Lighting Your Living Room

We use our living room for various purposes. We use it to be entertained, for entertaining guests as well as other activities. Therefore, it must have the appropriate lights needed for such occasions.

With appropriate lighting fixtures in the living room, we are assured that every activity will be worthwhile. Lights will also make the room look great.

Following are the different lights in the living room.

Make use of the sunlight. This is given to you free. To let the light inside your home, open your windows during the day. Use thin curtains. If you have thick curtains, then open them up. Do the same for blinds. Sunlight is also good in disinfectant your living room.

Stand lamps or floor lamps are usually placed in the corner of the room. These types of lamps do not occupy a lot of space but are very good lighting fixtures, as they give out illumination in awkward areas.

Table lamps are good giving task lighting. A little brightness spread out all over the room is a very good idea. If you want a reserved appeal, have table lamps on top of your end tables. On the other hand, you can have a pair of table lamps and put them in different areas in the room.

Hanging Lights are pendant lamps and chandeliers. They give a pleasant radiance while drawing the eyes upward. Chandeliers and pendant lamps are not normally used in the living room so it can add a touch of profundity in the room. However, you need to make sure that you have a high ceiling; approximately 9 feet high is ideal so no one will get his head banged.

Wall Sconces will add a little diffusive illumination to your living room. They are better positioned on the sides of a painting or a mirror. They can also be excellent ornamental accents in the room.
Any homeowner would want to use a variation in his lighting fixtures and make a nice blend. The use of track and pot lights is sensible as they give off more illumination; however, they are not good choices for the living room.

You may want to have a combination ambient and task lights or stand lamps, sconces and table lamps. Always ensure, however, that you have adequate illumination for reading.

Make use of a dimmer switch, as you can adjust the amount of brightness of your lights with this device.

Your lights can also highlight your furniture. If you have a big sofa as your accent, you can put a stand lamp beside it.

Bedroom Lamps Suitable for Reading

Your bedroom may be complete with the needed furniture  but may lack one essential item. One of the fixtures that a bedroom needs is a lamp. This can create a different ambiance in the room. Bedroom lamps are essential for those who share a room like students living in a dormitory.

There are certain factors, which you need to consider when choosing bedroom lamps especially if you share the bed with your spouse or partner. You should be able to change the lamp’s position depending on your choice. It should not blind or disturb the person sleeping beside you.

Here is a list of choices:

The most useful lamp for reading while on bed is the headboard lamp. It will give you the adequate illumination you need while reading as it is positioned appropriately.

Offering more comfort anywhere you want to place it is the clip lamp. Attaching it to your headboard does not require any help from your electrician. It is so simple that even you can do it.

The Brushed Steel Double Arm Lamp is perfect for those who have the habit of reading prior to sleeping. Designed beautifully, it provides appropriate illumination while reading. You do not need to move a lot since its arms can be altered.

Placed on your bedside table is the nightstand or simply called the table lamp. It can also be situated close to the wall and just a few inches at the back of your head. If you do not want a nightstand, then choose a wall sconce. Put it in the same location to avoid any shadows.

Have a small table lamp in order not to disturb your spouse from the light. Make certain, however, that it can be angled to different positions.

You can also opt to buy a 3-way bulb stand lamp. With this type of bedroom lamp, you can tone down the intensity of the lights. To direct the light to your book or magazine, place a fixture on your wall just above your head.

Always consider the situation when buying bedroom lamps. There will be no issues if you are the only one using the room. But if you share the room, you naturally should think of the other person. Check the light first before you finally go to the cashier and pay for it. By doing this, you will be able to see the amount of light it sheds. You also do not want to be disturbed by the illumination if you are about to sleep.

Having a dimmer switch will likewise make things easier. You can tone down the brightness and turn it off without waking your spouse.

Hence, have a lamp in your bedroom to enjoy what you are reading. With the bedroom lamp, you can continue reading the novel to your heart’s delight without bothering your spouse or anyone who is with you in the room. Bedroom furniture will likewise be accentuated by these lamps.

What a Ceiling Lamp can do to your Home

It is a fact that furniture will complete your home setting. Nevertheless, without the proper lighting fixtures, your home will also look dull.

Lighting fixtures come in various forms – chandeliers, dug lights, task lights, table and stand lamps as well as ceiling lamps. But what is in a ceiling lamp that you need to have it installed in your home?

Ceiling lamps are cost-efficient apart from smartening up your home. They are not selective so they can be mounted in any parts of your home. They also come in different fashion where you can choose from the old-fashioned designs, the contemporary and the elaborate French designs.

Having a rustic theme in your home is also not a hindrance as these lighting fixtures have adapted such styles, too. The more modern ones were given a touch of European minimalist with their futuristic and geometric patterns.

As per their materials, you can choose from aluminum, brass, bronze, iron, plastics, resin, glass and recycled stuffs.

Following is a list of the different types of ceiling lamps that you can have for your home.

Chandeliers are known to add elegance, modernity and fashion. Whether you have a contemporary, traditional or rustic style of home, chandeliers are good options for illumination. The several bulbs in chandeliers is what makes it splendid, thus making your room warm and cozy. Most of these lighting fixtures are made of crystal, iron, brass, steel and wood.

Recessed lights are also known as soft lights. Ensconced into the ceiling, they give off circulating and diffused illumination coming from their white or yellow bulbs.

Pendant lights provide illumination that reflects the ceiling as well as dispense brightness in the whole room.

Down lights are used to emphasize a particular object, for example, your accent wall, a painting or sculpture or any décor that you want to accentuate.

Fluorescent lights are the common lighting accessories normally seen in homes. You can use any of the above lighting accessories in the major areas of your home and assign the fluorescent in your laundry area.
There are, however, some considerations that you need to look into when buying ceiling lamps.

1. You need to evaluate your requirements first.

2. Check where you want the lights to be mounted so you can decide what type to buy.

3. You need to get the dimension of your room, which should include the ceiling height. It is improper to install ceiling lights close to the ceiling or too low.

5. It is better to have dimmer switches so you can adjust the amount of brightness of the lamp.

6. Lastly, check what fits your budget.

Sometimes you do not really need to buy new furniture to get a different look for your home. Illuminating fixtures can do this, too. By altering your lighting accessories, you can make a simple-appearing home look sophisticated and elegant. Use various types of lights in your home to create the atmosphere that you want to project. Lights, after all, add drama to any setting. Remember the last stage play that you watched? The effect is all in the lights.