The Proper Way to Clean Micro-Suede/Microfiber Sofa

Sofa upholstery is not just confined to leather as other fabrics are also used. One of the materials used for sofas is micro-suede, a silky soft fabric similar to that of natural suede. It is made of tiny polyesters threads that were jointly sewn to allow different methods of cleaning that are safe. Using mild cleaning agents will not harm or discolor the material.

Cleaning micro-suede/microfiber sofas

Vacuum your couch by using the soft brush attachment but remove all of the cushions first.

Check the manual couch for directions on how to clean it. You can also check on the couch tag to know what cleaning aid you should use. If it has an “S” for solvent or “W” for water, then you are ready to clean your sofa. You can use solvent and water if both letters were written, though.

Fill a spray bottle with solvent or water (depending on what cleaning aid should be used). If the sofa is too filthy, add 3 – 4 drops of dish washing soap.

Squirt the mixture on your micro-suede sofa cautiously concentrating more on the stains, spots or blemishes.

Follow that up by wiping the sofa of its marks or dust by using a soft cloth.

Do not let anyone to sit on it, not unless your micro-suede sofa is completely dry.

Sofas made of micro-suede materials are actually stain resistant; hence, there is no reason to use any fabric shield products. Mixing 1 to 2 drops of mild artificial cleaning agent like dish washing or detergent soap with water is sufficient to clean this type of sofa.

To eliminate stinking smell from micro-suede sofa, mix a little vinegar with distilled water and apply it on the couch. Next, sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum it. If the couch is made of real micro-suede materials, cleaning will be uncomplicated. This is not true though if fake materials were used.

One of the hardest things to remove from micro-suede sofas are hairs, furs or lint. To remove these, get a sticky kind of lint roller although your dependable vacuum can also remove this stuff from your couch.

Steam cleaning micro-suede couches must be done occasionally. However, bring it to a cleaning service company who specialized on cleaning sofas made of micro-suede.

Another material used for microfiber sofas is polyester. This material has the ability to absorb color compared to other fabrics. The chemical method used allows the color to linger, which does not require any further treatments.

You can also use alcohol, rubbing or clear alcohol like vodka, and ammonia to clean microfiber sofas.

The problem here, though, is microfiber tends to become stiff after cleaning it. To bring back its softness, use an old toothbrush or soft scrub brush to rub the stiff area.

Buying sofas made of micro-suede/microfiber should not make you worried, as they are easy to clean. Knowing your sofa and the manner to take care of it such as the appropriate cleaning items to use will make it to stay longer and looking fresh and new.

Cleaning Living Room Furniture Tips

Buying furniture for the home entails one to spend a big amount of money not unless you chose the cheap low quality ones. However, why should you buy these types if you will just be spending more in the end? If you intend to keep your furniture for a long time, buying those that are of good quality is a good idea.

Nevertheless, even as they cost more and assures you of their durability, it is still a big help if you know how to maintain them, as this will keep them not only for a longer time but will make them always looking new.
Some housewives may have not enough time to do the cleaning especially if the dust has accumulated for ages. Cleaning your furniture does not need to be a difficult task. It is quite easy if you will only follow a regular regimen.

Following are some tips to make furniture cleaning easy for you.

Daily cleaning is the best thing to do to avoid the dust from building up on your furniture. Wipe them with a soft cloth. Schedule vacuuming the cushions on a weekly basis and use the soft brush attachment to reach into the gaps.

Check the ingredients of the cleaning agents before purchasing them. Some cleaning aids contain harmful chemicals and this can tarnish the fabric of your sofas. To know the appropriate cleaning products to use, check on the manual of your sofa. Using the correct cleaning agents will keep the protective coating of your sofa, which helps in resisting stains and dirt.

Furniture must not be steam cleaned on your own. There is no doubt that stains and dirt will be easily removed with steam cleaning. However, this job must be done by people who have the proper training. Steam cleaning furniture on your own can lead to its spoilage. Furniture must be left to dry completely before using it again. If not done properly, moisture can seep into the insides of the cushion and can cause the growth of mildew and molds that can produce a foul smell. It can also cause your furniture to rot.
Spills must be wiped instantly. Do not let spills to stand on your furniture. Wipe them as soon as it happened by using a soft clean cloth. Start from the edge moving on to the center to avoid the spill from spreading.

Use a flat object or a spoon to scoop solid spills following it up by wiping it. Never try to rub the spill whether it is solid or liquid, as this will only shove it further. Mix a little soap with warm water and dip the cloth in it to clean the spill. Make sure you remove the excess water from the cloth. If this is done immediately, the spill will be very easy to remove. Do not use tap water for its mineral contents can leave a mark on the fabric.

Your living room furniture is sure to lasts if you follow the above cleaning tips.

Ten Useful Hints When Shopping for Furniture Online

Buying furniture need not give you so much stress. Turn to online furniture stores to make thing easier for you. You get more benefits such as traveling from one city to another and you get to have more options.

Here are 10 useful hints to follow when shopping from online furniture stores.

1. Click on different furniture online stores. Do not focus on the big stores or the popular ones. Check on small shops, too. Differentiate the design, feature and price of their product. There may be fitment that are of the same structure, features and quality sold in the small shops and sold less than the big stores.

2. Verify if the store provide made-to-order furniture. This provision will give you more flexibility as you do not need to worry on the size of your room. The problem with buying furniture that was already built is the size. Some rooms or homes have a small entrance or a big room and cannot find furniture suitable for it.

3. Check if the website has zoom tools where you can view the furniture’s material. Some sites offer this tool allowing you to examine closely the fibers and wood grains.

4. Verify if you can do an online follow-up on your order. This will provide an update on the delivery status of your furniture.

5. Examine their cancellation procedure. It is better if the online furniture shop has this feature since you will not have to wait or suffer their incompetency. However, you need to make sure that your credit card will only be debited once you received the furniture. It will be a big problem if they debit the amount without you having the furniture yet.

6. Check if they have a return policy on furniture that was damaged during the shipment. Some stores provide repair on furniture damaged during the delivery. They have a maintenance person that goes with the crew. If the damage is quite big, you must be able to return the fitment back to the store. Some stores require you to pay for the shipment fee this time. You may be lucky to find one that will not require you to do this.

7. Try calling customer service to verify if they are easy to deal with and can be contacted easily. Check their phone number, email or if you can chat with them.

8. Read customers’ reviews to evaluate if the online furniture shop is prompt with their service. Delivery of made-to-order furniture is about 8 – 16 weeks. This is important, as you do not want to wait too long for your order.

9. As much as possible, go for an online furniture shop that provides white-glove policy. Some furniture stores just delivery the product and leaves it on your doorstep. White-glove policy means the product is delivered and brought inside your home. The crew unwraps it, sets it up for you and gets all the mess that they have created.

10. Buy a small item first before buying a big item. By this transaction, you will know the credibility and professionalism of the store.

As I have mentioned, do not get stress buying your home furniture. There is an easier method to do it, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or a can of beer while checking on the furniture that you want. And that is to shop from online furniture stores.

Tips on how to make your Bedroom Furniture Last

The bedroom atmosphere is not the only factor that gives you comfort; your furniture  adds to the effect you want in your room. Nevertheless, re-designing your bedroom this does not require purchasing new furniture. Having a new set of furniture is fine if your resources will permit it. However, there are other alternative if some of them have been ruined.

To keep your bedroom furniture looking fresh and new, adapt the following steps:

Always keep your bedroom furniture tidy. Ensure that dusting is done once a week. Tidy furniture also means a clean bedroom. They will likewise prolong their lifespan. Always check if there are specific instructions on the manner it should be cleaned.

Aside from the once a week dusting, use a mild furniture polish every 2 months to keep it shiny. Protect your dresser top from any perfume drips and spills by placing your perfumed bottle on a decorative glass plate. The alcohol content of the perfume can ruin your dresser top. The glass plate will not only safeguard your dresser top, it will equally give your dresser a different appeal. Another alternative is to make use of a dresser scarf and put your perfume on top of the scarf. On the other hand, put a small silver glass dish for your husband’s dresser, where he can keep coins or his watch in it.

To remove any fingerprints or smudges, use a window cleaner in washing the mirror.

Freshen up your furniture if they have lost their color by repainting it. But before you start this task, have a check on any holes and dents and fill them with plastic wood. Clean your furniture with tack cloth prior to painting it.

Apply a layer of varnish to safeguard the new paint and to give your furniture a new luster.

Regularly check your bedroom furniture, as some parts may need to be fixed or replaced. Check on the feet of the bed, chair, couch (if you have one in the bedroom), the hooks and joints and the drawer pulls, which could have been broken because of long use.

Check your furniture for any blemishes or any abrasions. Keep on hand a scratch removal kit. Use the kit to hide any small abrasions.

Use coasters for your hot cup of coffee or tea and even for a glass of milk. This will protect your bedside tabletop from marks caused by the heat of the cup.

Bedroom furniture is a precious item that should not be overlooked. It completes the outlook of the room and gives life to your room. The furniture will help you to take in the luxury and calmness of this essential area of the home. Keeping your bedroom furniture looking new is not expensive. By following the above tips, you can make your bedroom furniture last for a long time.

Protect your Leather Sofa from your Dog or Cat

We all know that leather sofas  are not that cheap. Hence, we try our best to take care of it. However, have you ever implemented any rules so your pet dog or cat will not ruin it or better yet, will not sit on the sofa? If you have not taken any steps, you better start now before you feel sorry and get mad at your pet and ending up as enemies.

Pet lovers cannot afford to see their pet wagging their tails at them and staying out of their home. They normally allow their pets to enter the premises of their home. However, problems arise if these pets were not properly trained to take care of your furniture. If you belong to this group of people, then here are some tips for you to follow to protect your leather sofa from your dog or cat.

If you insist on letting them loiter in the living room, then give them their own space where they can lie or sleep. Ensure that the area is comfortable, not cold nor warm. Get them a soft kennel or box and put cushions or blanket.

Buy him a pet throw from furniture shops. Pet throws cover the sofa completely so direct contact from your pet is prevented. These come in different designs and colors. If you get to have the quilted kind, you can have your dog or cat bend next to you.

Buy a pet toy so he can play with it instead of gnawing on your leather sofa. A scratch post will similarly be good for your cat.

Buy a spray repellent from a pet store. Blend it with water and spray it on your leather sofa. Pets do not like the smell of repellents. Citrus or mint fragrance is good for the human sense of smell.

Pets must be trained while they are still young. Make them understand your house rules.

Talk to your pet and set the rules. Let him lie on the couch if someone is with him.

You can make use of a child’s gate. This will prohibit your pet to enter that area.

Give your pet a bath frequently. Comb his fur and cut his nails. Even people with long nails can ruin your leather couch and this is more so with pets. Get your pet an aromatic spray and use this for his bath.

If he still has that particular pet odor, buy your pet a fragrant spray exclusively for pets.

Make your pet understand the change in the tone of your voice as well as facial gestures. Make him understand your facial expression and the tone of your voice when you are angry.

Be strict with your rules without hurting your pet. It takes patience on training them but it is worth it. Once they learn their own area and get used to it, you will be relieved of worries and fear that your leather sofa will be damaged.

Most of all, reward your pet every time he follows your commands and for behaving well.

Choosing a TV Stand that will Suit your Home

Having a television and other electronic gadgets are not the only things that matters to enjoy your favorite movie or show. Just picture this: you came tired from work and hurried home because you wanted to catch up with the news or sports. But the moment you sat on your sofa, you just cannot find your remote. Alternatively, maybe you wanted to watch a movie and you still have to find an appropriate place for your DVD player? Therefore, you end up cursing and wasting minutes or even hours looking for the remote and repositioning the DVD player. It is such a pity indeed that you have to do this every time you wanted to relax in front of the telly.

Remember those olden times when our grandparents or parents have this big television sets that have legs and their own cabinets? Well, we may still see a few of them, but TV sets in our modern times do not have legs and cabinets. If a home does not have a TV stand, the telly is usually placed on top of a table, a bookshelf or even a coffee table or whatever furniture that can hold the television.

Well, don’t you think it is about time you put some organization in your living room or in your entertainment area? To have order in your entertainment spot, get yourself a TV stand. Television stands are usually made of wood.

Modern furniture has added another material for TV stands and these are made of glass or a combination of both. Modern television stands have added shelves and drawers where you can put all your entertainment devices in one piece and in an orderly manner.

Here are the other good points of having a wooden TV stand:

• blends well with any living room theme
• some have intricate carvings especially the Italian modern TV stands
• some are lacquered or varnished
• have cable holes at their rear to keep the front area tidy making those cables hidden from sight
• provides you more storage not only for your equipment but for your other bits and pieces
• they are durable and resilient compared to glass TV stands

So what about glass TV stands? These are the epitome of modern living styles. You will notice that contemporary furniture has made use of glass in most furniture. In fact, the first time glass was used for home furniture, almost anyone has the impression that it is expensive and adds so much class in a home.

The following are some of the good points of glass TV stands:

• blends well with modern living room design and style and color
• edged in glass that easily matches the contemporary appeal of the living room
• comes in two kinds: tinted and clear glass
• easy to maintain
• cheaper than wooden TV stands

There will also be bad points for both; nevertheless choosing any kind of furniture will naturally depend on the owner. Wooden or glass, both deserves attention. They need to be cleaned and must be used with extra care. This is especially true if you want them to last you longer.

Even with children or pets around, wooden or glass TV stands will not last if proper maintenance is not properly observed.

The basic thing that I just want to remind you of is to ensure that you choose a TV stand that has a thicker glass and do not put too heavy objects on top of it.

Whatever type of TV stand you choose, always give your furniture tender loving care.

Tips on Selecting a Good Office Chair

Can you imagine an office without a chair? That sounds funny, doesn’t it? Furniture is also a necessity in any office.

Anyway, an office definitely would need a table and a chair. Selecting a chair for your office may require good planning and a good disposition.

You must realize that when you work, your chair is the closest object to you. You will be with it for most of the day. Meeting with your staff, clients and guests would require you to have a comfortable chair. In fact, the wrong choice of chair can add to the stress brought about by work.

You must have felt back and neck pains. Sometimes even your legs and feet aches. The chair can contribute to these pains. Sitting there can put a lot of strain on your vertebra, thus the back pains.

Let me just give you a few tips on how to select a good office chair:

Comfort. This is the first criteria that you should have on your list. An office chair must be ergonomically designed. This means that it is built to fit your body. Office chairs that are ergonomically designed can be adjusted to your preferred seating position.

The height. The perfect height of an office chair is between 16 to 21 inches. This will provide enough space so that your feet will be positioned flat on the floor. This will also keep your arms even with the top of your table. The chair must also be able to accommodate your body, not too wide or too narrow. The deepness must also permit your back to have support against the backrest of the chair.

This is critical for an office chair. If a chair cannot give you lumbar support, then you will have problems in your spine. Bear in mind that you will be sitting on it for a long period and that would require your spine to curve. Hence, in order to thwart strains, the office chair must give full support on your spine. An ideal measurement for the backrest is between 12 to 19 inches in breadth. Likewise, the backrest must be tilted so you can rest your back either rearwards or frontward.

Similarly, the armrests must also be modifiable to be convenient to use. Your arms must be able to rest on it comfortably thus relaxing your shoulders. However, your forearms must not touch the armrests when writing or typing. A swivel chair is a perfect choice as it helps you to move liberally with no effort of straining and stretching.

Check on the material and cushions. Get an office chair that is made of cloth material. This will make you cooler while working. Ensure that the cushions are well padded.

Consider the office space. With a bigger space, having a big chair is fine but not for a smaller space. A 5-star pedestal office chair would be a good choice, too, for they are more stable.

You do not need to buy an office chair for the simple reason that it is not expensive. If you do, you might be sacrificing your health. This is not what you wanted. So choose wisely and get yourself a chair that has a good ergonomic design. Office furniture must be able to serve its purpose.

Thinking of Buying a Coffee Table — Follow these tips

Having a coffee table in your living room can make it more comfortable and can additionally make the room appealing. However, you need to take some considerations before finally purchasing the table.

Here are some useful tips if you are thinking of buying a coffee table.

The Size and Shape

It follows that a small coffee table is what you need if you have a small space. This is where the shape goes in, too. Round coffee tables in various sizes are better for a small space. They do not have sharp edges which makes movement in the living room easier. For big spaces, you naturally would not mind having coffee tables in big sizes and different shapes.

Rectangular and square coffee tables are good if you have a bigger space. They also provide more areas for the members of the family or guests to sit near the table and place their drinks and snacks.

Oval-shaped coffee tables are similar to the circular ones as they do not have pointed ends. If you have an elderly living with you, like your grandmother or grandfather, they will not freak out when your toddler or child goes near the coffee table.

The Style and Quality

This will depend on your personal choice. You can go for the modern, traditional, country, antique, a combination of the contemporary and conventional, etc. as long as it blends with your other furniture. If you want the modern style of coffee table, then do not go for the too classy ones since after a year or 2 new styles and designs will come out and you will naturally have to change it for a more modern look.

It is, however, the other way around if you want the traditional style. You need to check the quality as well. Traditional Italian Furniture may be expensive but these will actually last longer and can be considered more of an investment.

With a small space, coffee tables with drawers or shelves are good picks. The drawers, shelves or compartments will help to clear the clutter in the living room. Remote controls, magazine, books and other stuff can be kept in these storage spaces.

The Placement

The area where you want the coffee table to be placed will also have to be considered. Bigger homes normally have two living rooms. If one of these living rooms is quite formal, then buy a coffee table that is more traditional or where the material used is soft wood.

On the other hand, if the room will be used often, which means the coffee table will be used for a lot of purposes, you need a more durable table. Glass top coffee tables or those that have a sturdier finish are nice bets. Glass top coffee tables can also make a room look bigger and are easier to clean.

The Price

Of course, you need to check on your budget. This only means not to go beyond your means. If you are diligent enough, you can still find a very nice coffee table that meets your requirements with a reasonable price. Nevertheless, do not forgo the quality for the price. You may be on the losing end if you do this.

Coffee tables are good pieces of furniture that any living room should have. Make a wise choice and enhance your room to make it cozier.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bed

Let’s all do a little meditation shall we? No I’m not trying to be corny (not trying, but it comes naturally). I want us all to think of what our bed means to us…and what it takes for a bed to make us happy.  Comfort is key sure…it also needs to fit our space in look and dimension. There are quite a few factors to consider, we spend a lot of time with our beds. When we need a new one, when it’s time to step up, what should we look for? There are times when it really, really pays to do your research.  Purchasing a major piece of furniture is definitely one of those times. You are going to most likely drop a nice chunk of change, so you better be sure you are happy with it for the long term. I don’t think going cheap for cheap’s sake is the route to take on this decision either. That futon is probably not going to make you happy. I see nothing wrong in spending some real money to get something that will make you happy if said acquisition can possibly last you 20 years. So how do we find a bed that will stand the test of time, satisfy us in the long term? Well go beyond just heading to the bed store and rolling around on the floor models for a few minutes.Do some research, find out about the manufactures and read some reviews.  What do other people think about the mattress? Are other customers happy with their buy? If other customers are unhappy with a particular bed, what do they recommend and why? Alternatively, you may want to talk to your physician or even a chiropractor to see what they recommend. A chiropractor can recommend a bed type that will give your spine the maximum support it requires while it gives you the maximum comfort you need. Pay attention to the materials used in the construction of not only the frame, but of the mattress. Think resiliency.  They do still make ’em like back in granddads day, you just have to pay attention.You also need to take some exact measurements and think things through. Room size and dimensions? What size of bed will I be purchasing? What size mattress will I need? Measure the room and area the bed is destined for. Will the length of the entire bed fit in the area provided? Do you have space for a headboard and footboard, or just the bed? Will there be enough space for a nightstand, mirror, and/or a bench? What about the width? Don’t forget that, unless you are thinking futon, daybed, or platform bed, you will need to purchase both a boxspring and a foundation.

Here is a bit of reference, so you can keep everything straight:
Mattress Size|Also Known AS|Inches|Feet|

Twin|(a.k.a Twinsize)|39″ x 75″|3’3″ x 6’3″|
Twin Extra Long|(a.k.a Twinsize Long)|39″ x 80″|3’3″ x 6’8″|
Full|(a.k.a Double)|54″ x 75″|4’6″ x 6’3″|
Full Extra Long|(a.k.a Double Long)|54″ x 80″|4’6″ x 6’8″|
Queen|(a.k.a Queensize)|60″ x 80″|5’0″ x 6’8″|
Queen Split|(a.k.a Queensize Split)|2 x 30″ x 80″|5’0″ x 6’8″|
King|(a.k.a Eastern King)|76″ x 80″|6’4″ x 6’8″|
King Split|(a.k.a Eastern King Split)|2 X 39″ x 80″|6’6″ x 6’8″|
California King|(a.k.a Western King)|72″ x 84″|6’0″ x 7’0″|

How to Keep your Kitchen Clean

Which room in the house is difficult to clean? Ask any housewife this question and they will all say – the kitchen. Indeed, it is; it is not only the filth and soot but as well as the fats that have accumulated from cooking. It is a MUST to keep this room clean because it is where you arrange and organize meals. An unhygienic kitchen can lead to meal poisoning and other diseases caused by microorganisms. Listed below are just a handful of easy ways to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Disinfectant Wipes

The use of chlorine bleach in the kitchen is one of the best methods to destroy microorganisms and prevent microbes. However, the smell of bleach is exasperating aside from it being disastrous damaging your garments. This is the reason why sanitizer wipes are a very good option. They can clean almost any exterior in the kitchen along with tables, stoves, counter tops and any other furniture aside from being pretty handy.

A Neat and Smelling Fresh Sink

Quite strong, well-built and modern, stainless steel kitchen sink is the most preferred these days. However, even if your sink is made of stainless steel, you should have realized that it may still look soiled even when it is tidy. The use of a soft fabric and white vinegar is among the simplest tactics to eliminate all those obstinate fluid spots. Simply put a few drops of vinegar on a fabric and wipe the unsightly water spots. A dosage of vinegar into the drain will maintain it from smelling good and fresh.

Clean the Microwave via Steam Cleaning

Using wax paper to line the underneath and covering your meals with a paper wipe can aid in keeping your microwave clean. Boil a mixture of a tablespoon of white vinegar with 1 cup water in a microwavable bowl for five minutes; leave it for 15 minutes to remove baked on meals.

Reduce Kitchen Litter

A kitchen is a difficult area to clean with all the furniture, small appliances and cooking food utensils. By putting everything in their proper places after every use will make the kitchen in order and will not require much tidying. A kitchen island with fitted shelves and drawers will solve your storage problems.

Keeping your Stove Tidy by Loosening the Fats

The range will always result in a greasy mess regardless of how careful you are in cooking. A spray screen is a good way to keep extra smear within the skillet and sputtering on the range. Baking soda is as good as an abrasive cleaner in washing off hard stains and yet will not scrape the stove’s surface. Heat the oven to remove hardened foods on the surface and wipe them off with a little oven cleaner.