Cottage Retreat Kids Bedroom Group

Bookcase $249, Dresser $299, Desk $275, Hutch $199, Mirror $99, Media Chest $299, 5 Drawer Chest $299, Door Chest $449, Twin Poster Bed $349, Full Poster Bed $399, Queen Poster Bed $449, King Poster Bed $499
The Cottage Retreat youth bedroom group takes early American country design to create a fun and inviting cottage retreat perfect for any girls bedroom. The cream cottage finish and graphic leaf design patterns and bead board panel accents create a relaxing atmosphere that is sure to make any kid feel at home. Create the special kid’s bedroom with the refreshing design of the Cottage Retreat youth bedroom group including a poster bed, drawer dresser, nightstand, vertical mirror, five drawer chest and media chest.

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Cleaning Leather Sofa Guidelines

Leather furniture is preferred by many for its durability and does not need much attention when cleaning. In spite of that, we still have to clean our leather sofa to make it look fresh, nice-looking and keep its luster.

Your leather sofa must be protected from heat, dust and sunlight, as these elements can contribute to its wear and tear. Exposure to too much heat and sunlight will cause the leather to dry that can lead to its breakage as well as lose its luster.

Following are some guidelines on cleaning your leather sofa.

Vacuum your leather sofa once a week and use the soft bristles of the vacuum. You must include the bottom part of the cushions and the gaps.

You can also use a moist cloth and put a little soap on it or mix a small amount of soap in lukewarm warm then make a foam. Use that to clean your leather sofa making sure that the cloth is squeezed of water.
Before rubbing it on the sofa, test it first on a small area at the back or bottom area of the furniture. Wait for a day and examine for any staining. If no damage is seen, then you can use the mixture to clean your sofa.

Any spills on your leather sofa must be wiped immediately. The liquid may percolate inside the sofa if it is not attended to right away. To get rid of spills, use a moist cloth and then a clean, dry and soft cloth to dry it.

For oil spills, use a dry cloth, dab it on the area, and use baby powder to remove excess oil.

Ink blots can be removed by using hair spray. Squirt a small amount of hair spray on the ink blot and dab it using a dry cloth. Continue doing this until the ink blots are fully eliminated.

For mildew, combine rubbing alcohol and a cup of water. Pour a small amount of the blend on the area and use a soft cloth to clean it.

Avoid using cleaning materials that are cheap. Cleaning materials may be a little expensive but you can be assured that they will not destroy your furniture.

In addition, check the furniture label, as cleaning instructions may be written on it. Some furniture also includes the cleaning materials you can use.

To keep the shine on the leather, apply a good quality leather conditioner twice a month.

The proper way of cleaning furniture can help to make it last longer than expected. So make a habit of maintaining your furniture on a regular basis. Besides, a regular cleaning is not that hard since the dust has not accumulated compared to intermittent cleaning.

Whatever material was used for your furniture, it still deserves to be cleaned and must be given the utmost care. Keeping a maintenance schedule for leather sofa and other furniture will assure you of its staying power.

The Different Styles of Furniture

The presence of furniture in our home will complete its look. But do you know the different style of furniture?

Wood is the most common material used for furniture. Made from various materials nowadays, furniture has a variety of styles. Let us take a look on its different styles.

Traditional Furniture Style is the most common and well-known style of furniture since and up to the present. They are rich in texture, polished and elegant. The most traditional ones used woods like mahogany and cherry that is described as polished, elegant and rich in texture. They are marked with the history of furniture although some include influences from American and English history.

The Casual Furniture Style is more relaxed, which is what made it more popular to Americans. These pieces of fitment are made from thick fabrics that are easy to maintain. They are made from different kinds of wood like oak, maple and pine with matte finishing. They are comfortable, warm and welcoming with earth and neutral hues.

The Country Furniture Style is a mixture of European, American and Mexican influence. Oak, maple, ash and pine are the types of wood commonly used for country furniture. They may be left as natural wood, or may be painted. The flowery chintz, linen or soft denim are the fabrics often used for this type. Some use subtle plaids or soft denim. Blend the country style of fitment with decorations that speaks of convenience such as an oval rug on top of painted floors, antique jars and vases, charming quilts and embroidery or antique baskets. This style is also tagged as country casual.

The Contemporary Furniture Style is more functional. Characterized with straightforward designs, they have minimal embellishments. Their appeal is up-to-date with bright and bold fabrics but fewer patterns. They have bigger ornaments and artwork that shows clear and down-to-earth decorations.

The Modern Furniture Style has intense definite lines that are well refined. It is one-step ahead of the Contemporary style and may have a mixture of retro or Art Deco factors. Common materials used are wood, glass, chrome and steel. Tightly woven or textured upholstered fabrics are also used but without much intricacies. It also makes use of leather and colors are bold with black and gray hues.

There is also the Mixed Furniture Style, which is a combination of the all styles. This is commonly seen in most American homes to satisfy the different tastes of consumers.

Casual Contemporary style has an informal elegance but is useful and comforting with a modern appeal. It is made from wood and finishing may be of birch or maple, a darkly tainted espresso hue or oak. Upholstered sofas are made of either leather or microfiber.

Casual Traditional Style has the combination of casual and traditional features. They are substantially carved, more comfy looking and elegant. Fabrics used are in pastel colors with a customized look. Entertainment centers made from wood and leather sofas blend well with furniture that has a custom traditional style.

Whatever you furniture style you choose, you still have to balance it with your home theme. If you are planning to change some of your current furniture, make sure you buy new ones that will complement your current fitment. You can create a bit of disparity though but make it a little subtle.

Tips on Selecting a Good Office Chair

Can you imagine an office without a chair? That sounds funny, doesn’t it? Furniture is also a necessity in any office.

Anyway, an office definitely would need a table and a chair. Selecting a chair for your office may require good planning and a good disposition.

You must realize that when you work, your chair is the closest object to you. You will be with it for most of the day. Meeting with your staff, clients and guests would require you to have a comfortable chair. In fact, the wrong choice of chair can add to the stress brought about by work.

You must have felt back and neck pains. Sometimes even your legs and feet aches. The chair can contribute to these pains. Sitting there can put a lot of strain on your vertebra, thus the back pains.

Let me just give you a few tips on how to select a good office chair:

Comfort. This is the first criteria that you should have on your list. An office chair must be ergonomically designed. This means that it is built to fit your body. Office chairs that are ergonomically designed can be adjusted to your preferred seating position.

The height. The perfect height of an office chair is between 16 to 21 inches. This will provide enough space so that your feet will be positioned flat on the floor. This will also keep your arms even with the top of your table. The chair must also be able to accommodate your body, not too wide or too narrow. The deepness must also permit your back to have support against the backrest of the chair.

This is critical for an office chair. If a chair cannot give you lumbar support, then you will have problems in your spine. Bear in mind that you will be sitting on it for a long period and that would require your spine to curve. Hence, in order to thwart strains, the office chair must give full support on your spine. An ideal measurement for the backrest is between 12 to 19 inches in breadth. Likewise, the backrest must be tilted so you can rest your back either rearwards or frontward.

Similarly, the armrests must also be modifiable to be convenient to use. Your arms must be able to rest on it comfortably thus relaxing your shoulders. However, your forearms must not touch the armrests when writing or typing. A swivel chair is a perfect choice as it helps you to move liberally with no effort of straining and stretching.

Check on the material and cushions. Get an office chair that is made of cloth material. This will make you cooler while working. Ensure that the cushions are well padded.

Consider the office space. With a bigger space, having a big chair is fine but not for a smaller space. A 5-star pedestal office chair would be a good choice, too, for they are more stable.

You do not need to buy an office chair for the simple reason that it is not expensive. If you do, you might be sacrificing your health. This is not what you wanted. So choose wisely and get yourself a chair that has a good ergonomic design. Office furniture must be able to serve its purpose.

Light/Dark Brown Colored Living Room Furniture

Having brown colored furniture in the living room indicates usability. It plays a significant part in the room as it connects the other elements that are inside the living room area. The brown hue attracts visitors to feel comfortable and to be at ease.

Naturally, you need to know the various shades of brown. Tan or beige is its lighter shades whereas umber or walnut is its darker shades. There is another shade that is in the middle of these two called coffee brown or khaki.

Before starting to buy your living room furniture, you will have to decide which tone of brown you want to buy. So how do you do it? Put a selection of brown color tones on your couch. From there, you will know what is agreeable to your vision.

There are some who do not want brown for their furniture whereas there are a few who likes this color. Following are some reasons why brown colored furniture in the living room is a good choice.

The brown color suggests warmth and objectivity. It can be easily matched with any color tone, be it light, bright or neutral.

Brown colored furniture imparts harmony. It keeps the equilibrium in the living room by balancing all the other ornaments. A lot of furniture is made of wood, which naturally defines it as brown in hue and with that has the capability to bring together the other fitments and fixtures in agreement.

Soothing is another atmosphere that the color brown conveys. Inviting, relaxing and calming – all of these are achieved by brown colored furniture. Hence, guests will feel homely once they step inside your living room.

Deciding on the color for your living room furniture is very important. Bear in mind that this is where the family gathers together to connect with each one and is also the place where guests are entertained. Since brown color can easily complement any other colors, it will not be difficult for you to choose your other accessories and decorations. However, there is one thing you need to remember – avoid combining brown to another brown less you want to lose your living room’s individuality.

Caring for your Leather Furniture

Few fabric choices for furniture are more luxurious or supple than leather. From the moment you sink into it, you know that you’re in for an entirely different level of enjoyment, from the buttery soft feel of the furniture to the faint scent of top grain leather.

Properly cared for, leather will last a lifetime. It is resilient, it breathes and it gets better and softer with age.

To keep your furniture looking like new, here are some tips for caring for your leather furniture.

Avoid the heat. Leather is a natural material. If you leave it in the sunlight or near a heat source, it will begin to fade, crack and get stiff.

Clean it regularly. Every couple of weeks, wipe down your leather furniture with a damp cloth. Make sure that you try this on a small spot the first time you do it, just to see how the leather reacts. If it absorbs the water, stick with a dry cloth.

Vacuum monthly. Dirt can build up in the crevasses between the cushions and frame. Be sure to vacuum these areas every month so the dirt doesn’t cause friction and mar the finish.

Clean spills promptly. Leather is a porous material. If someone spills something on your leather furniture, blot it up immediately. Don’t wipe as it may just spread the spill, not absorb it.

Don’t use cleaning products. Leather furniture doesn’t respond well to soap, detergents or cleaning solvents. So don’t use them. The same is true with water. If you use water on a stain, it will cause more damage than the stain did. If a stain won’t go away on its own, you want to bring in a specialist to clean your furniture professionally.

Keep sharp objects away. Leather furniture can get punctured and scratched fairly easily, so you want to make sure that people don’t sit on your leather furniture with keys or pens in their pockets. If your leather furniture does get scratched try some chamois to see if it buffs out.

Watch out for dyes. As you know, leather can be easily dyed into just about any color. That also means that any ink or dye can leave a stain on your leather furniture, so you don’t want to leave any printed material on your leather or it can transfer and stain.

Condition it. Every 6 to 12 months you want to condition the leather to keep it soft and pliable.

Get a protection plan. A protection plan is a good idea when you purchase your leather furniture. Just be sure you read through it to make sure it offers the coverage you expect for the money.

With just a little bit of care and preventative maintenance, you can keep your leather furniture looking like new for years and be able to enjoy its beauty, elegance and style for a very long time.

Deciding on the Design of Your Sofa

Once you have picked out the style of sofa that best fits your family, it is time to think about design features.

This glossary will help you deciding and define the features you want in a sofa. You’ll find sofas at CLS Direct in every style and design at prices to meet every budget!

Feet: Yes, a sofa has feet! Exposed feet are typically wood or metal. If you room is formal or contemporary, then you should lean in the direction of wooden feet. Modern styled sofas usually come with feet made of metals or other mixed materials.

Skirt: If you decide that you don’t want your sofa’s feet to show, there are many skirted options. Casual and traditional styled sofas often have skirts that can be pleated, gathered or tailored with matching or contrasting fabric patterns.

Arms: Arms can be high, low, wide, narrow, curved, or straight. Choose an arm style that you’re your body and your room’s use – will you be snoozing here, lying down to watch a movie, or serving tea? The arm height also influences the height of your end tables.

Back: The sofa back can be tightly stuffed, tufted or pillowed. Pillows can be attached, semi-attached or detached in matching or contrasting upholstery patterns. Contemporary sofas typically have a clean,, tight back while fluffy pillowed backs adorn casual designs.

Seat Cushions: Sofas have one to three seat cushions in a variety of fill  techniques and materials that greatly affect comfort, quality, durability and price.

Toss Pillows: Toss pillows are sometimes optional and other times included with a sofa. You can easily change the look of your room with different pillows in bright fabrics with fun or fanciful trims. Toss pillows are like jewelry for your sofa!