Ten Useful Hints When Shopping for Furniture Online

Buying furniture need not give you so much stress. Turn to online furniture stores to make thing easier for you. You get more benefits such as traveling from one city to another and you get to have more options.

Here are 10 useful hints to follow when shopping from online furniture stores.

1. Click on different furniture online stores. Do not focus on the big stores or the popular ones. Check on small shops, too. Differentiate the design, feature and price of their product. There may be fitment that are of the same structure, features and quality sold in the small shops and sold less than the big stores.

2. Verify if the store provide made-to-order furniture. This provision will give you more flexibility as you do not need to worry on the size of your room. The problem with buying furniture that was already built is the size. Some rooms or homes have a small entrance or a big room and cannot find furniture suitable for it.

3. Check if the website has zoom tools where you can view the furniture’s material. Some sites offer this tool allowing you to examine closely the fibers and wood grains.

4. Verify if you can do an online follow-up on your order. This will provide an update on the delivery status of your furniture.

5. Examine their cancellation procedure. It is better if the online furniture shop has this feature since you will not have to wait or suffer their incompetency. However, you need to make sure that your credit card will only be debited once you received the furniture. It will be a big problem if they debit the amount without you having the furniture yet.

6. Check if they have a return policy on furniture that was damaged during the shipment. Some stores provide repair on furniture damaged during the delivery. They have a maintenance person that goes with the crew. If the damage is quite big, you must be able to return the fitment back to the store. Some stores require you to pay for the shipment fee this time. You may be lucky to find one that will not require you to do this.

7. Try calling customer service to verify if they are easy to deal with and can be contacted easily. Check their phone number, email or if you can chat with them.

8. Read customers’ reviews to evaluate if the online furniture shop is prompt with their service. Delivery of made-to-order furniture is about 8 – 16 weeks. This is important, as you do not want to wait too long for your order.

9. As much as possible, go for an online furniture shop that provides white-glove policy. Some furniture stores just delivery the product and leaves it on your doorstep. White-glove policy means the product is delivered and brought inside your home. The crew unwraps it, sets it up for you and gets all the mess that they have created.

10. Buy a small item first before buying a big item. By this transaction, you will know the credibility and professionalism of the store.

As I have mentioned, do not get stress buying your home furniture. There is an easier method to do it, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or a can of beer while checking on the furniture that you want. And that is to shop from online furniture stores.

Buy and Choose the Best Furniture Bargains Online

People do many things online like blogging, social networking, online work, research as well as do their purchases. Your furniture is one of those items, which can be purchased online. In fact, it happens that the best furniture is sold online. However, there are things you have to bear in mind when buying furniture online so you will be able to get the right one.

If you happen to be busy and do not have the time to visit furniture stores, do not be dismayed as online shopping allows you to buy new furniture for your home or office. Buying furniture is not only an indulgence when you want to redecorate your home; it is also a need when your furniture got damaged or when you need furniture for your personal necessities. Shopping online gives you the advantage of hopping from one store to another saving you from all the sweat and fatigue as well as on gasoline expenses. You have a myriad of choices and all you do is click on the item that you like. But since you will not see the actual furniture, you need to follow some guidelines if you purchase online.

Style, Design and Other Features

Have a complete idea of your preferences when it comes to these three elements. Will it be traditional, contemporary or transitional? Do you want it to be all wood, metal, glass, chrome or teak? Your answers to these questions will depend on the home style that you have. If your home has a touch of conventionality, then go for the traditional ones. If it is modern, then contemporary ones are for you.

What about the material? Will it be leather, microfiber or other synthetics? Do not forget the color. The color must blend with the paint color of your home.

The design and patterns must blend with the look of the room. Remember that the most important thing is for the furniture to express your personality.

You need to compare the prices as well and get the best bargain for the furniture.

Prices of furniture vary with the material, size, and brand. However, your furniture need not be expensive. Most furniture online retailers offer durable furniture for reasonable and affordable prices. You may need to compare prices in different sites because some may offer the same kind of furniture at a lower price. Nevertheless, it is still best that you consider the quality of the furniture. Being cheap does not mean that it will be the best bargain for you. Sometimes cheap furniture is made of low quality materials, which will only last you for a short time. You will have to buy new furniture again and this will be more expensive.

Consider the accuracy of the company’s shipping and delivery services.

You want a manufacturer that is punctual and true to its word. They should be able to deliver your furniture without damage and delay. You also want an economical price for the shipping services. Famous brands are the most trusted ones. Seek the opinions of other people who have tried the company’s services.

Check if the company offers a return service.

It would be more convenient for you if the company has a return policy. This will ensure you that the furniture can be returned when it was damaged due to delivery or if some parts are missing or if a mistake on the kind of furniture ordered have been made.

Some of the most beautiful furniture is sold online. You should not content yourself with what your hometown stores offer when you have the opportunity to surf the worldwide web for a wider selection. You can also get reviews about the featured furniture to check if it is comfortable and worth the price.

Compare at least 5 online furniture retailers and compare the prices and features before buying an item. Likewise, choose the most trusted brand and seek the advice of other people regarding the furniture and the online store.

Things to Watch Out for when you Buy Furniture Online

Buying online may not be your cup of tea especially if you belong to the conservative ones. However, you need to open your mind with the advantages of this action. Online stores abound selling almost anything that an individual needs – dress, shoes, medicines, appliance, etc. and not to forget, furniture.

Online shopping offers you the edge of being able to visit or check on a number of stores unlike when you do it personally. It frees you from the hustle and bustle of driving from one store to another.

Online stores offer you from antique to modern furniture. The good thing with shopping online is that it has made your life less stressful. This is because online shopping gives you the chance to trim down the shops you would want to go to. However, there are also some pitfalls with shopping online that you need to be aware of.

You need to check on the integrity of the buyer. This can be done easily by surfing the net. Check on customer’s reviews and the online store’s ranking.

Discuss the mode of payment that they honor and accept. Likewise, the delivery procedure must be specifically drawn, which includes the handling and shipping fees.

Ensure that the furniture to be delivered looks the same way as it was on the net. Talk about the alternatives in the event that the furniture got damaged caused by the delivery. Propose to the seller that payment will be made after the furniture has been shipped to you. This will give you the chance to check the furniture for any scratches or dents.

Before purchasing online, get the measurement of the area where you intend to put the furniture. This will help you to get the exact type and size of furniture you need.

If there are some people who discourage you to buy from furniture stores online because of some downsides, you need to realize that this happens as well when buying directly from stores. What is essential is for you to know what you want as well as your budget so as not to be faced with these pitfalls.

What is the Perfect Dining Room Table Size?

When thinking of decorating or upgrading your dining room furniture, one thing that will need proper consideration is the size of dining room table to use. Logically, you cannot use a tiny dining room table in a massive dining room and you cannot use a huge dining table in a small space as it will not fit in any way. However, there is always some flexibility.

Small Dining Room Tables

The surest way to make a small room give the illusion of more open space is by using fitting furniture. As such, when looking for dining room tables for small spaces, ensure the furniture is well scaled down to make the space seem larger. Just think small with your family size in mind. If you have a large family, and the space is very small, you might want to opt for a simple design of the dining room table that will not occupy lots of the space.

Large Dining room Tables

Today, many home owners are going for massive dining room tables, and with all due respect, these tables look amazing in a large dining room. However, just ensure that you are buying them for the right reasons. For one, you shouldn’t just buy a table to fill up space as this will cost you unnecessarily. Consider the number of people who will be sitting on that table and the kinds of meals which you expect to serve.

Adjustable Dining Room Tables

For many homeowners, dining room tables are either too large for one need or too small for another need. Many people are left to wonder whether there is a table that is perfect for all needs. Sure, there is one such table; an adjustable dining room table can be both large and small as per the needs.

The market has many dining room tables that are adjustable which come accompanied by a leaf or more which can be attached at the centre of the table. As such, if you need a large dining table you will simply slide the leaves in place and vice versa.

Add Contemporary Style to your Bedroom with a Platform Bed

Feeling like your bedroom is a little on the outdated side? CLS Factory Direct will remedy that for you. Platform beds are always being added to our wealth of options for bedroom furniture. Platform beds sport appealing designs with simple lines and gentle curves. They are practical, affordable, and long-lasting! That’s getting the best value for your money.

Buy new, trendy platform beds that will help make your bedroom an uncluttered space and nearer to the serene haven you want to get back to at the end of the day. Decorating with tasteful furniture is now simpler and easy.

Are you thinking of Purchasing Furniture?

How does one go about purchasing furniture? Well, there are plenty of steps, some of which you might not even be aware of.  First, you decide what kind of furniture you’re looking for.  Then, you select a reputable furniture seller.  After that, you pick out the exact piece of furniture you would like to consider.  Then, you carefully inspect the furniture to insure that it is what you really want.  And, lastly, you buy the furniture.  The thing is, if at any point you are unsatisfied, you have to go back a step or two, sometimes all the way back to the beginning!  So, in short, purchasing furniture sounds like an easy, mundane task, but it can actually be quite involved if you care about what you are purchasing!

What kind of furniture are you looking for?

This step can be more difficult that it sounds.  Do you want high quality furniture, or is medium quality or even low quality enough for your needs?  Higher quality levels are more expensive, but last longer.  Lower quality furniture will be much cheaper, but likely won’t last as long.  What style do you want?  Some styles are much more expensive than others.  How about color?  This one is purely a personal choice, but it probably should match the colors in the area you’re going to put it!  Material?  Again, up to you, but some materials can get very pricey.  How many pieces of that furniture do you want?  1 couch? 2 seats?  4 table chairs?  There’s actually a lot to think about here, but you really must sort it all out before you consider actually purchasing furniture.  Otherwise, you might be talked into buying something you didn’t actually want.

Now pick out a specific piece of furniture!

Look around the store you’ve chosen for the exact furniture pieces you’d like to take a closer look at.  Insist that you look around by yourself at first so you can pull everything available in without a distracting salesperson pointing out the so-called “best deals”.  After you’ve done that, if you still need help picking something out, feel free to ask an employee.  Just be aware that you can’t take everything they say for granted!  You should be able to find a particularly good piece of furniture to take a closer look at this way.  Well, it will at least appear to be a particularly good piece of furniture at first glance, which is why the next step for purchasing furniture is there!

Is it the quality level you need it to be?

Check the piece of furniture thoroughly!  If it’s wooden, ask if the wood is susceptible to moisture damage at all.  Kiln-dried wood is best.  Make sure the wood is nice and thick, and make sure that all the joints look clean.  The larger the area of smooth-feeling wood, the higher quality the piece of furniture is, generally speaking (this includes the under-side as well).  For upholstered furniture, make sure that the seams are clean.  Make sure the patterns match up.  Did you really start considering purchasing furniture just to buy sloppy looking furniture?  I didn’t think so.  For leather furniture, make sure that the leather is top-grain.  Lower levels of leather will often be made of several pieces of leather fused together with compressed non-leather tissue.  It is more prone to damage from heat, and will fade worse over time than top-grain leather will.  While higher quality is always better, keep in mind that higher quality is also much more expensive.  If you don’t need the highest quality to meet your needs, don’t be ashamed to settle for a lower quality to save yourself some money.  However, if you need the furniture to last a very long time and stay in great shape, you might need to get the highest quality available.

Now buy it!

Assuming all the previous steps went smoothly, you’re now ready to buy it!  So, just pull out your credit card and… wait!  Don’t use a credit card!  The interest rates on credit cards will significantly increase the cost of the furniture you’re purchasing.  Unless you actually need to have the furniture right away, save up for it and pay cash.  That is always the cheapest way to get high quality furniture.   If you do have to have it now, ask about special financing from the store.  If you chose a good store, they probably have financing available.  It’s not the best choice, but it’s certainly better than the interest rates on a credit card!  Oh, and don’t forget to thoroughly read the warranty and return policies.  They might be long, but understanding them will keep you from a bad situation later!

Well, hopefully at this point you will be satisfied with your purchasing furniture experience.  If not, perhaps you rushed it too much.  If you are unsatisfied with the furniture, you may want to return it, if you can.  If you are simply dissatisfied with the amount you spent on it, then you should take things more slowly in the future.  Still, the hope is that this all goes off without problems, and if you’re careful, you’ll most likely be enjoying your purchase for years to come!

Things to pay attention to when shopping for the perfect piece of furniture

“What color do I need?…..should I go with fabric?…..what style do I need?……will this even fit?….do I have enough money?!!”………

We have all been there before. Picking out a new piece of furniture can be a very stressful time, especially when there are so many factors to take into consideration. Take your time and don’t make a hasty decision, this will save you from hating your furniture for years to come. In order to help you find the right piece of furniture, we have compiled a list of factors you need to think about before you go shopping. Each recommendation will help you find that perfect item you will treasure for years.

  • Space is key: How much space do you have to work with? This is the first question you need to ask yourself. It’s simple…regardless of what you want, if you don’t have the space, then don’t even consider it!  The shape and size of your room will help you determine what to look for. For instance, if you’re looking for a living room sectional and don’t have a lot of room to work with, consider a loveseat over a sofa.
  • Measurements: You want to bring your furniture in your house, right?. Many people find the perfect piece, buy it, get it home and oops it doesn’t fit through the door. Keep in mind that some sofas are simply too big to bring into your home. In order to get the piece into the room, it has to first fit through the door. Measure all your furniture pieces already in the home. This will give you a solid base of measurements to look for in a piece of furniture.  This will save you the stress on the way home about whether it will fit through the door.
  • What’s your lifestyle: What is your life like? Is it just you or are you a part of a large family? Will the piece you buy often have smaller children on it? Your lifestyle determines what type of piece you should buy. If you entertain guests regularly, consider a sturdy, comfortable couch. Buy pieces of furniture that will flow with your lifestyle and won’t leave you pulling your hair out every time you have guests over.
  • Budget: It’s simple. Don’t buy what you can’t afford. Always plan around your budget. You shouldn’t burden yourself with the added stress that accompanies paying off home décor you can’t afford. Quality furniture costs more, but will last longer. Cheap furniture, while easy on the budget, doesn’t last long and you may find yourself buying furniture again in several years. Determine how long you want your home décor to last and shop for items that fit that time range, and most importantly your budget.