Solve Storage Problems in the Living Room with Modern Furniture

Next to the dining room, the living room gathers the family together to enjoy watching a movie or a TV program, to play board games, or simply to chat. With these activities come items such as DVDs/CDs, remotes, paper for scoring who is winning the board game as well as glasses, cups, etc. Magazines and books are also scattered everywhere. Add to that are the toys of your toddler (if you have one who belongs to that age group). The result is clutter, mess, disorderliness and chaos after the activity. Solving this issue is simple.

First is to make sure that you have sufficient storage in your living room. Engage everyone to tidy the room after every activity.

Here are some tips on how to solve storage problems in your living room via modern furniture.

Ottomans are fitted with storage spaces either located on its sides or hidden. Open up its top and you can put items in it. Putting together the same size of ottomans can produce a bench style of seating. You can have them placed beneath the windows or on the hallway.

Contemporary sofas likewise provide shelves on its sides. A good way to keep magazines on hand as well as books, remotes, play cards, board games, etc.

Entertainment centers come with shelves for your other entertainment stuff as well as books. They also have drawers where remotes can be kept and other papers. Most of all, they come with doors to protect your equipment and stuff from accumulating dust.

Coffee tables have the most improvisations. Some are in modular designs, which can be rearranged to fashion various shapes. Their insides are depressed providing storage for your items. Still some has an L-shape design where the middle area is open offering free space. You can also find more revolutionary designs of coffee table that are in circular in form that features 3 levels of discs in various colors. The disc can be rotated providing room for items you want to keep. This is the new thing with modern coffee tables. They are built to be more functional that the old ones.

You can also have end or corner tables. These were also given a new touch that do not only serve as your table lamp table but can also house various stuff.

Have benches that have cabinets under them. Position them either beneath the windows or on the hallway. You can store shoes, old books, magazine, etc. To make it more appealing, have some throw pillows for a more homely look.

You can also opt to have a magazine rack or rattan baskets for newspapers and other periodicals.

Other tiny decorative items can be placed in the entertainment shelves or bookshelf. To save on space, you can have a fitted wall shelf for these items.

Provide a standing coat hanger on the entrance hall for jackets, caps, etc. Likewise, position a tall and slim rattan basket for umbrellas.

Order in the living room is made easier these days because of modern furniture. It makes one’s room and home organized. Nevertheless, you need to engage everyone to follow the rules of putting things back where they should be. One more thing that you should not forget is to have a bin for trash in a corner.

Bedroom Furniture as Storage

The most practical thing to do if you lack space in your bedroom is to have furniture that can serve two purposes. Having this kind of furniture will not in any way affect the ambiance of your room. In fact, it will keep your room neat and organized.

A spic and span bedroom will be your pride. Yes, your bedroom is your own space and maybe you will say that no one will see it anyway but you. But wouldn’t you be proud to show off your room to your friend if it looks neat and smart? Now, you’re thinking…..It’s about time to put order in the bedroom.

Here are some tips which might help you accomplish this task of organization in your bedroom.

Get hold of furniture that provides storage. This is not surprising as modern furniture producers have modified traditional furniture and have made them more practical. To name a few,

The Armoire or Wardrobe. Aside from being the main keeper of your clothes, armoire has been designed to accessorize your room. Belts, hats, ties, scarves, etc. can be hanged by having wall clips and hooks on its side walls. Jewelries, purses and even shoes can also be kept inside it.

The Vanity Rack or Shelf. Apart from our clothes and accessories, we also have keepsakes and memoirs in our bedroom. Instead of just putting them on the floor (one on top of the other), the presence of a vanity shelf will make them more organized. Layered storage shelves, wooden chest, dressers, and ornamental baskets and boxes can hold these bits and pieces. Cosmetics and other vanity stuff can also be kept in these shelves which have been given a chic appeal.

Beds with Under Caddy or Drawers. This is not new as they have been around for years. A new way to do this if you have a bed frame is to buy under-bed storage boxes. These are normally made of plastic with clip-down lids. Storage boxes are large, leveled and with small wheels for easy access and maneuvering.

Bedside Tables that has Drawers. This furniture is a sure help to keep odds and ends. You can also keep a book which you usually read before going to sleep; for instance, the Bible or any book that contains food for thought.
Bedside Cabinets can be installed to the wall to create more space. Your bedside lamp can be placed above this furniture and will fill your bedroomwith light which eventually creates an impression of a spacious bedroom.

For A Small Bedroom, here is what you can do.

Have cabinets with sliding doors to have more spaces between your bed and the cabinet.

Get a sofa bed as a replacement for the ordinary bed. Sofa beds are new additions in the world of contemporary furniture. It appeals to the young generation and is not that expensive. This furniture also comes in twins beds but is quite costly than the ordinary sofa bed.

Modern furniture manufacturers have answered your problem of having more space in your bedroom and putting order in it. They certainly have put your concern as one of their priorities in improving furniture for consumers. A myriad of selections is available for you to choose from. You only need to go around or use your fingers and take a look at online furniture shops.

Achieving a tranquil, clean and orderly bedroom is not something you can imagine. It is real; thanks to modern furniture. With most homes offering minimal space, the practicality of having bedroom furniture doubling as storage is undeniably a welcome treat.

Living Room Furniture as Storage

Did you ever think that your living room furniture can be a storage area? The living room is the place where the family gets to enjoy each other’s company doing a common activity. The family watch movies, TV shows, play board games or listen to each other’s stories in this room; that is why it is also called the family room This is also the area where we entertain our visitors and friends.

Because of this, the living room can be quite a mess if there is not enough space to keep these gadgets. Organization is very important in the living room to make it more conducive for relaxation. Demanding is indeed the right word to describe this task of organization to keep the room spic and span.

Hence, the most efficient thing to do is to have adequate storage areas in the living room. But how can your furniture help in this problem of clutter and disorderliness?

Having an ottoman in the living room is good way of keeping those newspapers, magazine, DVDs, blankets, or art supplies in place. Similarly, you can also make a bench out of a group of ottomans that are of the same shape and size. It does not only provide a storage area but extra seating as well.

Modern sofas were built with shelves; thus, other items can be kept in them. The card table can be hidden from view by tucking it at the rear of the couch positioned beside the wall.

Contemporary furniture has come up with entertainment centers and TV stands that are equipped with drawers and cabinets. Some are with doors while others are with open cabinets. Ensure that everything is in tip-top shape if these are with open shelves.

Coffee tables, also provide space for storage. The modern types of coffee tables are equipped with drawers as well as doors. These offer a good place to keep remote controls, books and other items that are left on top of the table.

You can opt to have benches that are built with cabinets. They are better positioned underneath the window. Put attractive throw pillows to make it cozy.

Using your living room furniture as storage area needs careful planning as well as good habits. If everybody in the home will put items back where they belong, the living room will always be an inviting area to unwind.