This furniture also comes in twins beds but is quite costly than the ordinary sofa bed.

Modern furniture manufacturers have answered your problem of having more space in your bedroom and putting order in it. They certainly have put your concern as one of their priorities in improving furniture for consumers. A myriad of selections is available for you to choose from. You only need to go around or use your fingers and take a look at online furniture shops.

Achieving a tranquil, clean and orderly bedroom is not something you can imagine. It is real; thanks to modern furniture. With most homes offering minimal space, the practicality of having bedroom furniture doubling as storage is undeniably a welcome treat.

How to Protect Bedroom Furniture from your Pets

The love we have for our pets is partly to blame why they make a mess inside the home. Some people even allow their pets inside their bedroom. They want their pets beside them. There is no problem with you allowing them inside your bedroom since it is your own sanctuary. However, once you notice that your furniture gets scratches and your room is starting to smell unpleasant, that is the time you blame your pets for it. So what is the best thing to do in times like this? Well, it is very simple; discipline your pets.

Implement the following tricks and see the big change in your bedroom.

As I have already mentioned, discipline your pets, the way you do it to your children. Start the training while they are still young.

Reprimand your pet if you see him on your bed. Adapt different tones of voice. A tone that will show you are angry or upset and another to show that you are happy. Do not go into the habit of giving your pet a whip or a beating. You can also drive him away from your bed by spraying some water; this is very effective for cats. This will get your pet to understand that the bed is not for him.

Give your pet his own sleeping area and let him know that this is where he can lie down. Put a rug or a blanket on the floor and tell him that this is his own bed.

If your pet is a dog, get him a crate or use enclosures. Dogs love to move from side to side so get him a crate where he can do this as well as stand, sit and snooze. Your pet dog may whine during the first nights, as it is still adjusting; nevertheless, do not pay attention. Tell your pet dog to relax and let it get used staying in the crate. This will also teach your dog to sleep on its own.

If you have a cat, buy a cathouse. This will serve as its bedroom. You can get this item from pet shops,

For your cat, let him have his own cathouse where she can take a snooze or just lie down quietly. Cathouses are partitioned making them good if you have two or more cats.

Cat trees give your cat a place where it can climb, play and run. These will keep it busy and will stay in the cat trees than on your furniture.

Keep your pet busy with pet toys. It can likewise keep its claws busy and will have fun playing with it.

As much as possible, do not let your pets inside your bedroom. Let your pet know that he is not allowed inside your room.
Lastly, give your pet a bath regularly. Buy him pet shampoo and sprays to eliminate its bad smell.

Start the training while your pet is still young. It is actually much the same as when you training your child to do things. Of course, you need to have patience in training your pets. Nevertheless, make your pets understand that they must follow your rules. Likewise, do not give your pets a whipping but talk to them. Once you have built this understanding with your pets, you will be confident that they will not destroy your furniture.

Buying Tips for a New Bed

A bed is one of the most important furniture that you have to purchase. Not only does it play a crucial role in helping you get a good night’s sleep, but it can also affect your back.

Most people complain of back pain. This is not only caused by poor posture or by long sitting hours, but your bed can also contribute to this pain.

Therefore, it is important to know the fundamentals of buying beds.
Following are some tips to guide you when buying your new bed.
What you are looking for in a bed may not be the same with another. If you are buying a bed for your children, let them come with you so they can choose what is comfortable for them. The same way, ask your husband to check the bed physically if you plan to change your bed.
Do not just settle with one choice. Check other options. See how they feel.

A firm bed is not an assurance that it will be good for you. A bed should be able to sustain your back well making you comfortable when you lie down or sleep on it.

Having a large bed is ideal for you have more space when you move. Beds in the master’s bedroom must offer space for both husband and wife so each can be comfortable. Thus, in choosing the size of your bed, you also need to know your sizes. Likewise, you also need to know if it will fit in your room so get the dimension of your bedroom first before finally purchasing the bed.

Bed mattresses are also varied. Some are pocket sprung that sustains the body well making it more comfortable. Some mattresses have open sprung, which means that the coils are joined together so the body weight can be evenly distributed. Alternatively, foam mattresses follow the contour of your body and similarly provide comfort and alleviate pressure.

Check if the size and type of mattress suits the bed frame.

Try lying on the bed. If you are doing your shopping online, call the store and schedule a day so you can test the furniture. Do not just lie on it but also try other sleeping positions. You also need to lie on the bed for at least 5 minutes to evaluate properly if it will serve you well.

You may have a budget for the bed but always put the quality first before the price. If you gamble on buying a cheap bed, it may not last you for a long time and you may end up with a sore back every morning. A well-built bed may be expensive but you can be certain that it is durable and will give you comfort and support.

You can also schedule your purchase when there are store sales. Even good quality beds are put on sale.

Check the store’s delivery service. Online furniture shops normally deliver goods without charge. However, make sure of their return policy.

It pays to be careful when buying your bed. Nobody wants to wake up in morning still feeling tired.

Arranging Bedroom Furniture So You Wake Up Pain Free

How many times have you awaken from a great night’s sleep only to have your morning ruined by the painful feeling of banging one of your toes or shins against a dresser or another piece of furniture?

It has happened to all of us at one time or another, but the great thing is it doesn’t have to anymore! Arranging the furniture in your bedroom can be tricky, especially when you are working with limited space. The following steps will help you not only add more comfort and style to your bedroom, but it will save you from mornings filled will toe throbbing pain:

  1. Sketch the layout of your bedroom on a piece of paper. Include measurements and placement of all radiators, doors, and windows.
  2. Get the measurements of all your furniture. You can either write it down or if you are creative enough, make cutouts of each furniture piece.
  3. Place the cutouts on the paper and move them around until you get the desired layout you want. Make sure the spacing between furniture pieces is big enough, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be bumping into anything when you wake up.
  4. Make sure your room is clutter free! Clearing out clutter from the corners of the room will give you better energy flow. Exposed electrical equipment emits electromagnetic waves, which can hinder a peaceful night of sleep. Instead, hide wires from electrical equipment in units with doors.

When designing the layout of your bedroom visit CLS Direct and get those perfect bedroom pieces so that you can wake up pain free!