Where’s The Remote?

There is no doubt that you’ve heard this frustrated cry coming from the vicinity of your television before. With tons of new and exciting electronic devices being made available to you on a daily basis, keeping all of it organized can prove to be overwhelming.  Finding the proper entertainment center through CLS Direct is the key to solving this problem.

When looking for an entertainment center, the first and most important detail you need to consider is the size of TV that the entertainment center is designed to hold. Entertainment centers are designed to fit around the TV. If the center you plan on purchasing can hold up to 64″ TV’s and you only have a 32″ TV, this will leave too big of a gap on both sides and take away from the look of your living room. Your entertainment center will look huge and your TV will be look small. It is best to purchase both your TV and entertainment center around the same time, however,  this is not always an option so buy the TV first and then shop for an entertainment center to go around it. Here are some other tips to consider:

  • DVD players, DVD’s, CD players, CD’s, Blue Ray players, stereos, TiVo, tuners, and yes – even VCR’s are just some of the many media pieces you will acquire over a long period of time. Make sure your entertainment center has lots of storage space for current and future items.
  • Glass cabinet doors work best for electronic components because you can control them with a remote while keeping the doors closed. They will also stay protected if you have children or pets.
  • DVD and CD collections should go behind solid doors. This will keep them out of site and keep the beauty of the room intact.