Pick the Suitable Table for your Dining Room

Tables for the dining room come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, picking the suitable dining table is not confined to these two factors. The first thing that you need to think of is the amount of space that you have. Even if you want to have a round table but your dining area cannot accommodate it, then you will just be wasting your money buying it.

Both the size and shape of tables will depend on the dimension of your dining room. We know the common shapes of dining table but we tend to disregard what is suitable for our room.

The various shapes of dining tables

When we talk of dining tables, the first shape that comes to mind is the rectangular table. Its usual size is 36 inches x 42 inches. A narrow table of the same shape will suit a narrow dining room. Should the dining table measure 36 inches, then opt to have a sideboard where you can place food for big parties. With the sideboard, you can seat more guests on the table. The plus side of a rectangular table is that you can have more than 4 people on the table.

The square shape of tables is ideal for a small family. It is also good for small conversations. It is cozy and offers confidence and familiarity.

The round shape of tables is also advisable for big gathering but require a big area. Hence, this is ideal for big dining rooms. A round table with a pedestal is better than one with the four legs, as the former offers more leg space and can accommodate more people. Round tables allow each other to enjoy dinner intimately, as they can see each other’s faces.

The oval shape of tables is also ideal for a small dining room. They are safe for kids because they do not have sharp borders. A small narrow dining will benefit with an oval table. More than 4 people can be accommodated, too.

Nevertheless, knowing your needs and preference is still the best gauge to know the suitable dining table for your home. Do not be capture with the outside appeal of the table. Make sure that you get your money’s worth. Knowing the dimension and the shape of your dining area is necessary to get the appropriate table.

It is not enough to have a stylish dining table if it will make your room tight. Adequate space for movement is necessary particularly when pushing the chair out. With the current trend in modern furniture, dining tables were also given provisions of being extended. Thus, holding big parties poses no problem with these table designs. Similarly, give special attention to the materials used.

As much as possible, avoid buying furniture on impulse. Take the required dimensions to make your purchase worthwhile and useful. A good source to look for dining tables is the online furniture stores. They offer a myriad of dining table selections that will suite any size of dining room.

Furniture Appropriate for a Small Living Room

Not everybody can have a spacious living room. This will always depend on the size of the home. Even if you wanted more area for your living room but if you are living in a small home, then you just have to try all the means to make it look bigger.

Anyway, living in small homes like townhouses, apartments and condominiums does not stop you from having good furniture for the living room. There are a lot of ways to still make this area comfortable and inviting.

The technique is to know the furniture style that you will buy. A room without furniture is like a dish that is bland. This goes to say that a small living room must also have furniture but not too many and not too big as these will make the room smaller and too crowded. You still need to have some space where you can move.

Furniture that looks light in weight is good to have in a small living room. Now what do I mean by that? It simply means not to get box-typed furniture. Get those that are with legs. You can also go for wicker furniture.

With this feature, the room is given a clearer range of vision so it comes out bigger than it actually is. Glass top tables and accent chairs with legs are great picks as they both give a wider view of a small living room.

It is better to use plain upholstery for your sofas. Nonetheless, you can still use patterns but not plaids, huge prints and stripes. Choose textured upholstery fabric instead. It will not constrict the look of your room even though your sofa or chairs get to have a bit of design. You can still get sofas with prints as long as they are in neutral or pallid hues and stick to small patterns.

Since your space is limited, make sure to measure the area before doing any purchases. This will help you to get the appropriate size for your small living room. Choose the sofa first as this is normally the central figure in the living room aside from being mostly used. Follow that up with the rest of the furniture but make sure they all match together in size and again, not too many. Get only the important pieces.

Do not forget the color. This also plays a vital role in decorating a room. It can make a small room look big and vice versa. For small rooms, you can make use of light or pastel colors. These two hues will make your room look bigger without much effort. You can also use neutral tones. They extend the feeling of freshness and roominess in a small room. Even your living room walls can be painted in neutral tones.

Use to your advantage the vertical space in your room. Most homeowners fail to make use of this or probably they just did not know how to utilize it. For a limited floor area, get a slim but tall book shelf or a tall floor lamp as both will drive the eyes upward.

Put mirrors on your living room walls. They are perfect in creating an appearance of capaciousness. Choose smaller pieces for ornaments like vases or statues.

Lastly, avoid disorder in the room. So maximize your furniture. Modern furniture features more storage spaces. Modern sofas have shelves and even modern coffee tables were designed with shelves and drawers.

If you follow these tips, you will find that designing and buying furniture for a small living room is not at all a big issue.

Five Important Things in your Dining Room Bar

Planning to have a dining room bar is not that expensive as you might think it is. It can actually be somewhat cost-effective. There are essential elements that must be considered. First is the theme, the bar furniture and the items that you will use. If the bar is only intended for the family and a number of friends, then here are the needed items that you need to buy.

Glassware is very essential. You can have the regular glasses so you do not need to spend a big amount of money. Although the suitable glassware is better so you get the feeling that you are really in a bar. There are different glasses used in a bar. To mix drinks, get the 7 ounces glasses. To serve wine, you will need champagne and wine glasses. Shot glasses are also needed in a bar and not to forget mug for serving beer.

Ice Bucket and Tongs must not be missed. These two are essentially when serving drinks. Choose the insulated ice bucket to keep the ice frozen; don’t bother with the cheap ones. A large size ice bucket is practical to have if you love to entertain friends. And the tongs, of course, for the ice; do not use your bare hands!

Jigger is essential in mixing drinks. It measures the amount of liquor to be served. Professional bartenders use jiggers to mix drinks; therefore you need it as well. A 1 ½ jigger and a ¾ oz jigger is enough for your dining room bar. There are two types of jiggers: glass and stainless steel. Stainless steel jiggers are better as they give good results when mixing drinks. The glass jiggers have a bigger capacity though.

Drink Shaker is used for cocktails to make them taste better. There is the Boston and Cobbler type of shakers. Consisting of a 500 ml and a 900 ml glass canister is the Boston shaker while the Cobbler shaker has the flask, cap with a built-in strainer and the lid. You can have both or just one of these shakers. But remember that with the Boston shaker, you need to purchase a separate strainer as it does not have one.

Bar Spoon is used to mix cocktails and to measure the ingredients that are needed for the drink. It can also be used to squeeze other ingredients. Bar spoons are stainless steel and is about 10 inches long. They are also used to measure one teaspoon of alcohol or drink essence.

Other items that you need for your dining room bar are corkscrew plus additional corks, a can and bottle opener, a sharp knife to cut fruits and garnishes. You also will need a blender in the home bar.

The presence of these essential items plus the fitting furniture for your dining room bar will make your dream bar come true. The family will get to have a different dining with the presence of a dining bar as it adds spice in the family’s dinner.

Furniture for a Small Patio

It is indeed nice to have a big patio but people who live in small homes should not be disheartened for having a little area for their patio. Having a small patio does not limit you to make it nice and presentable. If you are thinking of furniture, there is nothing to worry, as modern types of patio fitment can be bought from online stores.

But before you browse thru the Internet or head on to your local store, you need to do some vital steps first.

Measure the area of your patio. Assign the spots where you want the furniture located as well as the other fixtures such as plants, etc. It would be wise to mark the specific areas and identify the kind of fitment you want to put there. For example, put an “x” and indicate if it is a small sofa or a bar set. By doing this, you will see if there are still enough walking space.

Table and chairs are a must-have in your patio. Since your space is small, opt to have a bar set instead of table and chairs. Tables are normally big, which can take much area. A bar set also comes with stools. Apart from that, the bar can also be your serving table. It also has compartments or shelves where you can keep your napkins, glasses and food supply.

Since a bar set only has two stools, which is not enough if you have more than two people in your patio, you can solve this by getting additional bar stools. Modern bar stools have been designed to give more comfort. Some are designed with back, arm and foot rest. They can also be rotated up to 360 degrees allowing the person to face the other people in the patio without hurting his neck.

However, if you prefer a table than a bar set, get a rectangular table and placed it against the wall. This is a good choice for a small, narrow patio. To allow more seating capacity, get benches.

You can also have foldable tables and chairs. These types of furniture are good alternatives for a small patio. They are easier to set up and can be stored in your garage when not in use.

You can also opt to have small tables and some chairs. Group them together to create a nook, which can be used by two or more people. It can also be your personal nook.

Should you want to have magazines, opt to get a magazine stand instead, as this will not take so much space. To make your patio homier, have hanging plants instead of those in big pots.

Always bear in mind that the size is not an issue in decorating your patio. You only need to be more creative and practical in choosing your furniture to make it inviting, cozier and pleasant. Planning is important so you will not end up wasting your money.

What Furniture will match your Living Room Brown-Colored Walls?

Do you know that the brown hue indicates permanence and security? Perhaps those who chose to have their living room walls in brown do not even know this. Nevertheless, if you want to paint your living room walls in brown, choose the restrained shades like beige, light tan and mocha. The darker tones of brown must be used for adornments. And not only that, a darker wall will make your living room smaller.

Choosing brown as your main color in your living room will be more outstanding if you include these 3 things: proportion, space and positioning to have symmetry in the room.

• With brown colored walls in your living room, put green wall paper to make a distinction. These colors are not only nice to the sight but can very well blend with brown hued wooden furniture.
• Choose furniture that is brown but lighter in tone. Avoid choosing huge furniture in brown shade as this will create imbalance in the living room.
• Other fitment like huge cabinets, sofas, coffee tables and entertainment centers must also be of the same hue.
• Teal and greenish blue will also match your living room brown walls. Cushions must be of the same color while throw pillows can either be color brown or solid teal.
• Furniture that is in white will likewise harmonize with your brown-colored living room walls.
• For a completely brown theme, furniture should be chrome or clear acrylic chairs.
• Purchase neutral tones for your table lamp such as white, cream or beige.
• Choose neutral colors for curtains or drapes. Nonetheless, you can still use curtains or drapes that have blue or brown prints or patterns.
• Imagination is needed in choosing your adornments that will complement your brown-wall seating room. Make use of the three different hues of brown: light, medium and dark. Ornaments normally come in brown so this is easier and you can find a lot of selections in the market.
• Choose two sets of patterns for your decorations. For instance, your table linen or rug can have weave patterns. Then choose solid tones for your frames and rug. A combination of these outlines will get more attention.
• Lastly, brown-colored walls and aqua or teal is a perfect combination to create a superb setting for your living room.

Living Room Furniture as Storage

Did you ever think that your living room furniture can be a storage area? The living room is the place where the family gets to enjoy each other’s company doing a common activity. The family watch movies, TV shows, play board games or listen to each other’s stories in this room; that is why it is also called the family room This is also the area where we entertain our visitors and friends.

Because of this, the living room can be quite a mess if there is not enough space to keep these gadgets. Organization is very important in the living room to make it more conducive for relaxation. Demanding is indeed the right word to describe this task of organization to keep the room spic and span.

Hence, the most efficient thing to do is to have adequate storage areas in the living room. But how can your furniture help in this problem of clutter and disorderliness?

Having an ottoman in the living room is good way of keeping those newspapers, magazine, DVDs, blankets, or art supplies in place. Similarly, you can also make a bench out of a group of ottomans that are of the same shape and size. It does not only provide a storage area but extra seating as well.

Modern sofas were built with shelves; thus, other items can be kept in them. The card table can be hidden from view by tucking it at the rear of the couch positioned beside the wall.

Contemporary furniture has come up with entertainment centers and TV stands that are equipped with drawers and cabinets. Some are with doors while others are with open cabinets. Ensure that everything is in tip-top shape if these are with open shelves.

Coffee tables, also provide space for storage. The modern types of coffee tables are equipped with drawers as well as doors. These offer a good place to keep remote controls, books and other items that are left on top of the table.

You can opt to have benches that are built with cabinets. They are better positioned underneath the window. Put attractive throw pillows to make it cozy.

Using your living room furniture as storage area needs careful planning as well as good habits. If everybody in the home will put items back where they belong, the living room will always be an inviting area to unwind.

Maximize your Dining Room Furniture

Dining with your guests and friends can even be more satisfying with appropriate furniture. Here are some tips to maximize the use of your dining room furniture on these occasions.

The dinner table must be able to accommodate your guests. A small family normally has a table that can only sit them; hence, problems arise when they get to invite some friends. There is the problem of not having adequate table space and availability of chairs. To avoid this problem, use your dining table as the serving table where you put all the foods on top of it. To make it more presentable, cover the table with a striking tablecloth and have a small flower arrangement in the center of the table. If you do not want a flower arrangement, you can have floating candles instead. Use your finest china and if you have plenty of foods to offer, just make use of the medium-sized china to accommodate everything. Remember that the table arrangement must be in tune with the occasion.

Have your dining chairs placed on the sides of the wall where it will not be on the way of the guests.

The buffet table can provide you great help. You can make use of it as a serving table, too. If your dining table is enough for the food, then have the cutlery and glassware on top of the buffet table. The drinks, sweets and fruits can also be placed on top of the buffet table.

Make use of dining serving carts. These carts have wheels, thus making it available for everyone. This is ideal for a small dining room. You can use this for finger foods and beverages.

If your family is fond of inviting friends around, better have foldable tables and chairs. This will be very handy anytime and can be easily stored. This will solve your problem of not having enough chairs. You can place them outside the home, if you have a patio or even a small space in front or at the back. You can even place it in the living room and that will safeguard your sofas from getting drips and stains from the food.

You can also keep a set of this foldable furniture in a corner of your kitchen or dining room. This can be used if you only have a few friends or your family can sit here and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of juice with peanuts to nibble while chatting.

There are plenty of ways to maximize your current dining room furniture by using your imagination.

If you plan to replace your dining room furniture with new ones, check the latest modern furniture styles. Dining tables are designed using different materials. There are even extendable dining tables.

Choose the appropriate dining room furniture suitable for your dining room. You need to know your requirements such as space and the use. We cannot avoid guests coming over to our home; even our children invite their friends and so these are some things that you need to consider when buying. Most of all, blend your furniture with the theme and design of your dining room.

How to Refurbish your Kitchen

Refurbishing your kitchen with an attractive kitchen table set is one of the best techniques to give your room a makeover. It will make your room look unique and permit you to have an exceptional fashion in your dream kitchen. Put classic chairs and table to have a fashion statement for your home.

Kitchen table sets have varied dimensions. Buy one that is fitted in the available space and blend it with your taste. Although, the modest ones designed in a contemporary fashion is more in demand these days. Aside from its striking look, kitchen table sets are equally ideal furniture to settle down and have a pleasurable meal with the family or friends.

It is a common thing that the kitchen also serves as the dining area. Enhance the elegance of your kitchen and make an impression to your guests for years to come with an equally extendable table.

Modern tables can replace your old-fashioned kitchen table. Select from a variety of designs and styles created by manufacturers. They come in different hues and provides a contemporary trendy look to your kitchen design.

You can also have a reserved-looking table to blend your equally modest kitchen.

Some tables are built with underneath shelves and drawers. Kitchen stuff like groceries, grocery bags, etc. can be kept in these storage spaces.

You can also change your table with a more contemporary look by purchasing one that comes with cushioned benches. These will suit the taste of your teenagers, who tag their friends in your home for study group or just to hang around.

Another technique to refurbish the look of your kitchen is by relocating your furniture, wall decorations and appliances. Have a look around your kitchen and examine the alterations that you want to apply for your kitchen-refurbishing project. Nevertheless, I would suggest to adopting an uncomplicated move. When you have enough resources, and then hire a contractor to do the rest for you.

The addition of a buffet that can be used to display your splendid kitchen and dining ware is another thing your can do. You can also used this for buffet parties.

Replace the old counter tiles with new ones and do this as well with the wood. Choose trendier kitchen tiles.

You can also update your old appliances. Most up-to-date appliances come in various forms and serve two purposes, too.

You can also have small nook for tête-à-têtes or a bar and install task lights.

Modify your kitchen lights. Have a dimmer switch to control the brightness. There are times when you do not need bright illumination in the kitchen anyway.

Lastly, you can opt to change the kitchen floors if it is necessary.
Refurbishing the look of your kitchen may be a huge challenge but once you have done it, you will be proud of your own accomplishment.

So maybe, you can do the same with the other rooms in your home.

What to Look for in a Dining Room Table

The dining room can never be complete without a table. It is the central furniture in this room; hence, it must not only serve its purpose but must be appealing as well.

An appealing dining room table can also spice up the ambiance in the room while eating. It can be a topic of conversation for guests. Nevertheless, this is not the only thing that you need to consider though.

It is true that eating is the main activity that we do in the dining room. However, it also becomes a place where we do our office work, our children doing their homework as well as game table.

Formal or informal dining with relatives, friends and visitors are likewise held in the dining room. Hence, your table must also be a showpiece. It does not have to be that extravagant-looking though. However, it cannot also be something very ordinary. Well, maybe a little bit of style and elegance. Elegance, anyway, does not have to be expensive.

So what do you need to consider when buying your dining room table?

First, consider the area of your dining room. Your table cannot occupy much of the space. You need to be able to move and there should be space when you wanted to move your chair back. Hence, measure the whole dining area. It will be better if you can make a diagram so you can picture out what it will look like.

The general rule recommends 30 to 36 inches of space from the table’s border to the wall as well as other furniture. This will not make the area too restricted.

Second, you need to consider your purpose. You will say it is for dining naturally. I agree but the people and the number of persons who will use it must fall under this category. If it is intended just for the family, then a simple, serviceable table will do. Consequently, if you intend it for small gatherings, then you need to have provision for extra space. Let us say, if there are 4 or 5 members in your household then get a table that can sit at least 10. That would be big enough for sit-down dinners with your friends, relative or guests.

That would also mean that it should be rectangular. A rectangular table will also be fitting not only for sit-down dinners but will similarly serve as your buffet table for big gatherings.

A square table would only fit four persons. This is a good choice for a small family and a small dining room.

You can also opt to have a circular table. The good thing about this shape is that people get to see the face of each other. It builds more camaraderie between people. Nevertheless, it requires more space.

Third is the material. You can select from wood, veneer, lacquer, acrylic or glass tabletops. A glass tabletop will definitely be a big no-no if you have kids around. It can be very risky for them. Easy to maintain are the wooden types. If you want a shiny finish, then opt for the lacquered ones.

Most of all, you need to give importance to durability is a must. Not unless you want to change your dining table from time to time.

Your table must also blend with the theme of your dining room and with the other furniture and decorations you have in the room.

Have Fun While Eating in your Dining Room

Caution is needed in furnishing the dining room particularly in the choice of furniture. Factors like the number of members in the household, the age and number of children (if any) as well as how often you have guests must all be taken into consideration. With children around, you have to think of durability as well as its being safe. Dining must not be rigid because of the fear to tarnish the furniture. This activity must be enjoyable for everyone – sharing the food and equally eating safely and having fun.

The most important pieces of furniture in the dining area are the dining table and chairs. It may be that you have a small family so you think that a square table is enough. However, if you do not have a problem with the space, I would suggest that you get a table that can sit at least 6 persons. Your dining table should always be in equilibrium with the area of the room. You cannot afford to have a table that will eat so much space in the dining room. There should always be a space so anyone can move freely.

You can choose between a glass top or wooden dining table.

Modern furniture also has wrought iron tables with shiny glass tops. With kids around, the wood type is more practical and sensible to buy. Depending on the theme of your living room, you can stick to the traditional or contemporary type of dining tables.

Although for a change, the Japanese type of dining table will really look different.

Dining chairs must be sturdy enough. Even if there are no kids around, it is still best to check if the chair can hold any weight. Some adults rock their chair while eating; hence, durability is a must.

A buffet cabinet will be another thing, which you need in your dining room. Display your china, silver, glasswares in the buffet cabinet. It can similarly serve as a party table. A nice flower arrangement with some scented candles can be placed on top. This will add to the ambiance while dining.

Choose a tablecloth for your dining table. Pick one that has interesting and exciting prints or pattern. The color must blend with the dining room’s theme and the other hues present in the room.

Wall decorations can be nice paintings or pictures of the family. Make sure that what you put on your walls is something that will start a conversation, especially if you have guests.

Ensure that you have the proper lights in the dining room. Nobody wants to eat in the dark. It can be that you wanted a candlelight dinner but you still need some lights. Overhead illumination is perfect as this sheds just enough brightness. You can also pick a chandelier placed just above your dining table.

Keep the dining room simple and modest. You do not need to stuff it with so many decorations. It is still a good idea to have just the necessary items in the dining area. This will give each and everyone space and a good air to breathe.

Dining with the family is also bonding time. Therefore, clutter in the room can only lead to accidents and chaos. Keep the dining room clean always. Make sure that the furniture is in good shape. It is very disgusting to sit on a rocky chair or to fall from your chair because of a loose screw.

Your dining furniture does not need to be elaborate; the important thing is it serves its purpose.