Cleaning Your Upholstery

Ahhh Fall! As we come to the end of summer, many people begin to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather. Warm days, crunchy leaves, and of course football. While closets, counters, windows, floors, tables, and carpets are at the mercy of the cleaning crew, don’t neglect your upholstered furniture such as sofas, loveseats, chairs and recliners.

The dirt that gathers on solid surfaces such as floors and tables is easy to see and clean. Consider that this same dirt and dust you clean from your end tables, often several times a week, has also settled on your upholstered furniture.

How can you properly spring clean your upholstery to keep it looking new?

  • Vacuum all surfaces of your upholstered furniture including both sides of any removable cushions. Use your vacuum cleaners crevice tool and dust brush attachments to get into deep corners. Always use the dust brush on leather furniture so suction doesn’t damage the surface.
  • Flip and rotate your cushions.  Turn your cushions over and rotate them to even out the wear and make the inner cushion and the fabric last longer. This should be done each month, not only in the spring.
  • Rearrange your furniture. The ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight can fade fabric and leather, just like it damages your skin, depriving your furniture of its gorgeous look. Use window blinds or sheers on windows to minimize the sun rays.
  • Massage your furniture. That’s right, start from the bottom of the arms and back and push the stuffing up, giving it a full look. This works air back into the synthetic fibers and keeps it nice and cushy.

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