Three Considerations for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

With so many kitchen cabinet styles and features on the market, making a choice and sticking with it can be stressful. To simplify this process, homeowners should stick to options that fit the overall design of their kitchen while addressing their practical needs. A few simple considerations can help people who need new cabinets find something that suits their home.

Cabinet Grades

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Using their budget as a starting point, homeowners should consider which grade of kitchen cabinet they’d like to use. Here are the four grades of cabinetry:

  • Ready-to-assemble (RTA): RTA cabinets are very affordable and come in a variety of colors and styles, but they might lack the longevity of higher quality options.
  • Stock: A mid-market option with better quality than RTAs, stock cabinets are sold by the manufacturer in specific sizes and styles.
  • Semi-Custom: Semi-custom cabinetry allows some level of personalization, but certain aspects will be predetermined.
  • Custom: This is by far the most expensive option, but homeowners can choose the quality of each item that goes into building their cabinetry.

Door and Drawer Styles

From traditional to modern and everything in between, homeowners have a myriad of options for drawer and door styles. When making their decision, buyers should consider the layout of their kitchen and dining room, their preferred aesthetic, and how they plan on using their cabinetry. Some may want the easy access of pull-out drawers, while others prefer the classic look and function of doors. Homeowners should also consider different door and drawer styles, such as flat, louvered, inset, and beadboard.

Cabinet Features

Once homeowners have decided on the grade and style they want, they can get down to the details. Cabinet features vary widely, including color, texture, and material, as well as the techniques used to construct the cabinets. Features such as hardware and closure type can increase the longevity and functionality of kitchen cabinetry. Popular choices include dovetailed drawers, side-mount glides, and soft-close doors and drawers.

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Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2017

A kitchen with all-white cabinets representing kitchen cabinets provided by CLS Direct in Columbus, OH

Cabinetry defines the appearance, feel, and functionality of a kitchen. It also creates a healthy return on investment by increasing the overall value and marketability of a home. Tastes ebb and flow in kitchen cabinets, but here are the trends for 2017.

White and Gray Lead the Way

The sleek, clean look of white kitchen cabinets trends highest right now, and gray is the hot neutral color. White helps spread light throughout a kitchen, while also making a small kitchen feel bigger and brighter. Lighter shades of gray also brighten a kitchen, while darker ones create a warm, cozy feel. Gray cabinets are also compatible with almost any color scheme and work well when refinishing or replacing old cabinets.

Mid-century Modern Metal

Mid-century modern style has returned to the kitchen with metal cabinetry. These cabinets are available in a variety of styles, never require resurfacing, and are easy to clean and maintain. Modern designs also trend toward functionality and electronic integration. Options might include built-in charging stations for handheld devices or exposed shelves to help household chefs follow a recipe from a tablet or phone.

Chalk Paint Distressed

For the DIY cabinet fan, chalk paint may be the way to go. Not to be confused with chalkboard paint, chalk paint has an ultra-matte finish that dries quickly and can bring an aged or distressed look to cabinets. It’s ideal for the rustic or farmhouse kitchen.

Clear or Frosted Glass

Although open shelving has been popular recently, it makes it difficult to keep the dishes undamaged and clean. Kitchen cabinets with clear glass paneled fronts will show off dishware without the risk of dust, debris, or damage. Those who enjoy the glass-front look but don’t want the pressure of matching, perfectly stacked dishes should consider frosted glass. It’s equally stylish but more forgiving of the occasional clutter.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Steel or chrome knobs and pulls are top picks for 2017. Soft-close hinges are also a popular innovation, as they eliminate the noise of cabinet doors slamming. If the kitchen table and chairs have metal accents, choose hardware in a matching finish for an extra cohesive look.

Cabinets are the most significant d├ęcor statement that can be made in a kitchen. If it’s time to remodel a kitchen or design a new one, call 614-436-0357 or fill out the CLS Direct contact form today!