Protect Your Mattress

Did you know that one third of a person’s life us spent on their mattress recharging for the next day? Your mattress is such an essential piece of furniture and one should always take time when trying to invest in one. Your mattress deserves to be protected from liquid stains that could penetrate into the bedding and leave foul odors and unattractive stains.

Preventing liquids such as urine, sweat, drinks and food from reaching your mattress is pretty simple: just keep it covered. Putting a garbage bag under the sheets making your child sleep on a human noise maker all night, giving them the gift of grumpiness, is not the answer. Invest in a mattress cover as well as a pillow protector. These two items stop any type of liquid from staining and leaving odors behind. Mattress and pillow protectors allow you to keep your mattress and pillows fresh while sleeping in a peaceful state.

There are also some additional steps that can be taken to keep your mattress clean such as vacuuming and clean with mild soap and water. You should use the mild soap and water lightly and never soak your mattress. Cleaning solvents also should never be used so keep all of these tips in mind the next time you’re trying to protect your mattress.