Essential Furniture for Any First Apartment

Moving out of the house is an exciting rite of passage for young adults. They finally get to explore the world on their own, without a curfew or worries of being grounded for a messy room. One of the best parts about moving out of the house is picking out furniture for the new apartment. These are the essentials every young adult should have for their first apartment.

For the Bedroom

A studio apartment representing furniture provided by CLS Direct in Columbus, OH
For obvious reasons, a bed should be the first priority. It might be tempting to go cheap here, but a high-quality mattress will offer a good night’s sleep for years to come. Many young people skimp on the bedframe, but it can make the apartment feel a little more like home. If nothing else, a basic metal bed frame will get the job done. Bedding, like a quality comforter and duvet, is also necessary. The bedroom also needs some form of clothing storage, whether that be hangers for the closet or a full-size dresser.

For the Living Room

A sofa is a necessity for a living room, but it doesn’t have to be a $1,000 piece; there are plenty of affordable sofas available. If one still isn’t in the budget, a futon is a decent alternative, and they’re a staple in first apartments. Round it out with a coffee table, which will probably serve as a main eating surface in the apartment.

For the Kitchen

Kitchen necessities will vary from person to person as a matter of preference. Folks who run off frozen pizza and tater tots probably won’t need as many cooking utensils and storage solutions as a culinary student. There’s no “one size fits all” list of furniture items for the kitchen, but some basics include a kitchen cart for storage and additional cooking space, as well as a basic table and chairs. A bar table with two bar stools is ideal for small kitchens. Also, don’t forget essentials like a microwave, toaster or toaster oven, pots and pans, cooking utensils, dishes, glasses, and eating utensils.

For the Bathroom

While there may not be as much of a need for furniture in the bathroom, there are a few other necessities to invest in, including a shower curtain, shower liner, and possibly a shower caddy or other storage space. The bathroom should have its own separate cleaning supplies, including a toilet brush, plenty of cleaners, and a plunger.

Start Shopping Today

If you’re moving into your first apartment, congratulations! You’re sure to enjoy the newfound freedom that living on your own offers. No matter what your budget allows, it’s possible to create a functional living space that even your parents will be proud of. CLS Direct can help you furnish your first place with affordable, brand-name furniture at wholesale prices. When you’re ready to start the exciting process of furniture shopping, visit our showroom or call us at 614-436-0357.

3 Most Important Accessories to Get More Comfy at Home

Investing in modern accessories can enhance the comfort of any living space. Here are three of the most important things that can transform a house into a home.

Quality Sofa

A quality sofa is an essential piece of living room furniture that will help to increase relaxation and allow homeowners to unwind after a long day at work. The material and design are the two most important factors that determine the price of the sofa.

Modern Rugs

Modern rugs not only enhance the beauty of the floor but also make the room more lively and elegant. They create a layer of comfort that is unsurpassed by any other flooring material.

Kitchen Cabinets

Because kitchen cabinets are essential components in organizing the cooking area, their functionality is key to increasing comfort in the home. Choose cabinets that provide ample storage and ease for the cook and cleaner of the house. Pick a calming color palette.

These three essential accessories can add immense value and comfort to the home.

Putting the “Fun” in Function: Using Kids Furniture That Works

It is easy to fall into the trap of buying a piece of children’s furniture because it is adorable. It may look like something right out of a dollhouse, but if it does not perform a needed duty, then it is merely a waste of space. When it comes to furnishing children’s rooms, each stage of childhood brings with it different functions to be fulfilled.

When decorating a baby’s room, it should be filled with items that make parenting chores easier and the baby as calm and comfortable as possible. Changing tables with adequate storage for diapers, wipes, and clothes, a relaxing glider that parent and child can fit comfortably inside, and a soothing and inviting crib: these pieces of furniture perform a function first and foremost. They can be cute or follow a particular design, but what makes them so valuable is their functionality.

The most useful function of an item changes for children of different ages. All of a sudden, a room’s decor must primarily meet the kids’ needs. Chairs aren’t just for sitting. They need to be fun to climb on and jump from. Beds aren’t just for sleeping. They have to function as forts, princess castles, or racecars. The furniture has to serve basic needs such as storage and comfort while injecting a dose of fun.

As children become teenagers, the purpose of the items in their room takes a drastic shift once again. Rooms have to be inviting to friends, and that means modern, fun designs, multi-functional items that conserve space, and an adequate area where schoolwork can be done. Of course, many other considerations must be taken into account when it comes to functionality. Base these decisions on the personal preference of the teen, and the right type of furniture will provide just what the young adult needs.

Keeping your Living Room Furniture Clean, the Easy Way

Buying furniture is not joke, as it is a big investment on the part of any household. You may find cheap furniture but this will not last you long enough prodding you to buy a new set.

Therefore, it is better to dispense a huge amount to ensure its durability and longevity. Nevertheless, the upkeep of furniture will assure you even more of its long life and endurance.

Here are some easy ways to keep your living room furniture clean.

Observe daily cleaning so that dirt will not accumulate. Vacuum the corners, the side of the cushions and the gaps once a week by utilizing the soft brush attachment.

Use mild cleaning materials. Upholstery cleaning items have harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause permanent damage to the fabric. If you are not cautious in buying cleaning materials, your furniture fabric can be soiled, as its protective coating has been removed. Once the protective coating is removed, your furniture will look old and washed-out.

Steam cleaning is another choice you can do to clean your fitment. Although it can eliminate blemishes and grime, it can also ruin your furniture in the end. This is because the drying process is quite long and the moisture surplus can bring about the furniture’s deterioration. Mildew and mold can also developed in your fitment, since the inner part may still be damp even as the outside part is already dry.

Use a clean, white fabric to wipe any spills. Do not let the liquid to permeate the inside of the cushions; wipe it instantly. Start from the edge moving on to the center so that the leak will not disperse.

Make use of a flat object or a spoon to scuff any spill residue. Mix soap in warm water and dip a cloth into it. Ensure to wring excess water.

Warm water can also remove most spills. However, use a mild soap to mix in warm water if it is imperative to use soap. Just add a small amount of soap so it will not produce too many suds. Bear in mind to use only warm water and not tap water. The latter can create a mark on the fabric because of the minerals that tap water contain.

You can also use a wood polish for wooden furniture. Dispense a little amount of polish on a soft clean cloth and rub it onto the fitment following the grain of wood. Do not use too much polish in order to avoid your furniture from getting wax build up. If it does, just get a new rag and continue on polishing it following the grain of wood.

Use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean furniture made of glass. An old T-shirt or cloth diaper is a good material for cleaning glass. Another good option is the paper towel.

Furniture can easily look old and tattered because of everyday use. Therefore, it is necessary to observed good cleaning habits and procedures to maintain its freshness and cleanliness.

Furniture Care: How to Keep it Safe From Pets

Rarely can you see a household without a pet. Pets have become a family member to some people. Adults and young both enjoy the company of their dogs and cats. They are our friends and in fact, some treat them as their children, too.

A day will not be finished without us patting the head of our pets. They are there beside us when we watch TV. We play with them whether inside or outside our home. Some would even have them sleep near them. However, it is inevitable that the pets that we love most cause havoc to our furniture.

Their hair falls off on the floor, rug, sofa, or even on the bed. There are times when we are surprised to see our wooden furniture being scraped by them. They chew on the upholstery of the sofa and worst is the sofa and rug smelling of their pee. What are you going to do then if this happens? Are you going to start a battle with your “beloved” pet? How do you keep your pets away from your furniture?

Of course, the best solution for this problem is to train your pet.

Training them properly must start while they are still young. It is much easier to tell them what is wrong and where they are supposed to stay while they are just pups and kittens. Training them when they have grown will be useless. It is the same with training your kids. Tell them how to do things right and they will pick it up and retain it in their minds up to the time they become adults.

To prevent your pets from lying on your sofa, give them a place where they can lie, sleep or rest. Control the urge to allow them to stay with you on the sofa while you are watching TV or reading. Your pet must have his own place in the living room if you allow them to go inside your house.

Get a pet throw for your sofa. These can be bought from furniture shops. You can get a whole pet throw to cover the entire sofa or the individual ones. These are made in various colors and designs and are easy to wash. If you still insist on having your bed beside you, then get one that is quilted.

Buy your dog a toy and a scratching post for your cat to keep him busy. These will prevent him from gnawing on the sofa.

Buy a spray repellant (citrus or mint scent is nice) and mix it with water. Squirt a small amount on your couch and your pet will no longer pester your furniture.

Give your pet a daily bath. To remove his smell, spew some aromatic or fragrant spray on him. Trim his nails to prevent the latter from ripping your sofa. Comb his hair daily, as this will lessen the amount of dog and cat’s hair falling off onto your furniture.

Once they are made aware of house rules, you will be freed of cleaning their mess.

Guidelines to Choosing the Best Bedroom Furniture

With the so many different styles and designs to choose from, buying bedroom furniture for the home has become harder than it used to be.

The bedroom is not just a place where you sleep. Some people take time out to have their own private time — curl up to read a book or do some work in the confines of their bedroom. These are just a few things that must be taken into consideration when buying bedroom furniture.

Here are some simple guidelines that can assist you on choosing the best bedroom furniture for your home.

Picking your style is the first thing that you need to do. The furniture that you choose must reflect your home theme. With a country themed home, modern furniture will look awkward. Limit your selections to styles that will blend with the rest of your furnishings and decorations. Implementing some changes in your home decorations is fine but remember not to do it drastically as it might end up to be a disappointment.

Selecting the size of your bedroom furniture must also be considered. Take the measurement of your bedroom first before hopping to the furniture store or checking the web. This will give you a clear picture of the amount of space for your furniture. You can even assign spots to specific fitment that you want. Likewise, you will be able to picture if the room will look too full; hence, you can select and de-select items to give space to the most important fitment. Use a masking tape for each area and write down the specific furniture that you are to place on that spot.

Selecting the color of your bedroom furniture will have to blend with the color of your floors. Floor made of hardwood or a carpet that has a neutral hue is easier, as any furniture color will do. This will change, though, if you plan to have a new carpet. Nevertheless, you do not need to change your furniture if you try hard enough to look for a carpet color that will mix well with your current furniture. Wood tones are easier to pair with any type of furniture color. The same goes with white or black furniture.

Functionality of bedroom furniture is also necessary. You must make sure that it is not enough to be good in appearance. It must also serve you the purpose of your needs. A bedroom set that includes a dresser and chest would be ideal. You can also opt to have a bed with underneath drawers. Functionality in furniture is the goal of most furniture manufacturer.

On top of everything, selecting good quality bedroom furniture is of the essence. It is better to spend your money wisely by buying expensive quality furniture rather than buying the cheap ones but is of poor quality. Check reputable furniture shops and online furniture stores. Verify the company’s warranty and exchange procedures. Always ask the material that was used and asked questions. Bedroom furniture made of excellent quality materials normally cost higher.

Cleaning Living Room Furniture Tips

Buying furniture for the home entails one to spend a big amount of money not unless you chose the cheap low quality ones. However, why should you buy these types if you will just be spending more in the end? If you intend to keep your furniture for a long time, buying those that are of good quality is a good idea.

Nevertheless, even as they cost more and assures you of their durability, it is still a big help if you know how to maintain them, as this will keep them not only for a longer time but will make them always looking new.
Some housewives may have not enough time to do the cleaning especially if the dust has accumulated for ages. Cleaning your furniture does not need to be a difficult task. It is quite easy if you will only follow a regular regimen.

Following are some tips to make furniture cleaning easy for you.

Daily cleaning is the best thing to do to avoid the dust from building up on your furniture. Wipe them with a soft cloth. Schedule vacuuming the cushions on a weekly basis and use the soft brush attachment to reach into the gaps.

Check the ingredients of the cleaning agents before purchasing them. Some cleaning aids contain harmful chemicals and this can tarnish the fabric of your sofas. To know the appropriate cleaning products to use, check on the manual of your sofa. Using the correct cleaning agents will keep the protective coating of your sofa, which helps in resisting stains and dirt.

Furniture must not be steam cleaned on your own. There is no doubt that stains and dirt will be easily removed with steam cleaning. However, this job must be done by people who have the proper training. Steam cleaning furniture on your own can lead to its spoilage. Furniture must be left to dry completely before using it again. If not done properly, moisture can seep into the insides of the cushion and can cause the growth of mildew and molds that can produce a foul smell. It can also cause your furniture to rot.
Spills must be wiped instantly. Do not let spills to stand on your furniture. Wipe them as soon as it happened by using a soft clean cloth. Start from the edge moving on to the center to avoid the spill from spreading.

Use a flat object or a spoon to scoop solid spills following it up by wiping it. Never try to rub the spill whether it is solid or liquid, as this will only shove it further. Mix a little soap with warm water and dip the cloth in it to clean the spill. Make sure you remove the excess water from the cloth. If this is done immediately, the spill will be very easy to remove. Do not use tap water for its mineral contents can leave a mark on the fabric.

Your living room furniture is sure to lasts if you follow the above cleaning tips.

Choosing the Right Material for Living Room Sofa

Do you only check the style and design of the living room sofa when buying one? If you do, then you are missing out on the most important aspect of all — the material. It might be that the design and style is something really nice, but what about the fabric used? Will it last you longer?

Living room sofas are made from different materials. Simply knowing the fabrics used will save you a lot of time in shopping and will give you your money’s worth.

Living room sofas made of natural fibers.

Characteristics of these sofas are their smoothness. Cotton, linen, wool, rayon and silk are classified as natural fibers. They are guaranteed to have more padding. Weather conditions can get them spoiled like too much exposure to the sun and mold can develop during damp weathers. Hence, regular cleaning is a must.

Living room sofas made of synthetic fibers.

Although these are durable and resist stain, they are not convenient to use. Nylon, polyester and olefin belong to this group. Olefin and nylon are susceptible to being damaged by the sun. Pilling occurs if these are used by people on the big side. Coat your windows to prevent these types from losing their color.

Living room sofas made of microfibers.

Because of the above grounds, modern furniture manufacturers have come up with the idea of putting together the luxuriant and resilience of synthetic and natural fibers resulting to microfibers. A mixture of acrylics and wool or polyester and cotton, they are known of not pilling easily. They are soft and are not pricey as well. Microfiber sofas are accessible in different hues.

Living room sofas made of pile fabrics.

Although used often, these types are not easily damaged. They are also easy to maintain as they conceal dust. The cotton velvet, however, is not that durable as they easily wear out and marks and indentations are noticeable. Chenille, boucle and velvet belong to this category. Those made of twill and denim is suggested for daily usage and is more comfortable to use.

Recommended for family use are those that are firmly sewn as they prove to be durable. Cotton, denim or ultra suede with 20% polyester are good choices.

You would also know if a fabric is really durable by its thread count. Those that have a high thread count can assure you of their durability. To know this, take the ends of a few samples and strike it hard. If you see them expand, it is a proof that they are resilient.

Remember as well that the fabric should match the other furniture that you have. Request a few swatches so you can check it at home. This will enable you to evaluate what will suit the rest of your fitment and furnishings.

As I have mentioned above, the material should be first on your list of factors in buying a new sofa for your living room. Being able to choose the right one for your needs will save you on cost. Other factors such as exposure to direct sunlight, pets and kids can also affect your sofas durability. Therefore, it is still a must to take care of them.

What Furniture will Match White-Colored Living Rooms

You have a big advantage if your living room walls are painted in white. Since white is considered a neutral color, any kind of furnishings and furniture can blend well with it. Even a combination of both whites is good; although it will be better if you have some contrast for better depth. You do not want your home to look like a hospital, don’t you?

Hence, play with colors to have a bit of diversity in your living room. A mixture of hues will add to the room’s overall appearance instead of making an insipid appeal.

Here are some furniture colors which you can match with your white living room walls.

The Conventional White and Black Appeal

Exuding modern sophistication is the combination of the conventional colors white and black. It can never be outdated and is a popular choice for most homes with a white theme. Couches and sofas that are in black or a combination of white and black (strips of white over black or strips of black over white) are best options. Coffee tables can have a glass top framed in black and white trimmings. If you prefer to have a rug or carpet, choose a black or white carpet and put the coffee table on it. Have table or floor lamps in black or silver. Make use of other decorations and accessories to add more drama.

The White, Red and Black Combination

With white walls, red and black combination on your furniture and other furnishings will be a standout. Not only will it look a bit theatrical but it will also create much modernity in appeal. Sofas can be framed in black with red cushions or sofas and cushions in black and throw pillows in red. Other furniture and accessories can follow this pattern.

The secret in white-walled living room is the play of colors in your other furnishings. As I have mentioned, white is neutral. If you combine it with the same hue, there is nothing left for excitement. Bright or brilliant colors, therefore, must be employed to bring interest and flavor in the living room.

Invest on paintings, vases, baskets that are a bit strong in hue and patterns. Curtains, throw pillows and even rugs can spell the diversity in the living room. Make your white-walled living room lively with a mixture of colors via these furnishings.

Lights can also create a nice effect so choose appropriate lights that will enhance your furniture or a certain spot of the room.

The attention of your guests must be drawn away from the white walls. It should only serve as a backdrop and the furniture and the rest of your decorations and furnishings must take center stage.

It pays well if you do a bit of reading or research before finally deciding what to buy. Check out home decoration magazines, websites or even asked interior decorators (if you know of one). Online furniture stores also offer a lot of assistance when it comes to home decoration. Apart from the various furniture styles being sold, they also cater to customers’ queries and give ideas that are worth trying for.

Steps when Choosing your Sofa Bed

Since not all houses have guest room, having a sofa bed comes in handy. It takes away the anxiousness of thinking where your guest will sleep. Very much like your regular sofa, this type of bed serves you two purposes – that of a couch and a bed.

Sleeper sofas can be placed in your living room or bedroom. It is a good option for a small bedroom, as your child can just fold it back to its original state when he has some guests and they wanted to do some dance skills in his room.

The following guidelines will help you to find the best sofa bed for your home.

Obtain the measurement of your living room space. Sleeper sofas need a bigger area when folded out. Make sure that it will not chafe your walls. You should also see to it that there is ample space when getting up and for walking.

Inspect its convenience. Open it up and check if it is flat with no bulges or angles. The next thing to do is to lay on it longer than 5 minutes. Roll on your sides and feel the cushion. Is it hard enough or too hard? Or is it soft or too soft? If the mattress is too hard or too soft, then choose another one. Likewise, you should not feel its frame on your back.

Inspect the cushions. You need to assure its convenience on your bottom; hence, you have to sit on it for 2 to 5 minutes. With that duration, you will be able to assess the comfort it gives you as well as evaluate if it can support your back when seated. It must have sufficient padding, as this will guarantee you of its durability and toughness. Lift the cushions and inspect its surfaces. It must be soft and even. You should not feel any wood or metal jutting out.

Get a sofa bed that has a good mattress, one that is not too thin or too thick. It must support your back adequately without giving you any backaches when getting up. You can also inquire from the store if you can get another cushion for it.

Examine the frame putting much attention on the bolts. Make certain that they are properly fastened.

Twin sofa beds are also made available. If this is what you want to purchase, ask somebody to come with you so both of you can check its comfort, firmness and durability. You each should have ample space.

Check its portability. Folding it up and folding it back must be simple.

Go over the whole furniture and check every detail. It is important that your guests will not be complaining of backaches when getting up. Similarly, sitting on it must also be comfortable.

Sleeper sofas come in a myriad of designs, styles and colors. Ensure that it will blend well with the theme of your living room. Do not settle for the low price against its convenience as well as its durability.