Accent your Living Room with End Tables

End tables are the perfect accent piece for finishing off the beautiful look of your living room!

Used for lamps, extra storage for remotes and magazines, and a place to put keys or even a cup, end tables serve many proposes but most of all add style to your room.

When deciding on what end table to buy from CLS Direct, the single most important factor you need to consider is the scale of furniture you will place it next too. Small tables with short legs will look awkward when located next to larger couches with lots of volume.  Your end tables need to be proportionate in size to the couches, sofas, and chairs by which they are placed.

End tables should measure about three inches above or below the arm of the piece they will be next too. This will allow them to be reachable when you are sitting. Nothing is more frustrating than going to place a drink down and having to either stand or reach way over the arm of the chair to set it down.

The design of the end tables should match the style of the room they are located in. That does not necessarily mean they should match the other furniture pieces exactly, but should overall match the design of the room. End tables are meant to stick out and be noticeable. Stay away from purchasing ones that have the same exact design of your couch they will be placed next too. Be creative.

Finally, the construction and materials they are created with should be both sturdy and durable. End tables are meant to get a lot of use and have things placed on them . Over a period of time the wear and tear can have a damaging effect to them so make sure they are well-built. Metal frames are the most sturdy but if you are looking for wood end tables, make sure they are made of real wood material. Tables made of press wood are more likely to get damaged if they get wet.