The Different Styles of Furniture

The presence of furniture in our home will complete its look. But do you know the different style of furniture?

Wood is the most common material used for furniture. Made from various materials nowadays, furniture has a variety of styles. Let us take a look on its different styles.

Traditional Furniture Style is the most common and well-known style of furniture since and up to the present. They are rich in texture, polished and elegant. The most traditional ones used woods like mahogany and cherry that is described as polished, elegant and rich in texture. They are marked with the history of furniture although some include influences from American and English history.

The Casual Furniture Style is more relaxed, which is what made it more popular to Americans. These pieces of fitment are made from thick fabrics that are easy to maintain. They are made from different kinds of wood like oak, maple and pine with matte finishing. They are comfortable, warm and welcoming with earth and neutral hues.

The Country Furniture Style is a mixture of European, American and Mexican influence. Oak, maple, ash and pine are the types of wood commonly used for country furniture. They may be left as natural wood, or may be painted. The flowery chintz, linen or soft denim are the fabrics often used for this type. Some use subtle plaids or soft denim. Blend the country style of fitment with decorations that speaks of convenience such as an oval rug on top of painted floors, antique jars and vases, charming quilts and embroidery or antique baskets. This style is also tagged as country casual.

The Contemporary Furniture Style is more functional. Characterized with straightforward designs, they have minimal embellishments. Their appeal is up-to-date with bright and bold fabrics but fewer patterns. They have bigger ornaments and artwork that shows clear and down-to-earth decorations.

The Modern Furniture Style has intense definite lines that are well refined. It is one-step ahead of the Contemporary style and may have a mixture of retro or Art Deco factors. Common materials used are wood, glass, chrome and steel. Tightly woven or textured upholstered fabrics are also used but without much intricacies. It also makes use of leather and colors are bold with black and gray hues.

There is also the Mixed Furniture Style, which is a combination of the all styles. This is commonly seen in most American homes to satisfy the different tastes of consumers.

Casual Contemporary style has an informal elegance but is useful and comforting with a modern appeal. It is made from wood and finishing may be of birch or maple, a darkly tainted espresso hue or oak. Upholstered sofas are made of either leather or microfiber.

Casual Traditional Style has the combination of casual and traditional features. They are substantially carved, more comfy looking and elegant. Fabrics used are in pastel colors with a customized look. Entertainment centers made from wood and leather sofas blend well with furniture that has a custom traditional style.

Whatever you furniture style you choose, you still have to balance it with your home theme. If you are planning to change some of your current furniture, make sure you buy new ones that will complement your current fitment. You can create a bit of disparity though but make it a little subtle.

Choosing a TV Stand that will Suit your Home

Having a television and other electronic gadgets are not the only things that matters to enjoy your favorite movie or show. Just picture this: you came tired from work and hurried home because you wanted to catch up with the news or sports. But the moment you sat on your sofa, you just cannot find your remote. Alternatively, maybe you wanted to watch a movie and you still have to find an appropriate place for your DVD player? Therefore, you end up cursing and wasting minutes or even hours looking for the remote and repositioning the DVD player. It is such a pity indeed that you have to do this every time you wanted to relax in front of the telly.

Remember those olden times when our grandparents or parents have this big television sets that have legs and their own cabinets? Well, we may still see a few of them, but TV sets in our modern times do not have legs and cabinets. If a home does not have a TV stand, the telly is usually placed on top of a table, a bookshelf or even a coffee table or whatever furniture that can hold the television.

Well, don’t you think it is about time you put some organization in your living room or in your entertainment area? To have order in your entertainment spot, get yourself a TV stand. Television stands are usually made of wood.

Modern furniture has added another material for TV stands and these are made of glass or a combination of both. Modern television stands have added shelves and drawers where you can put all your entertainment devices in one piece and in an orderly manner.

Here are the other good points of having a wooden TV stand:

• blends well with any living room theme
• some have intricate carvings especially the Italian modern TV stands
• some are lacquered or varnished
• have cable holes at their rear to keep the front area tidy making those cables hidden from sight
• provides you more storage not only for your equipment but for your other bits and pieces
• they are durable and resilient compared to glass TV stands

So what about glass TV stands? These are the epitome of modern living styles. You will notice that contemporary furniture has made use of glass in most furniture. In fact, the first time glass was used for home furniture, almost anyone has the impression that it is expensive and adds so much class in a home.

The following are some of the good points of glass TV stands:

• blends well with modern living room design and style and color
• edged in glass that easily matches the contemporary appeal of the living room
• comes in two kinds: tinted and clear glass
• easy to maintain
• cheaper than wooden TV stands

There will also be bad points for both; nevertheless choosing any kind of furniture will naturally depend on the owner. Wooden or glass, both deserves attention. They need to be cleaned and must be used with extra care. This is especially true if you want them to last you longer.

Even with children or pets around, wooden or glass TV stands will not last if proper maintenance is not properly observed.

The basic thing that I just want to remind you of is to ensure that you choose a TV stand that has a thicker glass and do not put too heavy objects on top of it.

Whatever type of TV stand you choose, always give your furniture tender loving care.

Thinking of Buying a Coffee Table — Follow these tips

Having a coffee table in your living room can make it more comfortable and can additionally make the room appealing. However, you need to take some considerations before finally purchasing the table.

Here are some useful tips if you are thinking of buying a coffee table.

The Size and Shape

It follows that a small coffee table is what you need if you have a small space. This is where the shape goes in, too. Round coffee tables in various sizes are better for a small space. They do not have sharp edges which makes movement in the living room easier. For big spaces, you naturally would not mind having coffee tables in big sizes and different shapes.

Rectangular and square coffee tables are good if you have a bigger space. They also provide more areas for the members of the family or guests to sit near the table and place their drinks and snacks.

Oval-shaped coffee tables are similar to the circular ones as they do not have pointed ends. If you have an elderly living with you, like your grandmother or grandfather, they will not freak out when your toddler or child goes near the coffee table.

The Style and Quality

This will depend on your personal choice. You can go for the modern, traditional, country, antique, a combination of the contemporary and conventional, etc. as long as it blends with your other furniture. If you want the modern style of coffee table, then do not go for the too classy ones since after a year or 2 new styles and designs will come out and you will naturally have to change it for a more modern look.

It is, however, the other way around if you want the traditional style. You need to check the quality as well. Traditional Italian Furniture may be expensive but these will actually last longer and can be considered more of an investment.

With a small space, coffee tables with drawers or shelves are good picks. The drawers, shelves or compartments will help to clear the clutter in the living room. Remote controls, magazine, books and other stuff can be kept in these storage spaces.

The Placement

The area where you want the coffee table to be placed will also have to be considered. Bigger homes normally have two living rooms. If one of these living rooms is quite formal, then buy a coffee table that is more traditional or where the material used is soft wood.

On the other hand, if the room will be used often, which means the coffee table will be used for a lot of purposes, you need a more durable table. Glass top coffee tables or those that have a sturdier finish are nice bets. Glass top coffee tables can also make a room look bigger and are easier to clean.

The Price

Of course, you need to check on your budget. This only means not to go beyond your means. If you are diligent enough, you can still find a very nice coffee table that meets your requirements with a reasonable price. Nevertheless, do not forgo the quality for the price. You may be on the losing end if you do this.

Coffee tables are good pieces of furniture that any living room should have. Make a wise choice and enhance your room to make it cozier.

Natural Wood versus Lacquer Dining Room Furniture

Furniture has evolved from traditional to the modern types of furniture. traditional furniture  has been known for using natural wood while modern furniture has incorporated other materials such as lacquer, fiber glass and plastic although wood is still being used. I have listed down some points to give you an idea on the advantages of both natural wood and lacquer dining room furniture.

The Positive Aspects of Real Wood

Furniture made of real wood always has the real wood furniture seal which is a proof that it is genuine. This can be seen in both furniture made of hardwood or softwood.

The first thing that you will notice with real wood furniture is the way it has been done. Made with skillful hands, you will see the intricacies that have been carefully and patiently carved regardless if the wood is soft or hard. Furniture made of hard wood, however, are quite expensive especially if they have creative carvings.

Natural wood is easy to sustain. All you need to do is to have a standard cleaning schedule to lengthen the life span of your furniture. Dust, grime and other liquids such as water, oil, etc. must be wiped up instantly.

Although most of the natural wooden furniture is expensive, you can still find wooden Italian modern furniture at a very reasonable price.

The Positive Aspects of Lacquer

Ordinarily utilized as a special finish for wood, lacquer hides the hue and mark of wood. Lacquered furniture is enveloped with polyurethane matter that gives the furniture its glossy or matte finish. Nevertheless, the glossy finish is still preferred by most. The tint and shade of the wood will decide on the type of finishing to be utilized, though.

Lacquer, similarly, safeguards the holes or breaks that are found in wood as well as giving a bit of freedom for the wood to breathe in the exposed area.

Hollows and scrapes caused by staining from hot cups placed on top are also prevented by lacquer by stopping the penetration of liquid into the wood. You still need to wipe it up, of course.

Lacquer furniture cannot be easily damaged by water, mild acids, oils, diluted alcohol, soap, ice and weather changes and barely loses its color.

To clean your lacquer furniture, spurt a soft cloth with a few amount of polish and use this to wipe your furniture.

Modern or traditional furniture offers a huge variety of choices. Select one that will blend with your dining room style as well as your lifestyle. The material used is a matter of choice, so whether you go for the traditional Italian,modern Italian furniture – only you can decide on this. The bottom line is you were able to buy the furniture that you wanted for your dining room.

Protecting Wood Furniture from Mold

Accompanying the hot summer months are mold, mildews and fungus that thrive in warm, moist environments. Regular cleaning of your natural wood furniture from CLS Direct should be enough to prevent mildew that thrives on organic materials like paper, leather, and wood. Cooled, dehumidified and circulated indoor air is good for your health and that of your furniture. If, however, you find mold damage, follow these few steps:

  1. Remove mold immediately as it can cause sickness, respiratory problems and have an odor.
  2. Wring out a cloth soaked in a solution of three parts water and one part mild detergent.
  3. Wipe surface of the furniture with the solution to remove the mold.
  4. Wipe one small area at a time, followed by a cloth dipped in plain water.
  5. Dry all areas thoroughly.
  6. Clean greasy or filmy substances off your furniture with furniture cleaner, which is different than furniture polish. Wax buildup can harbor mold.
  7. Scrub stubborn spots with a brush dipped in a solution of five parts water and one part chlorine bleach. Test an inconspicuous area first to test colorfastness. Rinse the area thoroughly with plain water and then dry.
  8. Weather permitting, place the furniture outside in the sun to dry. Sunlight aids in oxidation and will be a huge factor in the fight against mold and mildew.