Caring for your Varnished Wooden Furniture

Wood is still the most utilized material in making furniture. The type of wood used for furniture can either be hardwood or softwood and finished or unfinished.

One of the common surfaces in furniture is varnished wood. Varnish makes furniture to look attractive apart from making it easier to maintain. It also makes furniture to be durable. These are the reasons why homeowners prefer varnished furniture.

Following are two ways of caring for your varnished wooden furniture.

The Customary Type of Care

Caring for your furniture on a daily basis is simple and uncomplicated.
Safeguard it from water and other forms of liquids like juice, alcohol, food, etc.

Vacuum your varnished furniture by using the small and soft brush attachment. However, the best cleaning material to use is a dry, soft cloth. Dust and marks are easily removed if you used a soft, dry cloth as well as it gives the furniture a good shine.

Use a moist cloth to remove any stickiness and instantly wipe it with a dry cloth. However, try it first in an unnoticeable area before using it on the entire surface. You must also remember not to leave any moist cloth on the varnished surface of your wooden furniture.

The Special Type of Care

Aside from giving regular care for varnished furniture, you also need to observe giving it special care and attention. This will refurbish the appeal and shine of your fitment.

Apply some paste wax to safeguard varnished fitment. Do this once in a year only. Doing it often can encourage wax build-up.

In case wax has built up, put some synthetic turpentine on a cloth to remove it. Remember, it should be artificial and not natural turpentine. Before you apply it on your fitment, make sure to read all directions. You also need to take caution that you do not use it near any spark or flame. Do not smoke when applying it on furniture. You also must put on rubber gloves to protect your hands and wash the gloves in warm soapy water. Do not store the cloth when damp, let it dry first prior to disposal.

Always remember to test it first on an unnoticed area. If you see any streaks on the surface, do not wash it.

On the other hand, if it is harmless to push through with it, combine a mild detergent and lukewarm water. With the use of a soft cloth, wash, rinse and dry the spot one at a time. Be careful to over wet the finish. Do not let surplus water to permeate especially around the joints. Give it a polish as soon as the furniture is dry.

As in the regular caring of the sofa, do not let the wax to build up. Use a silicon-free variety wax, as silicon can make it dull.

You can also use oil soap on varnished wood but may I remind you to try it in an unnoticeable area.

Doing the above caring tips for your varnished wooden furniture can make them last longer.