Choosing Your Office Desk

Your office desk plays an important role in the success of your business. You need to have a desk that will enable you to perform your job well; hence, it is essential that caution be applied when choosing one.

Some people do not give much importance in selecting their office desk. They just go to any shop that sells desk and buy the first furniture that they see. This buying leads them to feel sorry in the end when they realize that the desk they bought is not adequate for them. This is the importance of setting your objectives and requirements first before finally purchasing your office desk.

Before you purchase this office furniture, you need to list down the things that you need from your desk.

Examine your needs for the desk. Do you just need a desk for writing? Do you need a desk that can hold your computer and give you space to layout pages and other office stuff?

Check on the office equipment that you have. Is it a desktop or laptop? Do you have a printer? Do you have a phone, fax and other devices? Are you going to put these all on top of your desk? Or will it just be a laptop that you need on your desk?

Where do you intend to put your office desk? Do you have a big office room, or is it just a small space?

Your answer to the above questions will determine the amount of space you need from your desk and thus will give you an idea of your required dimension.

Therefore, you need to get the measurement of your office space and decide the measurement for your desk.

Choose a good quality office desk and this refers to the material. It may be striking but examine the materials used. Cheap furniture is synonymous to low quality materials. You will only be wasting your money if you buy this kind, as it will easily wear off.

A corner unit works well in a home office. This design maximizes every bit of your space thus giving you additional functional storage areas where space is a necessity.

If you have a big space, then you can enjoy the luxury of a big table. This type will give you ample working space as well as the other equipment that you need. Add a bookshelf at your back or you can have the wall type bookshelves. This will keep your office desk from looking messy.

The secret in having a successful home office is planning. A good-looking desk will not serve its purpose if it will not help you reach your goal of productiveness. Decide on having a workspace that can accommodate all your equipment and items. You need organization in your office to optimize your production.

A cluttered office desk can drive your clients away. Remember, your office desk indirectly speaks to your clients and is an extension of your business professionalism. It is important to have a clean and orderly office desk so you can perform to the best of your ability.

Tips on Selecting a Good Office Chair

Can you imagine an office without a chair? That sounds funny, doesn’t it? Furniture is also a necessity in any office.

Anyway, an office definitely would need a table and a chair. Selecting a chair for your office may require good planning and a good disposition.

You must realize that when you work, your chair is the closest object to you. You will be with it for most of the day. Meeting with your staff, clients and guests would require you to have a comfortable chair. In fact, the wrong choice of chair can add to the stress brought about by work.

You must have felt back and neck pains. Sometimes even your legs and feet aches. The chair can contribute to these pains. Sitting there can put a lot of strain on your vertebra, thus the back pains.

Let me just give you a few tips on how to select a good office chair:

Comfort. This is the first criteria that you should have on your list. An office chair must be ergonomically designed. This means that it is built to fit your body. Office chairs that are ergonomically designed can be adjusted to your preferred seating position.

The height. The perfect height of an office chair is between 16 to 21 inches. This will provide enough space so that your feet will be positioned flat on the floor. This will also keep your arms even with the top of your table. The chair must also be able to accommodate your body, not too wide or too narrow. The deepness must also permit your back to have support against the backrest of the chair.

This is critical for an office chair. If a chair cannot give you lumbar support, then you will have problems in your spine. Bear in mind that you will be sitting on it for a long period and that would require your spine to curve. Hence, in order to thwart strains, the office chair must give full support on your spine. An ideal measurement for the backrest is between 12 to 19 inches in breadth. Likewise, the backrest must be tilted so you can rest your back either rearwards or frontward.

Similarly, the armrests must also be modifiable to be convenient to use. Your arms must be able to rest on it comfortably thus relaxing your shoulders. However, your forearms must not touch the armrests when writing or typing. A swivel chair is a perfect choice as it helps you to move liberally with no effort of straining and stretching.

Check on the material and cushions. Get an office chair that is made of cloth material. This will make you cooler while working. Ensure that the cushions are well padded.

Consider the office space. With a bigger space, having a big chair is fine but not for a smaller space. A 5-star pedestal office chair would be a good choice, too, for they are more stable.

You do not need to buy an office chair for the simple reason that it is not expensive. If you do, you might be sacrificing your health. This is not what you wanted. So choose wisely and get yourself a chair that has a good ergonomic design. Office furniture must be able to serve its purpose.

Setting Up a Home Office

In today’s economy, more and more people are finding it easier to run businesses from the comforts of their own homes.  The results of this growing trend mean people are setting aside areas of their home as their office and most importantly now have to buy office furniture.

Whether you are buying a new desk or chair, knowing what to look for can be the difference between enjoyable working area or a painful one.   Follow this guideline for buying office furniture and set up your perfect office today!

  1. First, always measure the area you are going to set up as your office before you go out to buy. Knowing these measurements will help you decide what furniture you can purchase for your home office.
  2. Comfort and functionality always trumps looks. You are going to be spending hours at this desk so make sure it is the right height and size for you. Larger desks does not always mean better. Find something you can sit at comfortably.
  3. Think about the materials the desk is constructed out of. Always look for durability. Metal desk are known to hold up longer than wood desks. This is great especially if you have young kids. Wood desks can sometimes be more executive looking, but can get banged up and chipped. Also metal desks are much more easy to clean.
  4. Set a budget. Knowing your limit will help you decide what you can and can’t afford. This budget will help you avoid impulse buying.
  5. Pick a chair that is comfortable, adjustable, and can roll easily on all different types of floor coverings.  The chair is the most important thing you are going to buy. You will be sitting in this chair for hours so do not skimp on this purchase. A little pain in your wallet will be far less than that great pain in your back.
  6. Finally, research. Go online and do some research to see what stores have what offers. This will save you a ton of time and allow you to make great purchases.