At CLS Direct, we offer an extensive selection of quality bunk beds from top manufacturers such as Lulu and Dinsmore. Our inventory can meet a wide range of price points and styles, from wood frame twin beds to metal framed full beds.

Why Bunk Beds?

First and foremost, bunk beds offer unmatched functionality. They allow two children to each have their own sleeping space while also creating more open space in the bedroom. Many of our bunk beds also come with storage under the bottom bed for even more versatility. Bunk beds are the ideal choice for a small bedroom room or if two people are sharing a single room.

What About When They Get Older?

Here at CLS Direct, we stock a number of different designs that can be separated into two different beds. As kids grow older, this piece of furniture evolves with their needs, eliminating the need to purchase a new piece of furniture for every stage of their life. College or apartment roommates love our space-saving options that feature a twin mattress on top and a full on the bottom. We even offer bunk beds with two full mattresses.

CLS Direct has a bunk bed that is the perfect fit for your bedroom and budget. Call or stop by the store today to ask us questions or view our inventory.

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