Caring for your Varnished Wooden Furniture

Wood is still the most utilized material in making furniture. The type of wood used for furniture can either be hardwood or softwood and finished or unfinished.

One of the common surfaces in furniture is varnished wood. Varnish makes furniture to look attractive apart from making it easier to maintain. It also makes furniture to be durable. These are the reasons why homeowners prefer varnished furniture.

Following are two ways of caring for your varnished wooden furniture.

The Customary Type of Care

Caring for your furniture on a daily basis is simple and uncomplicated.
Safeguard it from water and other forms of liquids like juice, alcohol, food, etc.

Vacuum your varnished furniture by using the small and soft brush attachment. However, the best cleaning material to use is a dry, soft cloth. Dust and marks are easily removed if you used a soft, dry cloth as well as it gives the furniture a good shine.

Use a moist cloth to remove any stickiness and instantly wipe it with a dry cloth. However, try it first in an unnoticeable area before using it on the entire surface. You must also remember not to leave any moist cloth on the varnished surface of your wooden furniture.

The Special Type of Care

Aside from giving regular care for varnished furniture, you also need to observe giving it special care and attention. This will refurbish the appeal and shine of your fitment.

Apply some paste wax to safeguard varnished fitment. Do this once in a year only. Doing it often can encourage wax build-up.

In case wax has built up, put some synthetic turpentine on a cloth to remove it. Remember, it should be artificial and not natural turpentine. Before you apply it on your fitment, make sure to read all directions. You also need to take caution that you do not use it near any spark or flame. Do not smoke when applying it on furniture. You also must put on rubber gloves to protect your hands and wash the gloves in warm soapy water. Do not store the cloth when damp, let it dry first prior to disposal.

Always remember to test it first on an unnoticed area. If you see any streaks on the surface, do not wash it.

On the other hand, if it is harmless to push through with it, combine a mild detergent and lukewarm water. With the use of a soft cloth, wash, rinse and dry the spot one at a time. Be careful to over wet the finish. Do not let surplus water to permeate especially around the joints. Give it a polish as soon as the furniture is dry.

As in the regular caring of the sofa, do not let the wax to build up. Use a silicon-free variety wax, as silicon can make it dull.

You can also use oil soap on varnished wood but may I remind you to try it in an unnoticeable area.

Doing the above caring tips for your varnished wooden furniture can make them last longer.

Pick the Suitable Table for your Dining Room

Tables for the dining room come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, picking the suitable dining table is not confined to these two factors. The first thing that you need to think of is the amount of space that you have. Even if you want to have a round table but your dining area cannot accommodate it, then you will just be wasting your money buying it.

Both the size and shape of tables will depend on the dimension of your dining room. We know the common shapes of dining table but we tend to disregard what is suitable for our room.

The various shapes of dining tables

When we talk of dining tables, the first shape that comes to mind is the rectangular table. Its usual size is 36 inches x 42 inches. A narrow table of the same shape will suit a narrow dining room. Should the dining table measure 36 inches, then opt to have a sideboard where you can place food for big parties. With the sideboard, you can seat more guests on the table. The plus side of a rectangular table is that you can have more than 4 people on the table.

The square shape of tables is ideal for a small family. It is also good for small conversations. It is cozy and offers confidence and familiarity.

The round shape of tables is also advisable for big gathering but require a big area. Hence, this is ideal for big dining rooms. A round table with a pedestal is better than one with the four legs, as the former offers more leg space and can accommodate more people. Round tables allow each other to enjoy dinner intimately, as they can see each other’s faces.

The oval shape of tables is also ideal for a small dining room. They are safe for kids because they do not have sharp borders. A small narrow dining will benefit with an oval table. More than 4 people can be accommodated, too.

Nevertheless, knowing your needs and preference is still the best gauge to know the suitable dining table for your home. Do not be capture with the outside appeal of the table. Make sure that you get your money’s worth. Knowing the dimension and the shape of your dining area is necessary to get the appropriate table.

It is not enough to have a stylish dining table if it will make your room tight. Adequate space for movement is necessary particularly when pushing the chair out. With the current trend in modern furniture, dining tables were also given provisions of being extended. Thus, holding big parties poses no problem with these table designs. Similarly, give special attention to the materials used.

As much as possible, avoid buying furniture on impulse. Take the required dimensions to make your purchase worthwhile and useful. A good source to look for dining tables is the online furniture stores. They offer a myriad of dining table selections that will suite any size of dining room.

Buying Furniture: Give Importance to its Material

Selecting the best furniture does not only involve checking the design and style. It is also important to check the materials used, as this will determine its durability and length of service.

Therefore, you must include the type of fabric used if you are searching for a new set of furniture for your living room. Some issues must be taken into consideration on your purchase such as:

• Who are the users of the room – toddlers, children, and big-sized people?
• Do you allow your pets inside your living room?
• How much time do you have to clean them?

Some homes have bigger spaces and they can afford to have two living rooms. The other room is exclusive for the family while the other room is reserved for entertaining guests. However, not every household has that much space; hence, their living room is both meant for the family and visitors. Nevertheless, whether your living is intended for both purposes or not, it is still imperative that you check the quality of its materials. The presence of children at home as well as pets roaming inside the room can harm your furniture so you cannot settle for substandard materials.

Here are a few things that you must remember during your selection.

Have furniture whose materials necessitate less maintenance to minimize your workload.

If your hands are full with work, pick materials that are easy to maintain. The silky closed weave fabrics would be ideal for you. Its strength can be determined by the way it was weaved. A firmer interlace means that it is hard-wearing. Sofas with raised upholstered patterns are not ideal for a busy homeowner.

Furniture made of natural materials such as cotton can easily tear or break. But the new processes in cotton cushioning materials have made such an improvement and they are now made stronger.

Artificial fibers are even stronger than the natural ones. They do get dirty but moderately and the best thing is that they defy stains. Nylon is one of the strongest artificial materials used for sofas. It is easier to clean and resist smudges and dirt. Alternatively, rayon is cost-efficient. It does not easily lose its shade even when exposed to sunlight. It is also soft and defies wear and tear.

Most contemporary or modern sofas make use of microfiber, as this is ideal for household with children and pets that loiter inside the living room. It resists stain and soil and is a good choice for a busy living room. Furniture made of microfiber is soft and comfy as well as sturdy and long-lasting. Microfiber sofas are perfect for a household who has a family member with allergy because it does not produce lint.

Leather is another good option for your living room sofa. They are enduring and thick. They have been tested for their durability and staying power. Leather is also easy to maintain and if proper care is given, it can lasts you longer.

So the next time you are to buy furniture, examine its materials as well. A good quality piece can be seen in the fabric or materials used, the design, the style and the manner it was built.

Things You Need to know about Transitional Furniture

Combining the features of contemporary and traditional furniture is what is called transitional style in furniture. It is more ideal for homeowners seeking to have a not so olden style and still having a touch of newness.

Qualities of transitional furniture

Transitional furniture is somewhere between the lines of conventional and contemporary styles. They are referred to as updated classics by most interior designers. The most definitive quality of transitional furniture is it does not have the ornate design of traditional fitment and the rigor of modern fitment.

1. Straightforward and elegant lines without the sharp corners or the additional bleak straight lines
2. It is moderate in size to keep up with the modern tenor of furniture
3. Carvings are limited to accentuation and decorations and they do not uniformly cover its surface
4. Those made of wood have a subdued finish as well as in upholstered fabrics
5. They are more casual; thus, are more comfortable, welcoming and relaxing.
6. Elements of masculinity and femininity are properly combined to suit any room and the taste of both sexes.

Colors and Materials

Variety is a characteristic of transitional furniture and that goes even on the various materials used. It uses even a number of variety in materials compared to modern and traditional styles.

1. Wood is in a lighter shade than traditional fitment – with the appearance devoid of dark and brooding appeal.
2. Glass, metal and wood are used by blending them together. Either you get wood and glass or metal and glass. You can also find sleek glass, metal or acrylic used in this type of furniture on its own. Some detailed embellishments are added though.
3. Another material used for transitional furniture is leather although the distressed type of leather is commonly utilized. It is often used because it is informal and more convenient but still showing a touch of formality.
4. Textures fabrics are also used like corduroys, chenilles and ultra suedes. These colors have subdued hues and their texture builds more curiosity.
5. Transitional furniture in fabrics have neutral and a little fairer shade. The colors commonly used are creamy whites, tans, taupes, and olives.

Since this type of furniture is not too theatrical or dramatic, you get the chance to display your other decorations and collections. Suitable accessories for transitional furniture can include those that are exotic and eclectic as well as those that are romantic and quiet and classic items. The good thing with transitional furniture is that they are flexible and can blend well with any type of accessories.

If you want to maintain a transitional style not only in your furniture but for your accessories, too, you can do the following tips.

1. Select textured rugs in neutral tones. Avoid complicated patterns but you can have those in geometrical patterns.
2. Have mirrors with uncomplicated frames for your wall decors.
3. Items that have a sheen of age or Asian-inspired room dividers are good choices.
4. Have some silver and simple candlesticks.
5. Flower vases that are not too huge are also ideal.

Buy and Choose the Best Furniture Bargains Online

People do many things online like blogging, social networking, online work, research as well as do their purchases. Your furniture is one of those items, which can be purchased online. In fact, it happens that the best furniture is sold online. However, there are things you have to bear in mind when buying furniture online so you will be able to get the right one.

If you happen to be busy and do not have the time to visit furniture stores, do not be dismayed as online shopping allows you to buy new furniture for your home or office. Buying furniture is not only an indulgence when you want to redecorate your home; it is also a need when your furniture got damaged or when you need furniture for your personal necessities. Shopping online gives you the advantage of hopping from one store to another saving you from all the sweat and fatigue as well as on gasoline expenses. You have a myriad of choices and all you do is click on the item that you like. But since you will not see the actual furniture, you need to follow some guidelines if you purchase online.

Style, Design and Other Features

Have a complete idea of your preferences when it comes to these three elements. Will it be traditional, contemporary or transitional? Do you want it to be all wood, metal, glass, chrome or teak? Your answers to these questions will depend on the home style that you have. If your home has a touch of conventionality, then go for the traditional ones. If it is modern, then contemporary ones are for you.

What about the material? Will it be leather, microfiber or other synthetics? Do not forget the color. The color must blend with the paint color of your home.

The design and patterns must blend with the look of the room. Remember that the most important thing is for the furniture to express your personality.

You need to compare the prices as well and get the best bargain for the furniture.

Prices of furniture vary with the material, size, and brand. However, your furniture need not be expensive. Most furniture online retailers offer durable furniture for reasonable and affordable prices. You may need to compare prices in different sites because some may offer the same kind of furniture at a lower price. Nevertheless, it is still best that you consider the quality of the furniture. Being cheap does not mean that it will be the best bargain for you. Sometimes cheap furniture is made of low quality materials, which will only last you for a short time. You will have to buy new furniture again and this will be more expensive.

Consider the accuracy of the company’s shipping and delivery services.

You want a manufacturer that is punctual and true to its word. They should be able to deliver your furniture without damage and delay. You also want an economical price for the shipping services. Famous brands are the most trusted ones. Seek the opinions of other people who have tried the company’s services.

Check if the company offers a return service.

It would be more convenient for you if the company has a return policy. This will ensure you that the furniture can be returned when it was damaged due to delivery or if some parts are missing or if a mistake on the kind of furniture ordered have been made.

Some of the most beautiful furniture is sold online. You should not content yourself with what your hometown stores offer when you have the opportunity to surf the worldwide web for a wider selection. You can also get reviews about the featured furniture to check if it is comfortable and worth the price.

Compare at least 5 online furniture retailers and compare the prices and features before buying an item. Likewise, choose the most trusted brand and seek the advice of other people regarding the furniture and the online store.

Light Color as Your Home Theme

Choosing a light color for your home theme can make it look spacious. It likewise exudes an optimistic and radiant atmosphere even in non-summer months.

A light color themed home can suit any home style whether country, contemporary, bold or traditional. Light colors are easy to blend with other colors without sacrificing elegance.

Here are some furniture tips for a light color theme.

The Country Style. Furniture made from natural wood is a good choice. Ashen or gray tones will also blend well with light colors. Pale colors and patterned throw pillows or table runners can likewise contribute to the country appeal of the home. I would suggest that you look for floral patterns for your curtains, drapes or blinds. Even throw pillows can have these patterns. They will make your home style stand out for its rusticity and freshness. The light color theme suggests an environment of cleanness, which blends well with floral prints. Add some greens like plants for a better effect.

The Contemporary Style. Light colored walls can be given a state-of-the-art appeal when combined with black or red. Thus, choose black or red sofas. You can opt to have red sofa with black stripes or the other way around. Black and the light color of your walls harmonize well and allow you to add other colors as both will go with with any hue. Most modern furniture is in black, as it is most associated to having a contemporary look. Again, the combination of light color with black allows you to put in more shades in your home. If you prefer to have your furniture in black for your light colored wall, get a red rug to bring life and passion in the room.

The Traditional Style. To suit your light color theme and the traditional style of your room, you can have furniture in beige or off-white. When we talk of traditional, we think of orderliness and primness. A light color theme blended with soft colors beige and off-white construes a pure and immaculate setting. You can have a bit of disproportion by choosing a diverse color for your other accentuation.

The Bold Style makes use of light and dark hues that sends feelings of being daring and brave. A darker shade of furniture is more appropriate. Use neutral tones for your accessories to establish thrill and passion.

By studying the color chart, you will be more exact in choosing the hues that will accentuate your light colored home. Try mixing up the colors. An accent wall with splatters of color will add zest to your room.

Match the colors on the wheel. You can also request a few swatches to bring home so you can better decide which color to match in your room especially if you do not plan to have a complete furniture overhaul. Apply ingenuity to make a varied style in your home – then you can call it your real home design. Most of all, you can bring out your individuality by being inventive.

Essential Furniture for a Big Kitchen

The kitchen table must be big, however, its size must complement the other fitments in your kitchen. With a large table, your kitchen will have a balanced look although this will not be used regularly.

Counter height kitchen table and chairs are modern furniture pieces that will give your kitchen a café shop appeal and similarly will provide another area for a chat. The counter table can also extend you extra space for preparing food during holidays and parties.

A kitchen island is an ideal furniture to give you more working space as well as to cover excess areas. The kitchen island will make your kitchen table to be without clutter apart from providing more space than the counter tables. It can also be used for informal dinners. Just add some bar stools or high stools and presto! you have a new area for small meals. I suggest you buy a kitchen island with built-in shelves and drawers for storage purposes.

Put a baker’s shelf near a window and place some plants on it. You can also use it as your cook books’ shelf and other paraphernalia. You can opt to get a baker’s shelf with a wine rack.

To make your kitchen environmentally friendly and welcoming, have some large potted plants. Other attractive pieces you can put are urns or vases, big wooden forks and spoons and some architectural pieces. Just ensure, however, that everything will be in harmony. Your own personal trinkets can, likewise, be displayed.

One item that you should not ignore is the lighting. Adequate lights must be installed in places where you prepare food such as the counters and the stove. Since you have a big kitchen, you also should complement it with bigger lights.

Lastly, choose soft, warm colors for the walls and curtains for an inviting look.

Having a huge kitchen is not at all difficult to furnish if you know the appropriate furniture and decorations to put in. A lot of online furniture stores offering contemporary furniture can help you with the right choice.

Things to Watch Out for when you Buy Furniture Online

Buying online may not be your cup of tea especially if you belong to the conservative ones. However, you need to open your mind with the advantages of this action. Online stores abound selling almost anything that an individual needs – dress, shoes, medicines, appliance, etc. and not to forget, furniture.

Online shopping offers you the edge of being able to visit or check on a number of stores unlike when you do it personally. It frees you from the hustle and bustle of driving from one store to another.

Online stores offer you from antique to modern furniture. The good thing with shopping online is that it has made your life less stressful. This is because online shopping gives you the chance to trim down the shops you would want to go to. However, there are also some pitfalls with shopping online that you need to be aware of.

You need to check on the integrity of the buyer. This can be done easily by surfing the net. Check on customer’s reviews and the online store’s ranking.

Discuss the mode of payment that they honor and accept. Likewise, the delivery procedure must be specifically drawn, which includes the handling and shipping fees.

Ensure that the furniture to be delivered looks the same way as it was on the net. Talk about the alternatives in the event that the furniture got damaged caused by the delivery. Propose to the seller that payment will be made after the furniture has been shipped to you. This will give you the chance to check the furniture for any scratches or dents.

Before purchasing online, get the measurement of the area where you intend to put the furniture. This will help you to get the exact type and size of furniture you need.

If there are some people who discourage you to buy from furniture stores online because of some downsides, you need to realize that this happens as well when buying directly from stores. What is essential is for you to know what you want as well as your budget so as not to be faced with these pitfalls.

How to Choose Furniture for a Light Color Themed Home

Giving you a lot of choices in decorating your home as well as buying furniture for your home is having a light-colored wall. Light-colored walls also have a lot of pluses compared to dark-colored ones. Smaller rooms tend to look bigger and wider if the walls are painted in a lighter shade. They, similarly, give the room a feeling of airiness and openness. Light-colored rooms need not worry of not getting enough sunlight, as the wall colors will give cheerfulness and vividness. Knowing the type of furniture to purchase that will blend with your walls’ light color is the secret to have that balance in the room.

Decide an Appearance for Your Home

The first thing you need to do prior to buying furniture for your light-colored room is to decide on a style. How do you want the appeal to be? Do you want it to be welcoming, alluring and comfy? Or probably you want to have a bit of difference in the room? Light-colored walls give you much advantage in the sense that furniture and furnishings can be of any hue. Nonetheless, a contrast in colors can create a striking effect on the way your room looks.

The Welcoming, Alluring and Comfy Feel

Perfect for any size of room are the light and neutral hues. To make the room welcoming, alluring and comfortable, make sure that you use furniture that is pale in color. Additionally, rooms will look tidier and in order. Furniture that are in white, cream or a lighter shade of beige will blend with walls painted in white color. If you want to have a bit of contrast, then have your throw pillows, home décor or an area rug to replace colors that will complement your wall.

The Intrepid and Theatrical Effect

Dark-colored furniture will give a light-colored room an intrepid and theatrical effect. It will, however, do you good to utilize a little darker furniture compared to your wall’s color. Put drama in the room by having decorations that are neutral.

The Modern Setting

The colors red or black will give a light-colored theme room to look more in fashion. Modern design is used by most houses. In fact, black is considered the most promising colors for modern furniture. It is because of it smooth feel as well as allowing you to use as many colors as you want in the pillows, area rug and décor.

The Country Effect

A home that has a country-style effect can have furniture that can hold on to the room’s appeal. Select pastel or natural colors for your furniture. A country-style effect of a home must choose floral designs in light color. If having flowers as design on your furniture is not to your liking, then choose colors that are light or pastel. Finish it off with flowery prints on your pillows, curtains and other accessories.

Being able to understand what goes well with your light-colored theme home, will make selecting your furniture a whole lot easier.

Tips you Need to Know When Purchasing Bar Stools

Bar stools are getting to be more convenient and useful. They are no longer confined to be used for a bar counter. They are more flexible that it can be used in the other areas of the home such as in the kitchen, dining area and patio. Modern furniture designs have innovated their look and used different materials to make them more appealing.

Here are some tips to help you when buying your bar stool.

Check on the bar materials. Up to this day, wood is still use for making bar stools. Modern bar stools have used other materials such as metal, chrome, steel, fiberglass, plastic and leather. These manufacturers have added these materials to create different styles of stools.

The use of leather in bar stools has made it more child-friendly. One can sit on the stool for hours without hurting his bottom. It is also easy to maintain as the leather can be washed.

Check on the height of the bar stool. The height of your stool must allow you to put your arms comfortably on the counter. It is recommended to have your stool 10 to 13 inches lower than the height of your bar counter to give you adequate leg space.

Check on the available styles, designs and features. Manufacturers of modern furniture have modified the immobile feature of bar stools. The modern stools have a 360-degree rotating feature allowing you to face any direction. This is more convenient as you do not need to get up from the stool to see the face of the person at your back. You can look in any direction and see the whole room even when seating.

Backrest and armrest were also added as this makes seating more comfortable and secure. Some provide a higher backrest. This is equally safe for children. The stool can be moved away from the counter and yet the person sitting on it can rest his arms comfortably and this is courtesy of the armrest feature. The other feature added is the footrest so your legs will not dangle while seating.

Modern furniture has also made the height of bar stools adjustable. This feature makes it easier to for you to match it with your counter.

Designs are varied from matrix, wedge, the classical modern espresso, etc.

With the new look of modern bar stools, your bar will not only be enhanced but any room where the stool will be used. A good taste in furniture selection matters in giving life to a room. Coupled with good choices of color and other fixtures, a home, which you think is simple, can have a sophisticated look.