Comfortable, Durable, and Quality Mattresses

The average person spends up to one-third of his or her life in bed, so a high-quality mattress should be a priority for everyone. CLS Direct offers a wide range of competitively priced mattresses to ensure that you spend your nights sleeping soundly and comfortably. We also offer a large selection of beds, bedding, and other bedroom furniture pieces.

The Importance of a Quality Mattress

Although it’s not something people typically think about, mattresses can greatly affect your health. Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can cause improper spine alignment, leading to physical issues like back, neck, and joint pain. Uncomfortable, low-quality mattresses can also cause you to toss and turn all night, and the disruption to your sleep pattern means you aren’t well rested for work or to go about your day. Having the correct type of high-quality mattress can keep you healthy, well rested, and operating at your very best throughout the day.

Mattresses Are All the Same, Right?

The ideal mattress can help you get a little more shut-eye each night, not to mention improve the quality of your sleep. There is a wide range of comfortable and durable solutions, including pillow top, memory foam, and gel mattresses. Pillow top mattresses, like our luxury Sparta option, have an upholstery layer made of fiber or foam sewn on top, offering a softer feel than traditional spring mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have no springs and contour to the shape of your body. They can also be ordered with different levels of thickness or firmness, depending on your preference. Gel mattresses contain gel in the upholstery or support system, keeping you feeling comfortable and cool throughout the night.

If you are ready to improve the quality of your sleep, contact CLS Direct today at 614-436-0357 or stop by our showroom in Columbus, OH to view our mattress selection. You can also check out our current offers for special deals on our inventory.


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